The Finest Country House Plans Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Do you wish to build a vacation home for your family and close ones? Living close to the city is convenient but everyone needs a break from the fast life. How about investing in a country home? You can find an architect to design your country home or you can always take a look at the country house plans and decide on one. Today, we are going to introduce you to some of the finest country house plans ideas that you can consider. You will be amazed to see the elegance of the homes! Read on to find out.

Country House Plans - Shingle Style
The Shingle Style country home looks very elite and it is perfect for joint families. It has an American architectural style and it was very popular in the 1880’s. This is one of the best country house plans for a vacation home. You will find many seaside resorts having this architecture in New England. It might be a great idea to remodel your home into a shingle style country home because it looks fascinating.

A French country home looks very classy and elite. If your aim is to make your neighbours and friends envious of your home, you should go for the French country architecture. The house has distinctive characteristics and it adds a lot of charm. The timeless luxurious look it offers is unmatched. You can opt for this architectural style in case you are into rustic homes.
Country House Plans - French Country
The low country house plans are ideal for coastal areas. The house is elevated and simplistic but it looks very beautiful. The lovely porch space is great for Sunday afternoon family gatherings. The low country house plans have magnanimous outdoor spaces which makes it a popular choice among joint families. You can have a little garden outside and the home can have large windows and doors. The house plan gives a warm feeling.
Country House Plans - Low Country
A Victorian country house has a gothic architecture and it looks like it has come straight out of a story book. This type of house plan is also called English Country House. In the 19th century, the industrialists and wealthy men wanted to showcase their wealth and so, they built the Victorian country house. There has been a decline of Victorian country house but we can still find people living in these large mansion-like houses. If you want to live royally, you can opt for Victorian Country House.
Country House Plans - Victorian

These were the most beautiful country house plans that you can consider. You are one step away from your dream home. You can go for the timeless Victorian house plan or the famous Shingle Style. We see many people opting for the simplistic low country house plans. Choose the best and find the right architect to build your dream home. Make sure you invest in a good landscape services as well! A country home is incomplete without a lush green garden.