Peep into Kylie Jenner House

TheBestHomeDesigns - Everyone knows the young TV sensation Kylie Kristen Jenner. Lately, she has been all over the news and social media for showing off her new dwelling. Have you ever wondered how Kylie Jenner’s house looks like from the inside as well as outside? You do not have to wonder anymore because we are going to give you a quick sneak peek into her mansion. The young lady gave a tour of house on her website and we are excited to share the pictures with you. The $2.7 million Calabasas mansion is just like a dream home. Kylie Jenner House has fantastic exteriors and interiors that will enthrall you. Let us take a quick look! Are you ready for the exciting tour?

Kylie Jenner House - Luxurious
The luxurious 5 bedroom home has an outdoor swimming pool, a home theater, a gigantic kitchen, gated community and a pretty garden. The expensive home has all the luxuries of the world and Kylie Jenner seems like a happy young girl after purchasing the beautiful casa for herself. The house is situated conveniently in The Oaks.

In order to keep up with the Kardashians, she wanted to have a black and white theme home. Kylie Jenner House interiors have a black and white theme.
Kylie Jenner House - Black and White Interiors
The house has classy decor and the staircases that lead to the rooms are magical. The house has an open kitchen which opens out to the personal home theater. The house has been tastefully decorated and we can see the usage of black and white interiors is looking very chic. 
Kylie Jenner had posted many pictures of her undone home while it was under renovation. We can see the black and white theme with unique chandeliers and a cozy fireplace. She surely has spent a lot on the interiors as well. It takes us back into time and it is very elite looking!

Right below, you can see the living room after it has been decorated. The chandeliers are lit up and the fireplace looks beautiful. The wooden flooring and the classy curtains are making this home look really charming. The light decoration behind the couch is very beautiful. The interior are minimalistic but very elegant. We can take inspiration from the decor of Kylie Jenner House.

Kylie Jenner House - LivingRoom
As you can see, the house has staircases which lead us to the front door. There is a garage for car parking. The mansion has a swimming pool that anyone will envy. The locality is green and we are sure that she is breathing fresh air each day.

Kylie Jenner House - Look From Above
Needless to say, Kylie Jenner house is simply stunning. Anybody would love to own this home at The Oaks. The mansion has everything that you need in a luxurious dwelling. She is young but she is successful. She has posted pictures of each room on her website which includes a room which is dedicated to the most stylish shoes. You have to see it to believe it!