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Small Living Room With Fireplace

Small Living Room With Fireplace

TheBestHomeDesignsSmall living room with fireplace is very usefull for the cold country especially on the freezing on winter seasons. Every necessity for survival, a fireplace is now a decorative aspect that can add major style and extra heat on living room. Cool evenings make fires is a must, even in summer season. A fireplace frequently gives a space symmetry, as well as more space for displaying art and choices. As livingrooms there is a fireplace to suit any decor, from ones with rustic natural stone surrounds to the people with elaborate mantels.

Here we give some sample that can inspired of fireplace design on the living room.

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Natural Appeal

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Natural Appeal

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Luxe Rooftop

An outdoor fireplace on the roof desc is a big attraction. The fireplace will support any great parties there.
Small Living Room With Fireplace - Luxe Rooftop

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Open Air and Rustic

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Open Air and Rustic

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Surprising Textures

Antique meets modern in the living room. It is use black and white palette, softened with neutrals and natural textures.
Small Living Room With Fireplace - Surprising Textures

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Cold Weather Remedy

Massive stone fireplace is a big draw on a cold winter night.
Small Living Room With Fireplace - Cold Weather Remedy

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Antique Bedroom Sets

Antique Bedroom Sets

TheBestHomeDesigns - Antique bedroom sets is one of the trendsetter bedroom ideas for this century beside the modern and also minimalist option. We have some sample antique bedroom sets that may help and can inspired all of you.

Antique Walnut Queen Size Bedroom Sets


Solid walnut with burl panels, the restored lustrous finish is in excellent condition on this American made antique furniture. Delicate carved detailing and matched burl panels are beautiful.

The bed has been expertly adapted to fit a standard modern queen size mattress and spring unit, extending the original side rails. The demonstrator set in photos is 18" thick together, wood support slats underneath are included. Measurements are 68" wide, 86" long, the headboard is 81" tall and the footboard is 32" high.

Marble tops on the two chests are original and have been polished and sealed to resist stains. Drawers have the "pin and cove" dovetail joints characteristic of the era. Ring pulls are original, the door has a working lock and key. The chest swivel mirror is a replacement. Size is 38 1/2" wide, 18" deep and 82" tall. The small chest is 27 1/2" wide, 14" deep and 35" tall.

Italian Hand Painted King Size Poster Bedroom Sets


A lovely king size bed was artistically hand painted and has carved palm frond finials atop shaped columns. A brass signature plate reads "Patina, Made in Italy, MCMXCV," or 1995.

The original finish is subtly distressed for an antique look on this custom designer furniture. Finials are detachable and columns unbolt for easier moving. Demonstrator mattress and spring units in photos are 18" thick together. Measurements are 7' 1" wide, 8' 2" tall and 87" long.

French Style Carved Satinwood 1940 Vintage Full or Double Size Bedroom Sets


An elegant full or double size bed was richly carved in the French manner with matched satinwood panels, and dates from the 1940's.

The restored finish is in excellent condition on this American made vintage furniture. Wood support slats are included, the demonstrator mattress in photos fits snugly and is 12" thick.

Dimensions are 57" wide, 80" long, the headboard is 42" tall and the footboard is 21" high.

That are some sample and the detail of antique bedroom sets. We will add another pict on next article. You can find small bedroom ideas for another option of bedrooms.

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Dining Room Colors Ideas

Dining Room Colors Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Dining room colors ideas can serve up an elegant mood. No matter how often or formally a dining room is used, we still want it to have a special occasion attitude. Whether you are hosting a holiday dinner party or gathering around the table for a weeknight meal, the dining room is the place of the home where people gather together. It is the spot in the home that encourages you to celebrate your signature style. From modern to traditional, get inspired by stylish dining rooms.
Dining Room Colors Ideas

Dining room is not a space you settle into for long periods of time, so it is an opportunity to use a strong color that is both elegant and dramatic. Rich, warm reds, corals, golds and silvery grays make great color choices, they work with lighting to coax your space become glow. Wall paint with soft sheens, such as eggshell, satin or semi-gloss, give walls more luster and depth. Keep in mind that dining room colors ideas with a higher gloss level can add to the drama, but the proper prep work is important because a higher sheen will highlight imperfections. For a more modern look, highlight the right wall color with trim painted a gloss white.
Simple Dining Room Colors Ideas

To create design flow in the main living areas of your home consider rooms that are adjacent to the dining room when picking a color. Though you do not have to match the colors of the spaces exactly, your home may flow better visually if the colors relate. Pair warms with warms and cools with cools, and match existing room colors to find complementary colors. Many elements can inspire you when it comes to your dining room colors ideas.

Dining Room Colors Ideas - Red


Dining Room Colors Ideas - Neutral


Dining Room Colors Ideas - Yellow


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Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Outdoor Shower Enclosure

TheBestHomeDesigns - Outdoor shower enclosure providing an possibility to cool-down on hot summer days  or after work in the garden or maybe have a quick shower after being at the beach so that the sand or other beach think does not get into the home. Summer is the time of vacations, of backyard leisure activities, of travelling to your vacation home or maybe just calming by the garden pool. Many people dream for a vacation on the warm island, right? Even though you are not able to go to an amazing destination you can relax in your backyard in addition to the hot summer days  a refreshing swim and a shower outdoors can help you survive the heat.
Outdoor+Shower+Enclosure-Stainless Steel
Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Stainless Steel
Currently there are so many outdoor shower enclosure ideas, that you may get lost in the variety of designs and styles options. We all acknowledge that outdoor showers are incredibly convenient and very useful. Currently people are trying to live an improved life, to preserve nature, resources, and the green lifestyle idea is very popular. Various people spend the weekends and holidays in vacation homes and revel in the convenience of having a shower in the garden. When you want to set up an outdoor shower enclosure there are several considerations that you need to know, of course some planning is needed, possibly some construction, but that variables are depending on your idea of outdoor shower enclosure.
If you pass your spare time in your own garden, at the beach, on the shore of a mountain - an outdoor shower enclosure remains an excellent, economical and comfortable solution to clean away the sand and dust before entering your home. In terms of quick refreshment during hot summer days in your garden, everyone thinks of a pool. An outdoor shower, however, is a great choice besides the pool. It needs much less maintenance, space and can be easily installed. In comparison to the swimming pool, an outdoor shower would not require thousands liters of water and does not need regular water filter. Water is usually provided by a hose or linked to water pipe.
Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Stone Gravel Flooring
Outdoor shower enclosure come in a many variety of styles and designs. There are many different models on the market – mobile, fixed, solar powered outdoor showers made of sturdy wood or metal. They are perfect for a quick cooling in the garden and look very stylish – functional and beautifully decorated an outdoor shower enclosure will add value to your property and will attract everyone’s attention as one of the coolest features of your exterior design.
Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Stone Wall Original

Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Wall Mounted Shower


Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Wooden Deck


Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Contemporary Patio Wood


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Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

TheBestHomeDesigns - Under kitchen cabinet lighting provides task lighting for your countertops kitchen to make them ideal for cooking and also food preparation, it illuminates the backsplash on your wall to create beautiful accent lighting, and it can also be used as night lighting for your kitchen. Once you install under kitchen cabinet lighting, you will never want to go back and always feel comfort when doing everything on kitchen.

Many lighting designers talk about creating "layers of light" for your kitchen. Under kitchen cabinet lighting serves as a crucial "layer" for great design. That being said, there are a many options to choose from. How do you know what style of under kitchen cabinet lighting is right for your kitchen? Hopefully, this information will make it a little easier to make your decision.

Here some light source to setup best under kitchen cabinet lighting :

  1. Puck or Linear

  2. HardWire, Plug-In or Battery Operated

  3. Fluorescent, Xenon, Or LED

  4. Recessed Or Surface Mount

Detail of them will be explain more deep bellow.
1. Puck or Linear
The style of the fixture is another consideration. Many designers usually recommend installing linear under cabinet lights because they provide uniform, well-distributed light for the entire countertop and eliminate shadows. However, a number of people prefer the style of under cabinet puck lights for the kitchen, which create pools of light in more focused areas. Either type of light works fine, this is really just a matter of preference.
Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - Puck or Linear
Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - Puck or Linear

2. HardWire, Plug-In or Battery Operated
Lighting fixtures that are "hardwired" are connected directly to the power source. Plug-in under cabinet lights, of course, require you to plug in a cord to your nearest electrical outlet. Decide what your preference is for type of installation and placement - if there is not a well-placed outlet in your kitchen, you will probably want to choose hardwire, or go completely cordless with a battery operated under cabinet light.
Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - HardWire & Plug-In
Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - HardWire & Plug-In

3. Fluorescent, Xenon, Or LED
Fluorescent under cabinet lights are very energy efficient in providing a given amount of light. Moreover, fluorescent light sources give off very little heat. This is a great feature depending on what is stored in the cabinet immediately above the under cabinet fixture or, perhaps, what is lying 12 to 18 inches below the light. While most fluorescent fixtures cannot be dimmed, they can be a wonderful, inexpensive option.
Xenon lights are not quite as energy efficient and do give off some heat but they have full dimming capacity, and they give off an attractive warm light. (If you love the warm glow of an incandescent light bulb, xenon under cabinet lights are for you). While they are not cool to the touch, the amount of heat emitted is still substantially lower than halogen lights. Heat output can be an important consideration with under cabinet lighting since you are often installing the lights directly on the underside of food storage cabinets - and above any produce sitting out on the counter.
If you are looking for the most energy efficient option, go with LEDs, which are often dimmable. LEDs are also cool to the touch and will last for 50,000 hours before needing replacement bulbs (almost six years). The initial price tag is a bit more expensive but if you consider your future savings in energy, LED under kitchen cabinet lighting start to make a lot of sense. They also give off a brilliant white light that is very appealing for kitchen design.
Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - LED
Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - LED

4. Recessed Or Surface Mount
A lot of people assume that non-recessed under cabinet lights will have fixtures jutting out unattractively from underneath the cabinets. This really is not the case - most of the surface-mount options are so thin that you should have to literally stick your head underneath the cabinet and look up to see the actual fixture. The good news is that it is hard to go wrong on this decision.

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Living Room Sets

Living Room Sets

TheBestHomeDesignsIf you stay in a house or an apartment, the couch plays an important role in interior home design especially living room sets. They are available in numerous combinations, shapes, colors and designs. The research for a seats matching to your living room sets design can be more difficult than you thought. Some modern sectional sofas may be a little bit modern, others might not exactly fit the size of your room. You should choose the one which blends with the other furniture within the room. Here some idea that can help you to find the best and proper living room sets.
Living Room Sets - The Rendezvous Collection
Living Room Sets - The Rendezvous Collection
Meeting Place. Gather with friends and family in a graciously inviting space with the Rendezvous collection. Its casually sophisticated look will liven up your home, with flared frames, oversize roll arms, loose pillow backs and matching welting. The microfiber upholstery is rugged and easily maintained, yet soft to the touch. The luscious chocolate color will add depth to your decorating scheme, and a cheerful, graphic accent fabric on the toss pillows tops off the fashionable look and best choice of living room sets.

Living Room Sets - The Adrian Sectional Collection
Living Room Sets - The Adrian Sectional Collection

Easy Living Room Sets. Seeking cozy comfort that leaves a nice cushion in your budget? Look no further than the Adrian Red collection! The full look offers a semi-attached cushion design, which contours to the body while retaining its shape, while flared pillowtop arms keep form and function in mind. Boasting a vibrant red color, the inviting fabric combines soft as suede® touchability with the smart performance of microfiber. 

Living Room Sets - The Big Softie Collection

Living Room Sets - The Big Softie Collection
Sweet Surrender. Lose yourself in soft luxury as you stretch out on the sumptuous Big Softie sectional collection. Dressed up in one of today’s hottest neutrals and cloaked in ultra-soft microfiber fabric, this collection sacrifices nothing when it comes to comfort and convenience. Deep, well-padded seats and pillowtop arms envelop you in comfort while the console keeps plenty of modern conveniences close at hand: two built-in reading lights, cupholders and both traditional and USB outlets. With all of these features together in one place, the Big Softie truly is an unsurpassed selection for any home.

Do not worry if your living room is not big enough, you still can decorate it with the modern feels by reading this information.

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Beds With Storage Drawers

Beds With Storage Drawers

TheBestHomeDesigns - Beds with storage drawers can be an ideal solution for a small bedroom in your home. You can store your books, suitcase or other things orderly. Such designs provide easy access and prevents mess on furniture and countertops. Most beds with storage drawers have a modern look with a large drawer for easy access to extra clothing, bedding, and extra blankets. You can usually order metal versions in different colors for a contemporary look. In childrens rooms it can be used for storage of toys, or books preservation.
Beds With Storage Drawers

If you order a large enough bed frame, you can put the drawers under it. You can choose from plastic, wood and fabric, with or without wheels for storing excess products. Another option is to build your own storage box. Cut a piece of plywood in the size you need. Measure the space under the frame and leave plenty of room for the hinged lid on the top of the box. To get the modern look and feel, try to combine with modern bedroom color.
Beds With Storage Drawers - Kids Room

A trundle bed is positioned under another bed. If you do not need the extra one, then you can use the space for storage by adding drawers. Trundle beds are used as space savers, so that two beds do not take up too much space. The rollers on the bottom facilitate the movement. A mattress is placed on it, and it must be somewhat thinner than the normal mattress so that it will fit under a bed. It is better for the kids because the pull is easy, and there friends can sleep there. Some use it for their pets.

Imagine a dresser built right into the frame of your bed. Then, imagine it with extra deep drawers. That is enough to hold all your socks, underwear, extra blankets, sheets, linen supplies, sweaters, crafts or games. This stylish Captains Bed, has six spacious drawers which are ideal for storing bed linens and clothes. Drawers run smoothly on metal roller glides and open easily with finger-pulls on the bottom of the drawer fronts instead of handles. This gives the beds with storage drawers a clean look and ensures that your bed clothes do not catch on the drawers when you get out of bed. An attractive and trendy furniture line without the trendy prices. The collection has the look and feel of much more expensive mill work.

Beds With Storage Drawers - Dark Wood


Beds With Storage Drawers - Book Storage


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Round Glass Dining Table

Round Glass Dining Table

TheBestHomeDesignsThe dining room is the main place for events with family and friends. Therefore, you can choose round glass dining table that is both comfortable and attractive. When the time comes to replace your dining room chairs, you need to consider several factors – from color to style. Now you can find some inspiration for modern dining room sets, but here we already have compiled some ideas for round glass dining tables, which can help you in choosing one.

Paramount Round Glass Dining Table

Defined by a sleek, openwork metal base and round glass top, this eye-catching round glass dining table makes a statement in any space. Use it to anchor a mod ensemble in the dining room, then dress it with a blooming bouquet centerpiece for a touch of contrast.

Round Glass Dining Table - Greyson Living Monoco

Modernize your dining room or breakfast nook with this Monoco round glass dining table from Greyson Living. With its adjustable leg levelers, this round dining table can be raised or lowered for comfort. Sturdy hardwood construction, a metal base and a clear glass top offer style and durability for long-term use.

This table features a sturdy construction designed for durability and adjustable leg levelers that ensure a stable and even surface. The unique look of this table makes it a perfect addition of modern style to any home, whether for daily use or for entertaining. This round glass dining table set for 4 people.

Round Glass Dining Table - Black Pedestal

This pedestal round glass dining table features a glossy black finish and an angular shape that will add subtle, modern style to your dining area. The tempered glass tabletop completes the look of this round table by keeping the attention on the elegantly designed base. This dining table is the perfect size for your breakfast nook or small dining area, it will seat up to four people.

Round Glass Dining Table - Dark Oak

62 Inch Round Glass Dining Table in Dark Oak belongs to Hartford Collection by Steve Silver The Hartford round dining table is the essence of comfortable contemporary style, designed to bring out the best in dining spaces of all sizes. Made of hardwood solids and oak veneers with a dark oak wood finish, the 62" round dining table has a unique double top design with fancy face oak veneer and seating for up to six.

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Modern Dining Room Sets

Modern Dining Room Sets

TheBestHomeDesignsModern dining room sets are intended change your dining room interior and add a modern touch. Check out some unique and original ideas for innovative and get inspired for interesting design solutions in your sweet home.
Modern Dining Room Sets - White Round Table

Modern dining room sets are available in different styles, colors and made of different materials or with various combinations of materials. The tables are designed in a variety of forms (round, oval, rectangular, square or angular). Modern designs can be characterized with an innovative approach towards traditional materials like wood and features original ideas using metal, glass and other materials. Many modern dining tables have additional features that allow you to transform, remove detachable, or even extend parts.

Classic dining tables are not suitable for modern interiors. Dining tables in Art style or high-tech style are more appropriate. Interiors decorated in minimalist style are focused by clean lines, bright colors, glass and metallic surfaces and a table made of glass or with a glossy surface will blend in the design perfectly.
Modern Dining Room Sets - Walnut Wood

The main element of the modern dining room sets is considered to be the dining table. Following the trend of open plan kitchens, modern dining tables have become an important part of any home. They are not just a place to eat, but become a part of the design of the living space and have to provide more comfort for family. A modern dining room sets often sets the style of the interior and focuses on its advantages.

Find another designs of home here.

Modern Dining Room Sets - Glass Table


Modern Dining Room Sets - Elegant


Modern Dining Room Sets - Square


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