Striking House Plans with Pictures That Will Inspire You

Striking House Plans with Pictures That Will Inspire You

TheBestHomeDesigns - An individual spends an entire lifetime to build a dream home. You may have a picture of your dream home. It is in your mind and you will not settle for anything less. Today, we are going to share some of the most striking house plans with pictures that will inspire you to build your dream home. Human beings are visual creatures and once you see something beautiful, you get inspired. You might modify the picture of your dream home after going through the pictures. Read on to find out about the most beautiful house plans. You will fall in love with the house plans!
Striking House Plans with Pictures - Contemporary
The contemporary home plan is modern and it has sleek and simple designs. The home consists of large windows with clean lines. The roof of the contemporary home can be flat and the large windows allow generous sunlight to enter into the home. If you are looking for the perfect contemporary home design, you can take inspiration from the design. You can also adopt contemporary bedroom furniture.
Striking House Plans with Pictures - Traditional
Most people opt for traditional homes which have a porch and a garage. It is the most common style in United States. The house has all the modern comforts but the exteriors give a traditional feel. The classic and simple design makes this a popular choice.
Striking House Plans with Pictures - Craftsman
There is usage of stones and wood in this house plan. It gives a hand-crafted characteristic to the home. It reflects the simplicity and integrity of an American home. This is still a popular choice in United States and many people choose this design for their vacation homes as well.
Striking House Plans with Pictures - Mediterranean
This house plan takes inspiration from several architectural styles such as Spanish, Italian and Moorish. It provides you open spaces for a perfect barbecue Sunday with your family. These are elegant homes with generously sized rooms which are airy and relaxing.
Striking House Plans with Pictures - Plantation
If you wish to live like a king, you need to have a plantation house. These are luxury homes that you will see in some areas of United States. The porches are welcoming and there are tall columns. You can easily identify a plantation house plan.
Striking House Plans with Pictures - Ranch House
Ranch house plans are found in Canada and United States. These homes are single-storied and they are usually made with natural materials. The exterior embellishment is limited in such houses. It has open spaces in front of the house and a nicely landscaped garden will be a perfect add-on.

These were the most amazing house plans with pictures. We hope that you got an idea about the different types of house plans that you can consider. Building a dream home is not easy! You need to a have the ideal picture in your head. Choose the best design from the above mentioned house plans and make sure that you hire a good builder or architect, who can give shape to your dreams.
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Ranch House Plans That Will Motivate You to Build Your Own Home

Ranch House Plans That Will Motivate You to Build Your Own Home

TheBestHomeDesigns - Do you wish to build your own home? It seems like a far-away dream while you are on a budget. You should not give up on your dream because you can build a cost-effective ranch style home. We have listed the most amazing ranch house plans that will motivate you to build your own home. Firstly, you need to understand what a ranch house looks like and why should you invest in it! Take a quick look.
Ranch House Plans

What is a Ranch House?

A ranch house is a one story house with asymmetrical shapes. There is room for expansion in this type of home. You will find many ranch houses in Canada and United States. The house is created with natural materials and it is very airy. If you want to build a home for yourself, a ranch home can be a starter because it is cost-effective.

Why should you invest in a ranch home?
  • The affordable construction
  • Great for your first home project
  • Ranch houses are airy and have a lot of open spaces.
  • Horizontal Layout
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Simplistic yet beautiful
There is front elevation in this design. The bridge over the water gives this ranch style home, a dreamy look. We love the usage of two humble colours in the structure. The house is airy and it has glass windows which make way for sunlight and air every morning. The garden is well-manicured and we love the simple look.
Ranch House Plans - Bridge Over
The ornamentation on the exteriors is limited, which makes this home simple yet beautiful. We love the rustic look of this ranch house. It has a garage, large windows and the house is made with stone as well as wood. It is perfect for a vacation home!
Ranch House Plans - Ornamentation
The simple yet elegant ranch house in black is giving us serious house goals. The house is surrounded by lush greenery which makes this a perfect home for relaxing and spending your weekends. It is a large home and it is perfect for families. Your kids can enjoy in the lawns. You can keep some rabbits and ducks as well! It is a perfect ranch home.

The modern ranch house is a popular choice! As we move on, we try to match up to the current trends. This house has clean lines and the lawn looks neat with no flowers and fencing. It is a simple yet artsy ranch home. We love the simple design! The usage of grey, white and brown is giving this home, a classy look.
Ranch House Plans - Modern
We are sure that you found what you were looking for! These were the most beautiful ranch house plans that will inspire you to go and build your own home. Sometimes, a simple home is all you need to stay true to one’s roots. You can have a ranch style home with limited embellishment on the exterior. However, you can have fancy interiors in your home with beautiful lighting and antique furniture. All the best! We are sure you will choose the best home designs.
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Living Room Hike Ideas

Living Room Hike Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - These days hiking to the living room is a pretty common and popular. The living room hike is not just a relaxing space that welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as a home’s center point of attraction. People do spend a lot of time in it by doing their casual activities. As we all know living room is usually the first room that your guests see, it should be a space that reflects your style and making a living room hike is becoming trending these days. One of the unique decorating styles people do prefer these days are customary, traditional and vintage. Many people do prefer a modern, contemporary look of the hike living room. Through this blog we would be discussing different types of living room hike that are trending these days.
Living Room Hike Ideas - Traditional
Traditional hike living room should have a one big sofa that should have an L-shape sofa would make your living room feel cramped, but because it is a single piece of furniture that makes a great option for hike living rooms. This kind of living room will keep all your seating confined to one area and makes a plenty of space for your family and friends.
Living Room Hike Ideas - Hill House
In the hill house living room hike we can see flexible furniture arrangements and a concertina window wall lead to the outdoor living deck, providing an indoor-outdoor connection to make it pleasant for the visitors. The theme of this living room hike is that it encourages incredibly eco-friendly habits and an awareness of the environment around it so one can feel fresh air in the ambience.
Living Room Hike Ideas - Modern
You can see inside in the modern living room hike a wonderful piece of combination of colours provided with the blue and white color scheme for the living rooms. What makes this living room more exiting is the water nearby, so that was inspiration for the blue as well. A famous designer Disston says, "And since this is living room hike house, blue and white perfectly fits in it." For the modern living room hike, you can use modern living room sets for the inspiration of decor.

We have to understand that why the designers have added earthy, touchable elements and nature-based colors to the pure white spaces to make it more elegant. This kind of living room hike is designed by the world renowned interior designer and because they simply want to bring in more natural elements, to make the spaces warmer and more approachable. If we look at this living room we will be able to find an amazing thing that it has - a metal sunburst hangs over a furniture which has watery shades of blue and a nubby Moroccan rug giving the living room hike a unique look. It does have a rustic kind of colours such as the colour of the coffee table and pottery accessories that are placed on the shelves that turn up the warmth to several degrees. As these kinds of living room are most difficult to design, the architects have made their best efforts to give this living room hike a wonderful ambience.
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Pole Barn House Designs

Pole Barn House Designs

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is time to live royally because we are going to share a beautiful house plan with you! The Pole barn house is easy to build and it does not burn a hole in your pocket. Not everyone in this world has ancestral homes to live in. Long back, farmers needed a building to store their crops and equipment. They wanted to build something which did not cost them too much. The pole barn has no foundation and it has aluminium and steel panels which are supported by poles. We are going to share some of the most beautiful designs of a pole barn house. Firstly, you should know why investing in a pole barn home is a wise decision.
Pole Barn House Designs

Benefits of Building a Pole Barn Home

  • The construction is quick. Since there is no foundation, it does not take much time to construct the home. You do not have to wait too long to build your dream home.
  • It is cost-effective. Building a pole barn house is not very expensive.
  • The interiors of the pole barn home can be modified and it can look like any other traditional home. It is not necessary for you to live with aluminium and metal walls.
Pole Barn House - Water Body
The pole barn home is built near a water body. It has a small garden and a porch. It is a simple home and it looks just like a traditional home. It looks serene and it is amidst lush greenery.
Pole Barn House - Secluded
If you would like to invest in a secluded home, you can find a space far away from city and build a massive pole barn house with beautiful lighting.
Pole Barn House - With Swimming Pool
You can build a metal pole barn home with a swimming pool. This is ideal for countryside! Buy a large space and save money by building a pole barn home. It does not cost too much! You can invest in a good swimming pool, where you can relax on a Sunday afternoon.

The classy pole barn home has large glass windows. The designs are sleek and it is contemporary yet simplistic. It is a perfect home for those, who wish to live in peace. We love the lighting of the home! It gives a calming effect.
Pole Barn House - Ideal
This is ideal farm barn house design which is simple yet elegant. If you want a horse stable attached to your home, this can be a beautiful design. The plain ivory/white coloured home with grey roof looks very classy.

A pole barn house is a good idea in case you want to save money and time. You can hire a builder or a designer to build the house of your dreams. You can provide guidelines to the builder as to how you want to build the pole barn home. It can be built individually as well but it is better to hire somebody to do it for you. It will be worth it!
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Double Height Living Room

Double Height Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - When someone has a double-height living room, one can use it in an imperative way by making it more innovative and beautiful. From apartments to villas, we will look into famous double height living rooms that are currently trending these days and how they are structured. Through this blog we would like to look into the trending double height living room that makes the limelight.
Double Height Living Room - Connect Outdoors
This double height living room is spacious living room connects to the outdoors with a full-size wall entrance. It has automated translucent blinds and unique walls which adds to the yet different vertical space. Also, the height living room with the tall volume is layered with unique sized rectangular which makes the area spacious. It has a stairway, which adds eye catching look to the living room. The warm wooden ceiling, juxtaposed having concrete wall, finds a warmth-evoking atmosphere with a well reputed sandstone floor. This kind of double height living room is very elegant and one of the renowned structures in the world.

One of the unique feature of this type of living room is that it has family room and dining room combined which has been designed as a double-height space having a contemporary tone. This allows the air to let in with east-facing sitting area counters and surrounded with a darker-hued spinal corridor running beside it. It has a staircase that leads to an upper floor where its landing looks out to the views outside from windows so one can enjoy the beauty of the nature. One of the most interesting fact of this double height living room is the shadows created by the light coming out of the windows.
Double Height Living Room - Shadow Created
Double height living room looks up into a wonderful balcony that simply connects to the mezzanine floor above. It has also full-length windows. A staircase which adds a royal look to the double height living room. Here the materials are made up of wood, metal and concrete. With the concrete surrounds the room’s volume together from two opposing sides. The magnificent colours and textures adding a soothing look to the structure.
Double Height Living Room - Wonderful Balcony
The structure has a small double height living room and despite this fact, Architecture BRIO has put many efforts to make this structure unique so the people did not have to compromise on a rich villa experience and tempting views. One can experience in this villa a unique kind of beauty with all windows having soft mouldings and fitted sofas, and plush full-length curtains making this structure worth for money.
Double Height Living Room - Fadd Studios
This penthouse is basically designed by the Fadd studios, here the volumes of the structure is very spacious which reminds us the formal Japanese-style dining table that simply adjoins the living area. This lofty space, which is very enlarged and has a low-height wood-paneled entrance, giving the guests very dramatic view of this double height living room. The towering space is designed by a famous interior designer making it very spacious. It has also a cascading chandelier which fills the gap of the double-height space above.
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Peep into Kylie Jenner House

Peep into Kylie Jenner House

TheBestHomeDesigns - Everyone knows the young TV sensation Kylie Kristen Jenner. Lately, she has been all over the news and social media for showing off her new dwelling. Have you ever wondered how Kylie Jenner’s house looks like from the inside as well as outside? You do not have to wonder anymore because we are going to give you a quick sneak peek into her mansion. The young lady gave a tour of house on her website and we are excited to share the pictures with you. The $2.7 million Calabasas mansion is just like a dream home. Kylie Jenner House has fantastic exteriors and interiors that will enthrall you. Let us take a quick look! Are you ready for the exciting tour?
Kylie Jenner House - Luxurious
The luxurious 5 bedroom home has an outdoor swimming pool, a home theater, a gigantic kitchen, gated community and a pretty garden. The expensive home has all the luxuries of the world and Kylie Jenner seems like a happy young girl after purchasing the beautiful casa for herself. The house is situated conveniently in The Oaks. In order to keep up with the Kardashians, she wanted to have a black and white theme home. Kylie Jenner House interiors have a black and white theme.
Kylie Jenner House - Black and White Interiors
The house has classy decor and the staircases that lead to the rooms are magical. The house has an open kitchen which opens out to the personal home theater. The house has been tastefully decorated and we can see the usage of black and white interiors is looking very chic.

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Kylie Jenner had posted many pictures of her undone home while it was under renovation. We can see the black and white theme with unique chandeliers and a cozy fireplace. She surely has spent a lot on the interiors as well. It takes us back into time and it is very elite looking!

Right below, you can see the living room after it has been decorated. The chandeliers are lit up and the fireplace looks beautiful. The wooden flooring and the classy curtains are making this home look really charming. The light decoration behind the couch is very beautiful. The interior are minimalistic but very elegant. We can take inspiration from the decor of Kylie Jenner House.
Kylie Jenner House - LivingRoom
As you can see, the house has staircases which lead us to the front door. There is a garage for car parking. The mansion has a swimming pool that anyone will envy. The locality is green and we are sure that she is breathing fresh air each day.
Kylie Jenner House - Look From Above
Needless to say, Kylie Jenner house is simply stunning. Anybody would love to own this home at The Oaks. The mansion has everything that you need in a luxurious dwelling. She is young but she is successful. She has posted pictures of each room on her website which includes a room which is dedicated to the most stylish shoes. You have to see it to believe it!
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Beautiful Lake House Plans Ideas

Beautiful Lake House Plans Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - We have always dream of a home near a lake! How about you? Having a lake house is the most cherished dream of an individual. It is serene and it keeps you very close to nature. Today, we have listed the beautiful lake house plans ideas for your dream home. Once you go through the list, you will get a picture in your mind. If you are looking for the most beautiful lake house designs, you have landed at the right page. Take a quick look!
Lake House Plans - Stone Pillars
The first home overlooks the lake. It has stone pillars and large glass windows. This home is ideal for a vacation home. It is secluded and includes a generously spaced seating area on the first floor. You can buy a personal boat and have a hammock in the garden area. It will be perfect.
Lake House Plans - Metal Roof
The second lake house plan is affordable to construct because you can make the roof with aluminium or metal. The usage of stones for supporting the house, adds a rustic charm to it. You can have a seating area on the first floor as well as the ground floor. It is perfect for a Sunday brunch with your family. The green and brown color on the house is making the house look rustic and beautiful.
Lake House Plans - Wood
The house is made out of wood and stone. The house has a rustic charm and it can be built easily. The house can be amidst wilderness. This is the ideal lake house plan and you will feel like you have gone back in time. It is a rustic lake house plan which is perfect for couples and solo travellers.

This is a dream come true for most of the individuals. There are multiple windows in the home. The design is simple yet beautiful. It is ideal for a vacation home or it can be home for a large family. It can have a well-manicured garden with staircases. We love the colors used on the structure. It has grey, brown and ivory. It is very classy and it is the ideal lake house plan for a family.
Lake House Plans - Multiple Window
The screened porches, simple design and beautiful landscaping make this lake house plan a true winner. It is a one-story structure which does not have much exterior ornamentation. However, the grey and white color and the elevated structure make it look really charming. The screened porch is the highlight of the house.

When it comes to Lake House plans, there are endless options to choose from! You can take inspiration from these house plans and build your dream home next to a lake. The lake can be in the front or the back but you should definitely have large windows to get the best view of the lake. These are the best lake house plans and you need to pick one, according to your taste.
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The Finest Country House Plans Ideas

The Finest Country House Plans Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Do you wish to build a vacation home for your family and close ones? Living close to the city is convenient but everyone needs a break from the fast life. How about investing in a country home? You can find an architect to design your country home or you can always take a look at the country house plans and decide on one. Today, we are going to introduce you to some of the finest country house plans ideas that you can consider. You will be amazed to see the elegance of the homes! Read on to find out.
Country House Plans - Shingle Style
The Shingle Style country home looks very elite and it is perfect for joint families. It has an American architectural style and it was very popular in the 1880’s. This is one of the best country house plans for a vacation home. You will find many seaside resorts having this architecture in New England. It might be a great idea to remodel your home into a shingle style country home because it looks fascinating.

A French country home looks very classy and elite. If your aim is to make your neighbours and friends envious of your home, you should go for the French country architecture. The house has distinctive characteristics and it adds a lot of charm. The timeless luxurious look it offers is unmatched. You can opt for this architectural style in case you are into rustic homes.
Country House Plans - French Country
The low country house plans are ideal for coastal areas. The house is elevated and simplistic but it looks very beautiful. The lovely porch space is great for Sunday afternoon family gatherings. The low country house plans have magnanimous outdoor spaces which makes it a popular choice among joint families. You can have a little garden outside and the home can have large windows and doors. The house plan gives a warm feeling.
Country House Plans - Low Country
A Victorian country house has a gothic architecture and it looks like it has come straight out of a story book. This type of house plan is also called English Country House. In the 19th century, the industrialists and wealthy men wanted to showcase their wealth and so, they built the Victorian country house. There has been a decline of Victorian country house but we can still find people living in these large mansion-like houses. If you want to live royally, you can opt for Victorian Country House.
Country House Plans - Victorian
These were the most beautiful country house plans that you can consider. You are one step away from your dream home. You can go for the timeless Victorian house plan or the famous Shingle Style. We see many people opting for the simplistic low country house plans. Choose the best and find the right architect to build your dream home. Make sure you invest in a good landscape services as well! A country home is incomplete without a lush green garden.
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The Most Exquisite 3 Bedroom House Plans

The Most Exquisite 3 Bedroom House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is time to build your OWN home! If you have a family of four to six members, you definitely need a 3 bedroom house. There are individuals who need 3 bedrooms all to themselves! If you are looking for the best 3 bedroom house plans, you have come to the right place. We have some amazing house ideas! It is such an interesting list that you will start looking for a builder to build your dream home, right after reading this article. We have listed the most exquisite 3 bedroom house plans and they are gorgeous. Read on to find out!
  1. The Modern Farmhouse Style 3 Bedroom House Plan
    You can build a pole barn house as it will be cheaper and the construction is really fast. Building a traditional home is expensive and can cost you a bomb. This home takes inspiration from a pole barn house. It has an amazing large window, which gives you a fantastic view. The house is spacious and you can have an open modular kitchen in the home. It is modern and stylish!
    3 Bedroom House Plans - Modern Farmhouse
  2. Single Story Modern Home
    The single story modern home is simple but elegant. It is nothing fancy but it gives you all the comforts. It has a garage and it has a small lawn where you can sit and enjoy the breeze. The clean lines of this home make it look simplistic but perfect for a family of three to four people. A single person can live happily in this home! It is very stylish! It is constructed with double clay brick.
    3 Bedroom House Plans - Single Story
  3. French Country Style House
    If you wish to live like a Frenchman, you must go for French Country Style House. It looks rustic and it is usually made with antique French oak. You will appreciate the generous space and the elegant exteriors of the home. The house has multi-paned windows which makes it look very French!
    3 Bedroom House Plans - French Country
  4. The Eco-Friendly 3 Bedroom House
    This looks like a spacious home with 8 bedrooms but it actually has 3 bedrooms with large dining space and a living room. This house looks like a dream and it has enough space to relax. It is a comfortable home which has large glass windows and doors. It is a modern home and the construction does not cost too much.
    3 Bedroom House Plans - Eco Friendly
Did you find anything interesting? All the above mentioned 3 bedroom house plans are spacious and well-designed. You can take inspiration from these designs and build your home. You definitely need a good builder! It is important for you to build a home with attached bathrooms. It is convenient for the family members. You can invest in a good landscaper to make your garden look beautiful. Why should you live in apartments? You can build your own 3 bedroom house by choosing the best design and a good builder. You can opt for pole barn house or ranch house to save some extra bucks. Keep your budget in mind and go for the best house plan. We are sure that you will choose the best.
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5 Fabulous Minecraft Modern House Designs and Ideas

5 Fabulous Minecraft Modern House Designs and Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Have you ever played Minecraft? You would understand that it takes a lot of effort and creativity to build a home in the game. It brings out the builder in you! You can create your own home, using your creativity. It is a very addictive game! However, not everyone can build a beautiful home at Minecraft. We have listed the 5 Fabulous Minecraft Modern House Designs and Ideas that you will absolutely love! You might get inspired by a design and build a real home some day! Take a quick look!
  • Minecraft Moden House Design 1
    The Minecraft Modern House Design 1 has clean lines and it has large windows which we absolutely love. The house has a lovely entrance and has a garage as well. The simple yet elegant design makes this home a really good choice.
    Minecraft Modern House Designs - Clean Lines
  • Minecraft Modern House Design 2
    This is a two-storied house which looks elegant and stylish. It has a lovely entrance as well. The house has balconies and a garage. Who would not want to have a place like this? The interiors look bright and open. It is the perfect home plan for those, who want open spaces.
    Minecraft Modern House Designs - Stylish
  • Minecraft Modern House Design 3
    We can see some technical error in this home but it is truly the house of your dreams. It is a simple home with a pool to relax in. The house is surrounded by lush greenery which reminds us of Bali’s private pool villas. We would love to own a home like this! It is open, simple and it has a pretty pool as well.
    Minecraft Modern House Designs - Simple with Pool
  • Minecraft Modern House Design 4
    This is the kind of home that we would love to have! A nice pool always fascinates us! The clean lines and the all-white structure are beautiful. You would love to spend a lazy Sunday by taking a dip in the pool and having a lavish brunch in the lawns. This is such a brilliant design!
    Minecraft Modern House Designs - White Structure
  • Minecraft Modern House Design 5
    The house looks realistic and one can build it in real as well. The house design has a lot of glass usage. The large windows are perfect for the sunlight to make its way into your home every morning. This is a lovely home for a couple or a single individual. It will look perfect in grey and white.
    Minecraft Modern House Designs - Glass
You can take inspiration from these minecraft modern house designs and build your own home. You can play the game as well! It is nice to see that there are meaningful and creative games as well. It brings out your creative side and allows you to spend time on creating a picture of the home of your dreams. If you find any of the above mentioned minecraft modern house designs beautiful, you can actually ask your designer or builder to build it for you. It can be achieved in real! All you need is a good architect, who will give shape to your dream home.
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The Best Modern Bathtubs for a Contemporary Bathroom

The Best Modern Bathtubs for a Contemporary Bathroom

TheBestHomeDesigns - A bathtub has become a necessity. It is very relaxing, to be able to spend hours in the bathtub and soak in the view of your beautiful bathroom. If you want to revamp your old bathroom into a swanky and modern looking one, you should go for the best bathtubs. There are many modern bathtubs designs to choose from! We have listed some of the most innovative bathtub designs that you will love. Take a quick look!
Modern Bathtubs - New Age Bathub
Gone are those days, when one used to install the rectangle and square bathtubs. The modern bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes. If your bathroom has the space, you can go for a round shaped bathtub. It looks very swanky! Imagine yourself, sitting in the bathtub and sipping the perfect merlot wine. It will be an exquisite feeling! You can talk to an interior design company for better ideas. They will be able to make a design for your bathroom. Or you can choose for modern bathroom ideas here.

Modern bathtubs are unique in so many ways! The chaise lounge bathtubs are the newest invention. You will not find these bathtubs in many homes. If you wish to invest in a good bathtub, you might as well choose the Chaise Lounge Bathtub.
Modern Bathtubs - Chaise Lounge
The Chaise Lounge Bathtub looks fancy and your friends will envy your bathroom, because it will be stunning. You can find these bathtubs in most of the stores near you. There are many interior designers, who would love to design your bathroom and install a chaise lounge bathtub.
Modern Bathtubs - Royally
The whirlpool bathtub is not new in the market. It has been around for many years. However, the feeling of bathing royally in a whirlpool tub will make you forget about the modern bathtubs. It is of good size and you can peek outside the window and see the world. It is perfect for a couple, to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon together.

You will find modern bathtubs with LED lighting as well. It just takes the bathing experience to a whole new level. If you want your bathroom to be chic and contemporary, you must choose the finest bathtub. An appealing bathroom can change the way people look at you. Your home should be perfect! Of course, everybody looks at the living room and kitchen BUT the bathroom is as important. Make sure you have the best bathtub installed in your bathroom!
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Single Story Home Plans

Single Story Home Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - Some people are simple and they do not feel the need to invest in majestic homes with a lot of detailing. There are some individuals, who just want a simple single story home. There is nothing wrong with that! We personally love single story homes and we have the most beautiful single story home plans for you. It will inspire you! Why should you wait to build your dream home? The first step is to choose a house plan. Read on to find out about the most beautiful single story house ideas.
Single Story Home Plans - Stone
It is time to go back in time and live like Flintstones. This is such a rustic yet elegant home. It is made with stones and has such beautiful architectural detailing. The windows look old yet beautiful. There are no loud colours used in the structure! The grey home with mustard flowers is looking charming! This has 3 bedroom house plans and you can have a little garden in front.

The modern single story cubicle house is beautiful. If you want a contemporary home, this is the perfect design. The usage of glass in this house plan is striking. It allows generous sunlight to enter your home. You can have a two or three bedroom single story house in this design. It has a cubicle design which is very modern and classy.
Single Story Home Plans - Modern
The clean lines and well-manicured garden makes this house a clear winner. There is nothing fancy about this home but it gives a warm feeling. It has a beautiful porch to relax on a Sunday afternoon. You can invest in a swimming pool in front of the home. The large glass doors and windows gives a contemporary touch to it.

The beautiful wooden deck and clean lines of this home is taking our breath away! This is a dreamy contemporary home which has a simple grass garden. There is nothing messy about this home. The large glass window allows you to see the morning skies. The white façade is making this home look mesmerizing.
Single Story Home Plans - Contemporary
Most people wish to invest in a traditional single story house. The house plan is family-friendly and it is filled with warmth. The wraparound porch is making this home look really beautiful. It is perfect for a family with children. The kids can enjoy the large space outside the home. The porch is ideal for a family get-together.
Single Story Home Plans - Traditional
Are you confused? The single story house plans mentioned above are so beautiful that it will be hard for you to pick one. You need to choose the best for your family or your partner. If you are a couple, you can go for the cubicle or wooden deck home. For a large family, we suggest you the traditional home. Keep it simple and pick the best single story house plan!
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