Single Story Home Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - Some people are simple and they do not feel the need to invest in majestic homes with a lot of detailing. There are some individuals, who just want a simple single story home. There is nothing wrong with that! We personally love single story homes and we have the most beautiful single story home plans for you. It will inspire you! Why should you wait to build your dream home? The first step is to choose a house plan. Read on to find out about the most beautiful single story house ideas.
Single Story Home Plans - Stone
It is time to go back in time and live like Flintstones. This is such a rustic yet elegant home. It is made with stones and has such beautiful architectural detailing. The windows look old yet beautiful. There are no loud colours used in the structure! The grey home with mustard flowers is looking charming! This has 3 bedroom house plans and you can have a little garden in front.

The modern single story cubicle house is beautiful. If you want a contemporary home, this is the perfect design. The usage of glass in this house plan is striking. It allows generous sunlight to enter your home. You can have a two or three bedroom single story house in this design. It has a cubicle design which is very modern and classy.

Single Story Home Plans - Modern
The clean lines and well-manicured garden makes this house a clear winner. There is nothing fancy about this home but it gives a warm feeling. It has a beautiful porch to relax on a Sunday afternoon. You can invest in a swimming pool in front of the home. The large glass doors and windows gives a contemporary touch to it.

The beautiful wooden deck and clean lines of this home is taking our breath away! This is a dreamy contemporary home which has a simple grass garden. There is nothing messy about this home. The large glass window allows you to see the morning skies. The white fa├žade is making this home look mesmerizing.

Single Story Home Plans - Contemporary
Most people wish to invest in a traditional single story house. The house plan is family-friendly and it is filled with warmth. The wraparound porch is making this home look really beautiful. It is perfect for a family with children. The kids can enjoy the large space outside the home. The porch is ideal for a family get-together.

Single Story Home Plans - Traditional
Are you confused? The single story house plans mentioned above are so beautiful that it will be hard for you to pick one. You need to choose the best for your family or your partner. If you are a couple, you can go for the cubicle or wooden deck home. For a large family, we suggest you the traditional home. Keep it simple and pick the best single story house plan!