Astounding Purple Color Living Room Designs

TheBestHomeDesigns - How about adding life to your boring living room? Say NO to white walls. When your guests come to your home, they should feel enthusiastic and impressed by your choice. How about having a purple color living room? It is full of life and gorgeous looking. We have seen such impressive living rooms which have purple walls. We have listed some of the purple color living room ideas that YOU will love!

For Contemporary Homes
If you have a contemporary theme home, you should go for an L-shaped sofa in purple color. The walls can be purple in color as well. Use spotlights to highlight the walls. The main door can be white in color. White and purple goes famously! You can have an LED chandelier for your contemporary living room. The floor can have white marble tiles. It will look perfect! The white and purple theme is a great idea for your contemporary home.
Purple Color Living Room - Contemporary Homes

For Traditional Homes
If you have a traditional home and your living room is small, you can have a white sofa with purple cushions. You can have one chair or couch in purple and white. Keep it minimalistic. The purple will pop out and look stunning. You can have purple colored lamps or a purple colored painting in the living room. Traditional homes should keep it simple and not too jarring. The walls can be beige or white in color. Avoid the purple color for tradition living rooms.

Purple Color Living Room - Traditional Homes
For a Royal Living Room
If you fancy a royal living room, you should add a huge purple sofa. You need not colors all the walls in purple color. There can be one wall which is texture painted. It can have a golden painting or showpiece. We have seen many purple color living rooms with large golden wall clocks. It looks so precious! You can also have purple lamps. Make sure you add a beige carpet to the living room, for a royal look. Many people love the royal look and purple is surely a rich color.

Purple Color Living Room - Royal Living Room
Hope the above mentioned ideas helped you! These designs have always inspired us. Purple is truly, a much loved color. It is time to say goodbye to the same old, boring colors which make your living room look lifeless. A purple color living room is full of life and it looks really classy as well.