Copper Sink Design Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Copper sink design ideas has a great deal to offer of any kitchens. Fascinating farmhouse copper sinks can be used in the design of rustic, mediterranean, country house styled kitchens and you may well be surprised how well they merge modern and contemporary kitchen interiors. Although copper is a material known for many years with the development of new technology and the appearance of new materials it was forgotten and seldom used.
Copper Sink Design Ideas - Under Mounted
Copper Sink Design Ideas - Under Mounted

With the growing durability and popularity for enviroment friendly materials and decorations based on natural materials, copper sinks have came back to center stage and possess become an factor in many stylish, modern kitchens. Sinks can make the great look of your kitchen if you can elaborate it with the modern kitchen countertop ideas.
Copper Sink Design Ideas - Kitchen Faucet
Copper Sink Design Ideas - Kitchen Faucet

Exactly what are the positive and negatives of copper sinks? Does copper have some special properties? What are the weakness of copper sinks and how to keep your copper sink so that it serves you for many years? We shall consider the advantages, benefits and the factors that you have to keep in mind when choosing a copper sink design ideas for your kitchen.

Anti bacterial qualities

Bacteria will not last in a copper sink which makes copper is the perfect choice for kitchen sinks. As super bacteria dies within a couple minutes after contact with a copper sink. Anti bacterial qualities are essential for food preparation and for the homeowners who wash dishes in the sink. Keep in mind that if you need to keep the Anti bacterial qualities 
of your copper sink, you should find for a sink that is not waxed or coated, neither varnished and painted.

Corrosion and rust resistance

copper sinks do not corrode or rust with time. The rust resistance of copper makes it an ideal choice for any sink and with the right maintenance you will enjoy it for decades.

Visual aesthetics

The appearance and decorative value of a copper sink are unmatched by any other sink material. The look and the beauty of a copper sink make any kitchen look much more upscale. Often copper sinks are created from a single sheet of steel which gives them a sleek look.

There a few weakness of copper sink that you should keep in mind when choosing a copper sink for your kitchen. On the first place is the fact that copper has a high reactivity and the sink will darken with time. Copper sinks easily stain and can be damaged by acids, lemon or orange juice.
Copper Sink Design Ideas

Copper sinks require daily maintenance. You must dry it after use to prevent water spots. In order to preserve the shine and appearance of the copper sink it may require waxing but it can removes the anti-bacterial qualities of copper. Using alkaline or vegetable-based dish detergent is strongly advisable when you want to clean the sink.

Copper sinks are often in the higher end in terms of price and are more expensive than traditional sinks such as stainless steel, porcelain, or ceramic ones. However their visual appeal is enormous and it is the homeowners decision to choose a copper sink or an alternative.

Copper Sink Design Ideas - Rustic Kitchen

Copper Sink Design Ideas - Textured Farmhouse