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Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design

Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design

TheBestHomeDesigns - Neutral shades are the most popular choosen for bathrooms, but that is not mean about adding color is totally off limits. In a tiny space, color might seem to be risky but it is merely the reverse. On a tiny scale it is not hard to go strong without going overboard. Here are easy ways to add color into your bathroom design, while still leaving the space feeling clean and put together.

1. Paint First
Practically, paint is the simplest and most affordable way to add a large punch of color to a space. We recommend selecting the shade that you want first and then building the rest of the rooms color scheme around it. If you still confuse of paint method, try read bathroom paint ideas. It will help you find the right ideas.

2. Play With Colorful Tile
Where tile is concerned, the phrase “less is more” rings true. Gone are the days of covering the entire room in saturated tile. Rather modern bathrooms use colorful tiles to draw attention to a focal point. Use it in a spa-like rainforest shower or as an eye-catching backsplash behind your vanity.
Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design - Play With Colorful Tile

3. Make Your Vanity Pop
When it comes to adding color to a vanity, you have two options: add color to the top or the base. Consider picking one and keeping the other surface neutral for balance. Colorful bases can often be a DIY project and work best on large vanities with cabinet space or shelving. For the countertops, your best bet is to select a colored marble or granite.

4. Hang Vibrant Wall Art
A well-placed piece of wall art is an easy way to add a pop of color. Keep in mind when finding wall art for the bathroom, it is important to take moisture into consideration. Be sure to either choose a water resistant material or add a frame for protection.
Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design- Hang Vibrant Wall Art

Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

ThebestHomeDesigns - Outdoor living spaces are popular with homeowners. They provide as an extension of indoor living spaces. It was once an after-thought to obtain outside living areas of the house. A simple stoop or concrete surface with a picnic table and lightweight grill was the standard attire. Nowadays, these areas are treated as extended living rooms with elaborate designs and decoration. Homeowners show no restrictions on their ideas for outdoor living spaces.

These kinds of backyard living spaces differ in style, design, and location. They can be open areas or protected retreats which you can use for many months of the entire year. In addition, these spaces can be incorporated into the style of the primary house, or be completely separate from the home altogether. Generally there are several options to build your personal backyard living room. Here are some examples for outdoor living spaces ideas.

1. Gazebos
A gazebo is a separate structure that is somewhat enclosed. They are usually octagonal or round, but square and rectangular designs are not uncommon. Gazebos can be an romantic space for a tiny group or a huge|a sizable scale framework, able to hold tons of people. Add outdoor chairs, sofas, and dining tables to create a second family room in your backyard. In addition to the furnishings, it can be equipped with a fireplace to enjoy on those cool fall night time.
Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas - Gazebo

2. Pergola
Define an outdoor living area with a free-standing Pergola or you can attach the structure to the home. It provides a natural backdrop in a yard filled with beautiful landscaping. They are typically design large enough to include a full set of out door furniture for complete comfort. When covered with climbing plants such as jasmine, wisteria, and climbing roses, these structures provide some shade that makes for an evening of cool breezes and relaxation. Pergolas are also known as arbors. What makes it different from a gazebos is that it has not a roof to provide shelter from the weather. So it is not support if the weather light rainy or so hot.
Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas - Pergola

3. Porches, Decks, and Patios
Porches are usually cover areas and generally are associated with the front of the home. In a family friendly neighborhood, where neighbors actively mingle, porches are great. Homeowners can equip their porch with chairs and a small table for snacks, or it may have a swing. Decks are the most common backyard outdoor living spaces associated with a home. They are for the most part uncovered areas; however, decks can and often do incorporate a roof. You can outfit your decks with a outdoor table and chairs, a barbecue grill for cooking, and other outdoor furniture items. This all depends on the size of the deck. Patios are much in the same as decks except that decks are built-up platforms and patios are ground level concrete surfaces. However, you can enclose porches, decks, and patios to create screened rooms if the need arises.
Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas - Porch

Best Yorktowne Cabinets

Best Yorktowne Cabinets

TheBestHomeDesigns - The benefit using Yorktowne cabinets is they are easily customized for any room design, personality, and lifestyle. If you have multiple cooks frequently using your kitchen, a galley layout can be most efficient. For example, while an L-shape may be better suited to a room with limited space and the U-shape design delivers an efficient work pattern for larger sized kitchens.

Custom best Yorktowne cabinetry choices are available for kitchen islands, your pantry, and the range hood area with decorative accessories, inserts, and hardware offered for any design. Features to consider include:
  • Built-in chopping block
  • Wine storage
  • Decorative legs and feet
  • Decorative glass
  • Crown molding
  • Pull-out spice rack
  • Drawer inserts
  • Corner cabinet trays
  • Charging station
Cabinets can come in a variety of styles and materials. At Yorktowne, they can create cabinets that can match about any desired style. Each of their cabinets are built with solid wood and soft-close hinges and can come in a variety of wood types, including:
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Oak

Yorktowne Cabinets - Contemporary Kitchen


Yorktowne Cabinets - Traditional Kitchen



Creative Countertops

Creative Countertops

TheBestHomeDesigns - Creative countertops is the solution to fulfill the small space of kitchen on this century, with this methode we can choose the right countertops for our lovely kitchen set. Still the most common used now is modern countertops.

Engineering and technology have made a wide variety of design choices and finishes possible. While most of the following creative countertop are durable, it is a good idea to always work with cutting boards and silicone trivets for hot pots. Keep countertop surfaces clean with a non-abrasive, soft towel and follow manufacturer or installation guidelines on what products to use to clean and maintain the beauty of your countertops for years.
Here some sample of creative countertops.

Creative Countertops - With Wooden Bottom


Creative Countertops - Beach Style Cooking Utensils


Find another inspiration of design on the best home designs.
Led Under Counter Lights

Led Under Counter Lights

TheBestHomeDesigns - Installing LED under counter lights is now a simple DIY project thanks to LED strip lights. Sometimes called “tape lights”, these small adhesive-backed strips can be trimmed to any desired length and simply attached to the bottom of a cabinet. LED strip lights come in various tones, colors, and brightness levels, and can even be attached to a dimmer. The strips themselves are very low profile, and will not require drilling into cabinets.

If you want energy efficiency and durability, look no further than our selection of LED under counter lights. LED task lighting is often the least bulky, longest-lasting and one of the best ways to save energy in your kitchen. All of our under cabinet LED lights are low-maintenance, and many are simple to install. Our selection of LED under cabinet lights include strip lights, linkable bar fixtures, and puck lights. If hardwiring your lights into a power source is not a practical option for you, you can using plug-in and battery-operated under counter LED lighting. Almost for cheap kitchen cabinets already using led for their lightings.

3 Different Power Sources

  • Installing hardwired under cabinet LED lighting is a convenient option, since you will have a dedicated light switch that makes turning the fixture on and off a breeze. You’ll also get a more finished look, since all of the electrical wiring is behind the wall.
  • Plug-in light fixtures are helpful if hardwiring is not an option, and can make installation a much simpler process since no electricians are required.
  • Battery-powered fixtures are even easier to install, since they are completely wireless. Your only real hassle with battery operated lights will be replacing batteries.

Light Bars Complete 2 under cabinet task lights

The 18-inch LED Value Complete 2 under cabinet task lights are ideal for high CRI warm white task lighting in kitchens. They feature a high quality acrylic lens that diffuses light evenly over the task area without LED hot spots. The housing has several features to make installation easier: quick access door for hardwiring, captive screws for mounting, and power ports for cords and cables.

Linear Strip led under counter lights

The LED Straight Edge Versatile Mount Linear Strip Lights provide excellent bright light that enhances the ambiance in any space. This energy-efficient LED strip light provides non-UV lighting, perfect for retail applications, under cabinet lighting, cove and display applications. This dimmable strip light has four mounting options, allowing for highly customized layouts and designs.

Beautiful Modern Contemporary Dining Room Designs

Beautiful Modern Contemporary Dining Room Designs

TheBestHomeDesigns - Dining room is one of the most essential place in your house as it is the place where we appreciate scrumptious food cooked by the woman of the house and invest quality time with friends and family. These days mainly people use the kitchen or the spaces of the house for having food, however dining rooms are implied for special occasions when you intend to welcome someone who is really special to you and your family then it is a must to have an elegant room to provide your guests a positive impression. That is why we must very concern about dining room designs.
Beautiful Modern Contemporary Dining Room Designs - Impressive Modern Contemporary Dining Room
As time passes, preference of individuals maintain transforming, the old traditional appearance with wooden furniture and brass handles is a distant memory now. Individuals tend to choose even more modern appearance nowadays and altering the furniture becomes part of that upgrade. Contemporary dining room furniture can change up the look of an old and boring style dining area right into some actually outstanding results.
With the brand-new contemporary designs and materials, the modern dining area can be made to look much more trendy and some truly extra standard furniture choices. The designs make use of more curves and arcs compared to straight lines in the construction of these items. Besides change the designs and materials, you can also upgrade the look of dining room by choose the best and suitable color. Here some advice of dining room colors ideas. Check out the best current collection of modern contemporary dining room designs and get inspired.

Simple Modern Contemporary Dining Room Design With Nice Long Table


Creative Modern Contemporary Dining Room Area


Minimalist Modern Contemporary Dining Room Extendable Glass Tabletop

Best Modern Sofa

Best Modern Sofa

TheBestHomeDesigns - Modern sofa is the most crucial part in a living room, no matter how big or small the space is. It is the place where you can relax with a cup of tea, watch a good movie, get some work, relax with friends or family. A additional is a functional substitute to a best modern sofa because it offers extra seats and lounge space. Even though you have a little living room does not mean you can not have a additional. Actually a flawlessly sized do it yourself sectional may be the best option. What otherwise would you do with that corner, anyway? May possibly as well make it extra seating or you can find another inspirative small living room ideas.

When most likely looking for the best modern sofa for your living room, choose the one that has simple, low key arms. Overstuffed, rounded forearms can take up extra foot of space. One other tip is to go with a shallower interesting depth. Tight-back sofas and sectionals do not have extra cushions and can be as shallow as 32 inch while still feeling as generous as a standard 40-inch-deep sofa. Going for a sectional 32 to 36 inches deep will help you open up more valuable total area.

LexMod Empress Sofa

Best Modern Sofa
Dimensions: 99.5″ W x 60.5″ D x 34″H
Smartly tailored featuring tufted buttons and a nod to mid-century modern design, the Empress sectional ($1,252) is known as a chaise-lounge sectional. That’s because the return piece is a chaise instead of a sofa — perfect for kicking your feet up and relaxing.

Cost Plus World Market Abbott Sofa

Best Modern Sofa

Dimensions: 86.5″ W x 60″ D x 35″ H
The small-scale and simple sectional ($700) by Cost Plus World Market is both affordable and an ideal choice for smaller spaces. It’s upholstered in durable, stain-resistant fabrics, and features arms that are narrow enough to allow for more seating area and less wasted space.

PBTeen Swell Sectional Set

Best Modern Sofa

Dimensions: 71″ W x 71″ D x 31.5″ H
This seating isn’t just for teenagers. The Swell Sectional Set ($1,597) is contemporary, minimalist in styling and perfect for a small space. The set consists of an armless chair, a corner chair and an ottoman; add any combination of modular units to make it as big as you need.

Take a look at your living room and measure your space to see how much room you have for a small modern sectional. With so many options available, you are bound to find one that works perfectly for your best home designs.