Led Under Counter Lights

TheBestHomeDesigns - Installing LED under counter lights is now a simple DIY project thanks to LED strip lights. Sometimes called "tape lights", these small adhesive-backed strips can be trimmed to any desired length and simply attached to the bottom of a cabinet. LED strip lights come in various tones, colors, and brightness levels, and can even be attached to a dimmer. The strips themselves are very low profile, and will not require drilling into cabinets.

If you want energy efficiency and durability, look no further than our selection of LED under counter lights. LED task lighting is often the least bulky, longest-lasting and one of the best ways to save energy in your kitchen. All of our under cabinet LED lights are low-maintenance, and many are simple to install. Our selection of LED under cabinet lights include strip lights, linkable bar fixtures, and puck lights. If hardwiring your lights into a power source is not a practical option for you, you can using plug-in and battery-operated under counter LED lighting. Almost for cheap kitchen cabinets already using led for their lightings.

3 Different Power Sources

  • Installing hardwired under cabinet LED lighting is a convenient option, since you will have a dedicated light switch that makes turning the fixture on and off a breeze. You will also get a more finished look, since all of the electrical wiring is behind the wall.
  • Plug-in light fixtures are helpful if hardwiring is not an option, and can make installation a much simpler process since no electricians are required.
  • Battery-powered fixtures are even easier to install, since they are completely wireless. Your only real hassle with battery operated lights will be replacing batteries.

Light Bars Complete 2 under cabinet task lights

The 18-inch LED Value Complete 2 under cabinet task lights are ideal for high CRI warm white task lighting in kitchens. They feature a high quality acrylic lens that diffuses light evenly over the task area without LED hot spots. The housing has several features to make installation easier: quick access door for hardwiring, captive screws for mounting, and power ports for cords and cables.

Linear Strip led under counter lights

The LED Straight Edge Versatile Mount Linear Strip Lights provide excellent bright light that enhances the ambiance in any space. This energy-efficient LED strip light provides non-UV lighting, perfect for retail applications, under cabinet lighting, cove and display applications. This dimmable strip light has four mounting options, allowing for highly customized layouts and designs.

Led Under Counter Lights