Kitchen Designs With Black Appliances

TheBestHomeDesigns - Kitchen designs with black appliances will need something else dark colored to grab on to – ideally this will be the backsplash and the modern countertop. Black appliances not only hold up to messes well, but they also are a tad less expensive than high-end stainless steel, so they are a better choice for a renovation with a budget.
Kitchen Designs With Black Appliances
Sleek black appliances are a common alternative to high-end stainless steel. While stainless steel can attract fingerprints, black appliances tend to hold up better against the assault of sticky little hands and fingers. You can get pretty much any style of black appliance in either finish, so you do not need to worry about whether the style will fit into your ideas of a kitchen designs with black appliances.

For example, the above kitchen is incredibly modern, with a mixture of white, neon green, and black appliances. The appliances are all sleek and modern, including the ceramic range built into the white countertops. So whether you dream of an ultra-modern kitchen like the one above, a more rustic styled kitchen, or even a traditional wood and granite kitchen, you are sure to see a set of beautiful black appliances that will appeal to your sensibilities.

Kitchen Designs With Black Appliances - Dark Gray Painted Cabinets


Kitchen Designs With Black Appliances - Dark Wood Minimalist

This L-shaped ultra modern kitchen features textured dark wood minimalist cabinetry with inset black appliances. The vent hood is in stainless steel, which contrasts with the cabinetry and complements the light gray backsplash.

Kitchen Designs With Black Appliances - White Sets


White and black strike an amazing contrast in the design of this kitchen. Ebony cabinets and backsplash, along with appliances and the tile floor, are mixed with an all-white marble island, open shelving, and walls.

Kitchen Designs With Black Appliances