Double Height Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - When someone has a double-height living room, one can use it in an imperative way by making it more innovative and beautiful. From apartments to villas, we will look into famous double height living rooms that are currently trending these days and how they are structured. Through this blog we would like to look into the trending double height living room that makes the limelight.

Double Height Living Room - Connect Outdoors
This double height living room is spacious living room connects to the outdoors with a full-size wall entrance.  It has automated translucent blinds and unique walls which adds to the yet different vertical space. Also, the height living room with the tall volume is layered with unique sized rectangular which makes the area spacious. It has a stairway, which adds eye catching look to the living room. The warm wooden ceiling, juxtaposed having concrete wall, finds a warmth-evoking atmosphere with a well reputed sandstone floor. This kind of double height living room is very elegant and one of the renowned structures in the world.

One of the unique feature of this type of living room is that it has family room and dining room combined which has been designed as a double-height space having a contemporary tone. This allows the air to let in with east-facing sitting area counters and surrounded with a darker-hued spinal corridor running beside it. It has a staircase that leads to an upper floor where its landing looks out to the views outside from windows so one can enjoy the beauty of the nature.
One of the most interesting fact of this double height living room is the shadows created by the light coming out of the windows.
Double Height Living Room - Shadow Created
Double height living room looks up into a wonderful balcony that simply connects to the mezzanine floor above. It has also full-length windows. A staircase which adds a royal look to the double height living room. Here the materials are made up of wood, metal and concrete. With the concrete surrounds the room’s volume together from two opposing sides. The magnificent colours and textures adding a soothing look to the structure.

Double Height Living Room - Wonderful Balcony
The structure has a small double height living room and despite this fact, Architecture BRIO has put many efforts to make this structure unique so the people did not have to compromise on a rich villa experience and tempting views. One can experience in this villa a unique kind of beauty with all windows having soft mouldings and fitted sofas, and plush full-length curtains making this structure worth for money.

Double Height Living Room - Fadd Studios
This penthouse is basically designed by the Fadd studios, here the volumes of the structure is very spacious which reminds us the formal Japanese-style dining table that simply adjoins the living area. This lofty space, which is very enlarged and has a low-height wood-paneled entrance, giving the guests very dramatic view of this double height living room. The towering space is designed by a famous interior designer making it very spacious. It has also a cascading chandelier which fills the gap of the double-height space above.