Barn House Plans

Barn House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - The Barn Style House Plan is very spacious from the inside. It preserves the traditional barn style of architecture while incorporating additions to the design. The barn style renders this house plan cozy and inviting while the abundance of space makes it ideal for including modern amenities. Barn style houses can be either post or beam house plans. Overall, Barn House Plans are a stunning blend of the classical and modern architectural design. Barn House Plans can be of many varieties like Homestead Plans, Farmhouse Plans, Colonial, Cape, and Chalet Plans, Studio, Sugar House, and Cabin Plans, etc.
Barn House Plans
Following are 5 attractive Barn House Plans to choose from.

1. Hideaway Barn House Plans

Hideaway Barn House Plans is a combination of posts and beams and is a small yet very efficient house plan that you can follow. They make perfect weekend getaways and are also best suited for ageing couples for their simplicity. This plan is designed to be very energy efficient, in that structural insulated wall panels are used that can be easily installed. Total living space spans 504 square feet and this plan comes with a master bedroom and one full bathroom.

2. The Grantham Barn House Plan

Grantham Barn House Plan has simple and elegant exteriors. The interiors are a combination of post and beam frames. There are 2 floors in this plan and 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. The total living area spans 2408 square feet. Overall this plan facilitates easy living and offers stunning views.

3. Timber Barn House Plans

The Timber Barn House Plan has timber framing used in a Barn House Plan and is generally characterized by Gambrel Roofs, Cupolas/Clerestory Windows, Wide Interiors, wrap-around porches, and Interior Sliding typical of the Barn Style House. This plan looks like a barn converted into a house. Living space in this plan spans 2870 square feet. Total Garage space is 672 square feet and 730 square feet is reserved for decks and patios. The floating loft in this design makes the structure look like it was once an actual barn.

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4. Farmhouse Barn Plan
Farmhouse Barn Plan has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and spans 2720 square feet. On completion, the structure will look very much like a dairy barn but will be very contemporary in appeal. Unique features of this Barn House Plans are a board and batten siding, a recessed, sheltered entry, and a wide-open veranda. The Farmhouse Plan makes for easy indoor and outdoor living, and is both attractive as well as utilitarian. There is no garage bay included in the plan but there are two floors.
5. The Barn Owl
There are 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths in the Barn Owl House Plan. The Great Room in this plan has a half-vaulted ceiling and exposed timber trusses. Total area covered in this plan is 2630 square feet. There is no basement but you can get a detached garage along with the plan. The exteriors combine timber, log, and shingle detailing. The upper floors span 1559 square feet and 1071 square feet.
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Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - For many, the daily usage of a small bathroom, especially in a house using children, is a practice in futility. There are advantages to having a small bathroom, especially when the time comes to remodel. Basically, a small bathroom is the ideal place to understand your layout dreams for a high end, resort experience on your own home. Here we will explain about small bathroom renovation ideas.
Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas
The following guide was designed to get you started on one's own small bath room remodel project by walking you throughout the process and giving helpful hints on the way. Remodeling a little bathroom to reflect your distinctive design style, while meeting your needs for storage and function, may be challenging.

The most typical layout for a bathroom, whether small or large, is the single plumbed wall. The materials you choose for your bathroom remodel will determine the successful completion of the project. In a little bathroom the rule of thumb is to install bigger tiles since they provide the illusion of floor space.

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Vinyl tile can be a great alternative for bathroom floors and using advances in technology there are an array of available choices the mimic the look of natural rock. Fortunately, there are a number of materials available which are ideal for a bathroom environment.

If you are remodeling a small bathroom, you might be capable to indulge in these surfaces because you will likely need less of them. A gorgeous back splash or emphasized tile wall acts as the jewel of the tub room and offers a focus to your space. A little bathroom is a superb spot to experience with a vibrant tile back splash or accent.

A little bathroom does not have to be covered floor to ceiling using marble tile to feel luxurious. Your little toilet room may be the perfect place to experience with a brand-new style of tile or toilet room technologies. Consider installing 1 or 2 of the following items inside your bathroom! Steam shower. Small bathroom frequently suffer from a lack of sufficient lighting.
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Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - Bungalow House Plans are 1-storeyed house plans that have either front or rear porches. Bungalow House Plans are very similar to Craftsman and Prairie House Plans but are relatively less formal. They have simple yet elegant designs and are pretty affordable. Bungalow House Plans are modestly sized and usually have low-pitched roofs. The Bungalow styles emerged from classical styles of architecture like the Spanish Colonial, Swiss Chalet, and the Neoclassical. A Bungalow House Plan is characterized by open floors, limited hallways, and light-drenched interiors. They are best suited for narrow lots and have large, generous porches making both the interiors and exteriors very inviting. Following are 5 best Bungalow House Plans.

1. Stunning Exterior Bungalow House Plans

This Bungalow Plan is a beautiful blend of country and cottage architecture styles with a beautiful exterior. With 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, this Bungalow plan covers an area of 2097 square feet. The great room in this plan with a large cathedral ceiling is a highlight along with other interesting additions like the fireplace surrounded by built-ins, a terrific master suite and two bedrooms that share a common bathroom. The study and kitchen also have cathedral ceilings.

2. The Chelsea House

The Chelsea House, although very rustic in appearance is designed to accommodate all modern amenities. It has provisions for making a home-office and other facilities that render it excellent for turning it into a Recreation cum Work Bungalow. There are 3 bedrooms and 3 other possible bedrooms included in the plan. The family room has three sets of French doors. There is also room for a fireplace. The master bedroom is located at the upper floor that has a unique wall of windows.

3. Side Gable Bungalow House Plans

This Bungalow House Plan covers a living area of 2116 square feet and consists of 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. It is designed to minimize waste during construction and to integrate energy efficient appliances, solar power, and insulation. A prominent feature of the Side Gable Bungalow House Plan is the clerestory windows placed on the sides for easy placement of furniture. Overall this is an economical plan and very energy efficient to build.

4. French Country Style Bungalow House Plan
This French Style House Plan has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 1 Half-Bath. It has a living area of 2482 square feet. The entry porch is very attractive. This is an open floor plan with arched openings, French doors, and vaulted ceilings. The plan has all the best features like walk-in closets, a two-way fireplace, columned front entry, split bedrooms, etc.

5. Padstow House Plan
The Padstow House Plan has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and a living area of 544 square feet. The exteriors of this plan are a combination of Bungalow and Cottage style architecture. This is a 1-storey house plan with a height of 19’9”, width of 22’ and depth of 32’. The architecture style of the exteriors in this house plan is Craftsman-like. A framing of 2x6 is used in this plan and the roof framing type used in the plan is 'truss'.

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Fun and Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Fun and Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Designs

TheBestHomeDesigns - Who says that you need to have the kitchen inside the home? Have you ever heard about the outdoor kitchens? You would need some really cool waterproof designs for such a kitchen! We are here with a list of outdoor kitchen cabinet designs that will give you some serious outdoor kitchen goals. Nothing can be better than cooking a yummy pasta or pan frying a piece of basa fish near the pool area! If you are passionate about cooking, you would love cook outside! You can have a covered outdoor kitchen or it can be out in the open. The key is to go for a kitchen cabinet that will be safe outside. It should be waterproof as well! Let’s take a look at the most fun and beautiful outdoor kitchen cabinet designs.
Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet - Greenery
This is our dream kitchen! It is surrounded by greenery and we can see that the cabinets are waterproof as well. You can have this kitchen in your backyard. If you wish to, you can cover the top of this outdoor kitchen to keep it safe from rain or snow. You need this back up because if it rains, you will not be able to cook a meal for your family.
Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet - WaterProof
This is a waterproof kitchen cabinet. It will not get damaged in case there is rain or snow. You can see that there is a dedicated space for cleaning utensils. There is a stove as well. You need to keep some covers to keep it covered during torrential rains. We love the colors on the cabinet! It is light and pleasing to the eyes. We would love to cook in such a kitchen!
Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet - Stones
Is this not a gorgeous outdoor kitchen? We love the way it is made out of stones which means it will not get destroyed during rainy season or snow. We love the way the kitchen has been decked up using plants, carpet and an appealing dining table. It will be a perfect place for a Sunday brunch. You can invite your friends and family over for a warm and happy Christmas lunch. We love the idea of stone and stainless steel kitchen cabinets.

Black kitchen cabinets look very appealing. If you use the right lighting, it can actually look very classy. You can go for a black kitchen cabinet for your outdoor kitchen. Use creative hanging lights. It can be an open kitchen. You can have an outdoor kitchen at the porch. Cook some meats and enjoy a Sunday brunch in your garden.
Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet - Black
These were the most fun and interesting outdoor kitchen cabinet designs. We personally love all the designs because they are different and you can deck up the outdoor space as per your liking. Having an outdoor kitchen is a good idea because it will make the cooking experience fun and fascinating. You can invite your friends and flaunt your outdoor kitchen! Make sure you have a space for dining as well. It should be appealing as well! Go for the best kitchen cabinet design and we are sure your outdoor kitchen will be beautiful.
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Modern House Plan

Modern House Plan

TheBestHomeDesigns - Modern House Plans are very much attune with the latest home design trends with provisions for incorporating modern comfort choices, furniture, and home appliances. A Modern House Plan is characterized by clean lines, simple proportions, open layouts, and abundant natural light. Devoid of any unwanted design, modern house plans are designed to be spacious and airy, while being minimalistic on the outside. Construction materials used in Modern House Plans are mostly Glass, Concrete, and Steel. Modern House Plans come in large, medium, and small sizes as per your budget and preferences. Various geographical elements are used while building houses according to a modern house plan. They are also characterized by vaulted ceilings. Below are 5 Modern House Plans with a brief description for each.

1. Prairie Modern House Plan

The Prairie House Plan comes with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Unique features of this Modern House Plan include a pivot front door, Box Windows, and Columned Front Entry. The Floor Plan for this house is C-shaped. There are 2 stories and 3 garage bays inside. Total Living Area in this House Plan is 4237 square feet. The wide-open appeal of this Modern House Plan is perfectly complemented by the privacy offered by its C-shaped floor plan.
Modern House Plan - Prairie

2. The Contemporary House Plan

Covering a living area of 985 square feet, the Contemporary House Plan comprises of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a fair variety of porches and decks in the plan. It also has a detached garage, a Front Porch, and a Gathering Room for family get together. The chic and contemporary styling of the exteriors makes this plan vividly eye-catching for homes. The foundation type is slab. The bedrooms all have walk-in bathrooms and closets.

3. The Maxence-2 House Plan
This Modern House Plan requires a Monolithic Slab Foundation and spans an area of 643 square feet. This is a pretty small house plan but is definitely favorable for being simple in design. It hosts twin bedrooms, one full bathroom, and is a small yet beautiful home plan. Other features of this Modern House Plan include front and side entries, and a lateral covered deck. This plan is deemed as one among the most perfect small home plans you can get.

4. Dunedin House Plan
The Dunedin Modern House Plan features a total living area of 223.77 square meters and features 4 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1 garage. The front portion of the plan features the master bedroom along with the kitchen, dining area and a family area. The back portion has the other three bedrooms along with a kids area.
Modern House Plan - Dunedin

5. 4-Bedroom, 3.5 Bathrooms House Plan
Spanning an area of 3712 square feet, this plan is designed to be reflecting as much light as possible, making it seem very bright and roomy. The bedrooms have walk-in closets and private bathrooms. Other interesting features of this plan include split bedrooms, a fireplace, dual sinks, and dual master suites. The exteriors of the plan are designed to give it a courtyard-like appeal. It combines modern living and friendly interiors expertly.

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Tranquil Living Room

Tranquil Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - As the name suggests Tranquil living rooms are basically designed to make your mood calm and the living room which has free from all the disturbances and evil things far away from you. These days Tranquil living rooms are very common and the designers are giving their best efforts to make a living room that soothes your mood and keeps you relaxed whatever the situation will be. Through this blog we will be discussing the various tranquil living room and their combinations and designs that are generally trending these days.
Tranquil Living Room - Soft and Light Shade
The soft and light shade of this tranquil living room, makes your mood relaxed. Whether it’s in an ornate Parisian salon, a relaxed Hamptons beach house, gray colour fits with any style of architecture and decor in a tranquil living room. This kind of structure of tranquil room is very unique and still remains the top choice of many designers these days.

The design of this tranquil living room is simply bright and airy. It includes within its ambit metallic, skinny legs on the sofa and the idea of including the chairs and the tables in front of it is to let all of that natural light bounce all over that room. Also, the idea of taking a green stone on the fireplace which simply surrounds the trees right into this room. If you had one of these rooms with this kind of view then this kind of setting and design can make your mood tranquil so you can chill out in this kind of ambience.

A majestic Cecily Brown painting and a graceful design by the famous interior designer Damien Hirst simply animate the living room which makes it a tranquil living room and it is still in one of the famous living rooms of New York City apartment, which was renovated by S. R. Gambrel in collaboration with the architecture firm Arcologica. This kind of tranquil living room is very renowned and a master piece of the unique art in the world.

The centrepiece of this tranquil living room has a lively stylized floral rug, that gives an eye-catching glimpse to its visitors. The sofa and two chairs are upholstered in a soothing yellow chenille, while accent pieces in the room pick up the red in the rug giving a tranquil effect in the living room. The striking black piano is set in a large alcove that almost appears to be a stage.

This kind of tranquil living room is designed by the famous designer Russell Groves in the famous residence in Raleigh, North Carolina, including the works by the great artist Robert Longo with a combination of sofa custom made by Donzella and vintage Y-back chairs, a Dedar velvet, the curtains are of a Lee Jofa wool that makes the ambience tranquil in a living room.
Tranquil Living Room - Russell Groves
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Minecraft Medieval House Plans

Minecraft Medieval House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is amazing to look at Medieval House Plans created on Minecraft and everyone wants to learn how to recreate some of the most beautiful ones. Building Medieval Houses, Castles, and Streets on Minecraft is incredibly fun and exciting. You can choose the best of building materials, add your own unique designs to the plan and begin building your House Layer by Layer until you have the perfect Medieval House. Medieval House Plans in Minecraft are popular because they are a combination of the Medieval Building that is transformed to include various styles. With your very own Medieval House, you can now go on the wildest of adventures and explorations on Minecraft. Here are 5 Minecraft Medieval House designs to choose from.

1. Ragnar’s Minecraft Medieval House Plans

This is a spacious design that you can build when you have a skill level of 3. This design has a width of 25, height of 21, and depth of 25. The light brown colours on this design are great. You will need a total of 3924 blocks to build this one. There’s a free room inside and also a workplace.

2. Minecraft Medieval House Plans Secured Village

This Minecraft Medieval House Plans Design is a large sized plan with the medieval theme, of course. It is a secured village plan complete with a market square, a slaughterhouse, a greenhouse, and a railway station.

3. 2-Storey Plan
This 2-storey Medieval Minecraft Plan consists of 2 storage rooms, a garage, kitchen, bedroom, and Garden Beds. The highlight feature of this design is that there is a basketball court as well.

4. DokuCraft Plan
For this Medieval House Plan, you will need 125 wooden logs, 74 counts of white wool, 166 wooden stairs, 84 wooden planks, 22 glass panes, 46 stone bricks, 5 stone brick slabs, 8 stone brick stairs, 1 Netherrack, 1 door, and 5 torches.

5. JohnSmith Legacy Plan
This Plan designed with the JohnSmith Legacy Texture Pack is a medieval plan with a wooden storehouse. It has 3 floors and includes a library, study, and also an enchanting room.

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Interesting Design of Kitchen Cabinet

Interesting Design of Kitchen Cabinet

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is time to give your kitchen a brand new and appealing look. Who says that kitchen interiors are not important? When your guests come home, they would want to see the entire home. It should be presentable! Also, it is not just about the appealing looks. The kitchen should be organized and there should be a space for each and every kitchen gadget and utensils. If you are confused about choosing a design of kitchen cabinet, we are here to help you out. We have listed some of the most interesting design of kitchen cabinet that will inspire you to change the look of your kitchen. What are you waiting for? Read on to find out!
Design of Kitchen Cabinet
We love the simple grey and red theme of this kitchen. It is perfect for a small kitchen. This could be a great idea for an open kitchen. There is a dedicated space for cooking and chimney. There is a space for washing the utensils. It is clean and appealing. If you have a small kitchen and you are low on budget, you can go for this design.
Design of Kitchen Cabinet - Simple Grey and Red
The high glossy kitchen cabinet looks amazing! High glossy kitchen cabinets are contemporary looking and the gloss makes your kitchen look fantastic. As you can see, there is a space for the oven and there is enough space for the utensils and cutlery. This could be a great open kitchen! This is a really nice design and you can have spotlights in the kitchen.
Design of Kitchen Cabinet - Glossy
Black and white is super classy! How about having a black and white theme kitchen? You can have rustic hanging lamps and white cabinets. There can be a center table with bar stools. The kitchen has a rustic charm and we love the walls and pretty looking cabinets. This is one of our most favorite kitchens in the list! (read also kitchen designs with black appliances)
Design of Kitchen Cabinet - Black and White
This is an unusual looking kitchen but it is elite. You can take inspiration from this kitchen. Grey kitchen cabinets look very beautiful. This is very simple yet elegant. If you go for this kitchen cabinet design, your friends and relatives will envy your kitchen.
Design of Kitchen Cabinet - Grey
It is a small kitchen but it is filled with warmth. We love the blue colored kitchen cabinets. The design of kitchen cabinet is interesting. If you do have too much space in your kitchen, you can go for the colorful kitchen cabinets. The hanging lamp at the center is making this kitchen look rustic and beautiful.
Design of Kitchen Cabinet - Blue
Wow! Which was the best design of kitchen cabinet? We loved all of them! It is time to pick the best design and go for it. If you have a love for cooking, you should invest in good kitchen cabinet. Do not ignore this space because the kitchen should be a fun place for you to cook. It should be a warm and pretty place to flaunt to your friends. Make sure you choose the best design!
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Shipping Container House Plans

Shipping Container House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - Shipping Container House Plans are popular for being the perfect example of Architectural Recycling. A Shipping Container House Plan essentially involves transforming Intermodal Steel Building Units, also known as ISBUs into living or work space. A modern Shipping Container Plan is elegant, and used to create easy and beautiful homes, offices, studios, and what not. The idea behind a shipping container home is minimalistic, modern living, aimed at contributing to the environment and reducing clutter to a great extent. Shipping Container Homes are currently a hot favorite among architects and people looking to have a unique escape of their own. Below are 5 Shipping Container House Plans.
Shipping Container House Plans

1. One Bedroom and One Bathroom
This Shipping Container House Plan requires one 20’ Shipping Container spanning a total square footage area of 160 square feet. It will house one bedroom and one bathroom.
Shipping Container House Plans - Total Square

2. 4 Bedroom Shipping Container House Plans

This plan is an SCH10 two-storey house plan that is deemed to give the Shipping Containers a sleek and sophisticated look. The total area of the house spans 4 x 40 feet. This plan is designed to utilize maximum space and cut down cost to a great extent. It can be used to build a house for a large family. You can also design your holiday house on this plan.

The exterior of the house is sure to blow your mind away for its unique concept. Large Rooms render it fit to be used for a home, commercial block, and even as a holiday house. The plan includes a walk-in closet, one multipurpose room, one spacious room, and the house is accessible with a wheelchair. This plan is best suited to be built on a flat site with the right footings. Overall, it is a great plan that will surely appeal to large families.
Shipping Container House Plans - 4 Bedrooms

3. Shipping Container House Plans Professional

You will need a 20’ repurposed steel shipping container. As is evident from the name, this house plan is a Professional design with a Kitchen, Bathroom, a smart exterior, Storage area, a Living Room, and a Loft that can be used as a Sleeping Area.
Shipping Container House Plans - Professional
4. The Green Home
As the name clearly suggests, the Green Home Shipping Container House Plans will have a green and industrial look on the outside. It will have a surface area of 2000 square feet and will consist of 5 decks. The estimated cost of obtaining the metal containers and building a house with this plan will be around $15000-$20000.
Shipping Container House Plans - Green
5. The de Maria design Redondo Beach House
This is an award-winning Shipping Container House Plans which is a luxury architecture created using eight, prefabricated, recycled steel shipping containers. The Redondo Beach House is the epitome of an affordable, and accessible home design that effectively saves a lot of money and resources. This modern home built with a combination of steel containers and traditional building materials is resistant to fire and corrosion and is spacious enough to house a swimming pool.
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Monochromatic Living Room

Monochromatic Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is the home, specifically the rooms we use everyday, particularly indicate our style, colour preferences and aesthetic tastes which ultimately makes ourselves feel comfortable, calm, and safe. This is the reason we call it home in the first place. While deciding about monochromatic living room, and what if your favorite colours are really a different choice? How would you create an interesting and non-monotonous space without any colour? What are monochromatic colours? The monochromatic schemes simply use tints and shades of one colour, staying within the same column on the colour wheel. A monochromatic scheme for yellow might feature a range of tones from soft buttercup to mustard as shown in the picture below.
Monochromatic Living Room - Yellow Scheme
Monochromatic idea of colours is a great way to create a timeless and precious monochromatic living room. One of the great deal is that monochrome does not bore you and the visitors! Black and white are the most fashionable couple we have ever known, and their pairing in monochromatic living room is no at hype these days. Whenever you look to decorate in varying shades of one colour for example black and white themed design, there are many ways to always make this look beautiful and soothing. One of the examples of monochromatic living room in white and grey combinations is given below.
Monochromatic Living Room - White and Grey
Black and white is the best colour combination when it comes to decorating, monochromatic living room with a royal look. It is easy and graceful with room for edge. One can also add third colour as an option for example adding whether it is in the form of a painting or zebra cross line like design (on the wall or floor). Going through a single colour that is monochromatic may seem tough but it actually gives you the ability to experiment with any kind of patterns, textures, and fabrics with a lot of amazing looks.

The monochromatic decorating can be very useful when comes to using it efficiently. When you use bright contrasting colour, the results are very effective without being too loud or boasting. One of the amazing ways is to use natural accents like smaller pieces of furniture, decorative elements like rugs, and paintings on the walls to make your monochromatic living room come alive. One can also use wallpaper - black and white stripes to create a more intriguing decor style which is very unique way of designing the living rooms.
Monochromatic Living Room - Decorations
One can use modern, minimal, monochromatic mood board which looks exactly as a classic black and white decor and apart from stylish looks it has also been practical. Many great artists use white furniture against plain white walls to make the it spacious. Sometimes black and white cushions along with the black and white geometric patterned rug simply adds to a unique look when juxtaposed against the white sofa. It is suggested to use Visitor Chair combined with the Marcel Coffee Table which enhances the look of the monochromatic living room.

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The Most Beautiful Tree House Plans

The Most Beautiful Tree House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is time to build a tree house! We love the concept of a tree house. It is an ideal place for children to spend their long holidays. While you are busy in the kitchen, they can climb up on the tree house and find joy. You can turn it into a kitchen or a dining room. Think of it as an investment! You would not need to go to a rooftop restaurant to enjoy the view. It can also be your work space where you can write a piece of article without any interruptions. If you have a backyard or garden which has a lot of space to build a tree house, you should go for it. Today, we have the most beautiful tree house plans for you to consider. You will fall in love with the designs because they are absolutely charming! Take a quick look.
The Most Beautiful Tree House Plans
The first design is of a simple tree house which has ample of space for two people. It has a ladder which goes right inside the tree house. The tree house has a small balcony. You can sit there and enjoy the view at night. There is nothing fancy about this design.
The Most Beautiful Tree House Plans - Simple
This tree house is interesting. There is a little bridge which is connected to the tree house. If you wish to read a book or spend alone time, you can climb up to this tree house. It does not have room to sleep but it is a great place to relax.
The Most Beautiful Tree House Plans - Little Bridge
This tree house seems like a good idea! It is a perfect abode for a couple. Children will enjoy this tree house as well. However, it is at a height and it might not be suitable for children because of safety reasons. The stairs that lead to the tree house and there is a rooftop on the tree house! If you wish to live amidst the wild, you can go for this design. The animals will not be able to reach you!
The Most Beautiful Tree House Plans - Couple
Every kid dreams of a castle and you can build them one! This tree house is built like a castle and an entire family can fit into it. However, it is perfect for kids because they will love this design. If you have the budget, you can go for it. It is a doable project! All you need is a good builder for this. If you have the skills, you can do it yourself as well.
The Most Beautiful Tree House Plans - Castle
There is another tree house plans which you can consider. It has a ladder which leads up to the tree house which is made with glass. It is a perfect spot to spend some alone time. Sometimes you need to unwind and this seems like the perfect tree house.

Did you find anything interesting? We are sure that you found what you were looking for! Take inspiration from these beautiful tree house plans and build one for yourself and your family. It has several benefits! It could be a dining room, kitchen, store house, play house and even a place to relax.
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How to Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

How to Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

TheBestHomeDesigns - You bought a new home and now you want the kitchen of your dreams. You probably have a home already but your kitchen looks old and boring. It is always good to invest in modern kitchen cabinets. Old looking kitchen cabinets can spoil the look of your kitchen. You probably spent a fortune to buy a dining table for your dining space. However, you need to invest a little in the kitchen cabinets as well. How to modernize your outdated kitchen? How about giving a personal touch to your kitchen by the painting the laminate kitchen cabinets ? Yes, painting laminate kitchen cabinets is a possibility. It is easy! Today, we are going to cover the basics to paint a laminate kitchen cabinet. Take a quick look!
Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Why do you need to paint the laminate kitchen cabinet?

  • Your kitchen looks old. Your cabinets are ship shape but the exteriors look worn out. You need to paint them because it will give them a fresh look.
  • If you do not have the budget to buy a brand new kitchen cabinet, you can save money by painting the laminate kitchen cabinet. It will not burn a hole in your pocket. It will take less than half the money you would pay for a brand new kitchen cabinet.
  • Your kitchen will look as good as new! You can do it yourself as well! Professional help is not mandatory.

What are the tools required for painting the cabinets?
If you are doing it yourself, you would need the following things. This is a little check list to painting laminate kitchen cabinets! Make sure you have these objects in your home.
1. Rubber Gloves
2. Roller Kit
3. Cork Sanding Block
4. Paint Brushes
5. Heavy Duty Paint Roller
You will find these tools easily at stores near you. You can find these tools at a very low price. You need another thing for painting the cabinets. It is patience! You would lots of patience to paint the cabinets yourself. You can give yourself 2 days or a whole day to paint the cabinets.

How to start painting?
Firstly, you would need to clean the cabinets. This is an important step. Once you are done with cleaning the laminate surfaces, you can start painting. Make sure the surface gets dry after you clean it. Use sand on the laminate surface before you start painting. It will help the paint to stick better to the laminate.
Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets - Clean the Cabinets
Make sure you paint the detailed areas first. Move on to the larger areas later. Use a roller to paint the surfaces. When you are painting a drawer or door, keep it open so that the paint does not stick and get dried out.
Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets - Detail Paint
You need a sandpaper to even out the paint once it has dried. It will help you to smooth the surface of the paint. Once you are done with this, you can apply topcoat to the laminate surface. It is easy! Make sure you give the paint enough drying time.

These were the simple steps of painting laminate kitchen cabinets. You do not have to hire a professional to do it for you. However, you do need to set out time for painting the cabinets all by yourself. Call your friends and family to help you out! Choose a weekend to do this task. Your kitchen cabinets need a fresh look and so, paint them before they fall apart. Here the other inspiration of best painted kitchen cabinet ideas.
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Quick Tour of Elon Musk House

Quick Tour of Elon Musk House

TheBestHomeDesigns - Do you know Elon Musk? He is a famous investor and he is also the CEO of SpaceX. Since he is such a renowned individual, you might be wondering how much he earns and the kind of house he lives in! We have covered the latter part. Today, we are going to give you a quick and exclusive tour of Elon Musk House. You will be enthralled to see the house of this business magnate because it is lavish! The CEO has many children and he has been married twice. His home is not humble at all! It has all the luxurious amenities that you would find in a 5 star property. Let’s take a quick look at his home!
Elon Musk House
Welcome to Elon Musk House! It is massive and it has all the amenities that you would find at a luxurious property. We absolutely love his house and we cannot wait to show you more pictures. As you can see, the house has grey and white exteriors. It has a tennis court and a swimming pool at the back. It has a generously spaced garden where Elon Musk spends a lot of time.
Elon Musk House - Top View
From the top view, we can see a swimming pool and a tennis court. It is a large property and it is surrounded by lush greenery. What else does one need?
Elon Musk House - Pool
We would love to jump in this pool! However, dreams seldom come true and this pool belongs to Elon Musk. The pool is located at the backyard of the house. There are trees in the garden and we can see the beautiful lighting inside the house.
Elon Musk House - Tennis Court
Elon Musk stays fit by playing tennis in his personal court. Are you dreaming of such a house? Well, we are surely envying all the luxurious amenities that this house possesses.
Elon Musk House - Garden
The garden is simple yet beautiful and one can spend hours here. It is so green and it is perfect for a family gathering on a Sunday. The best part about the house is the simple grey and white exteriors. It is perfect! Human beings are visual creatures and these colours are simple and beautiful.
Elon Musk House - BedRoom
The Elon Musk house has superb interiors. There is a lot of beige and gold! And also there is a fireplace inside the home. The bedroom has two king size beds and the lighting is perfect. The floors are carpeted and the walls are white.

Do not you just love the Elon Musk house? It is very elegant and we would love to own a house like this. It is elite and we are in love with the exteriors. The house costs $17 million and it has seven bedrooms. The house is located in Los Angeles and Elon Musk lives a life of a king. He has the money and he absolutely deserves living in a mansion like this! We just have one word for the property – remarkable!

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A Frame House Plans

A Frame House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - A Frame House Plans make for perfect vacation homes. While A Frame houses are incredibly attractive, they are also very practical in design. On the outside, a house built according to the A-Frame Plan looks like a 3-D version of the capital letter A. The overall structure is triangular and these houses are mostly built using cedar and stone. They have large windows, an open floor plan, and less vertical wall surfaces. They are characterized by steeply angled sides and are popular for their ability to shed snow quickly and effectively. The perfect setting for an A-Frame House is in a vacation spot with a frontal lake view. Let’s look at 5 beautiful A-Frame House Plans.
A Frame House Plans

1. Trendy A Frame House Plans

This plan has an incredibly beautiful design that will be vividly eye-catching even from a distance. It houses 3 bedrooms, and 1.5 bathrooms. It has two floors with the first floor being 792 square feet wide and the second floor being 480 square feet wide. The total living area in this plan is 1272 square feet. Other dimensions in the plan include a width of 27 feet, and depth of 48 feet. The foundation type in this plan is crawlspace and 2x4 wall studs are used to build the exterior wall structure.

2. Mountain A Frame House Plans

This plan is great for mountain life since it is best suited for a sloping lot. With 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living area of 2402 square feet, the mountain house plan is a stone and stucco plan. Vaulted ceilings, window-walls, a columned front entry, and a fireplace are included in the plan (read also the article small living room with fireplace). The basement level is left unfinished for you to expand and have your way with it. A wraparound porch included in the plan is massive and quite dramatic.

3. Weekend Cabin House Plan

As the name suggests, this plan can be used to make a weekend getaway in a suitable spot. Since it has a wide and covered veranda, it makes for a modern vacation cabin. The plan includes two bedrooms and one bath, covering a living area of 888 square feet. The bedrooms share the bath. There is also a Great Room along with the Front Porch included in the plan. The foundation type is an unfinished basement for you to customize. The living room has a corner fireplace, closely connected to a U-shaped kitchen.

4. Modern A Frame House Plans
The Modern A Frame House Plans can be implemented in a sloping lot where the backside has stunning views since there is a wall of windows at the rear portion. This is a one-store plan with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 garage bays. There is a spacious family room, good lighting, and a beautiful master suite included in the plan.

5. Dazzling Deck A Frame House Plans
This plan has full-height windows in the living room that allow for amazing views. It spans 1495 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The Dazzling Deck A-Frame House features a deck, a fireplace, a Living Room, a Front Porch, Private Outdoors, and Walk-in Closets.

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