A Frame House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - A Frame House Plans make for perfect vacation homes. While A Frame houses are incredibly attractive, they are also very practical in design. On the outside, a house built according to the A-Frame Plan looks like a 3-D version of the capital letter A. The overall structure is triangular and these houses are mostly built using cedar and stone. They have large windows, an open floor plan, and less vertical wall surfaces. They are characterized by steeply angled sides and are popular for their ability to shed snow quickly and effectively. The perfect setting for an A-Frame House is in a vacation spot with a frontal lake view. Let’s look at 5 beautiful A-Frame House Plans.
A Frame House Plans

1. Trendy A Frame House Plans

This plan has an incredibly beautiful design that will be vividly eye-catching even from a distance. It houses 3 bedrooms, and 1.5 bathrooms. It has two floors with the first floor being 792 square feet wide and the second floor being 480 square feet wide. The total living area in this plan is 1272 square feet. Other dimensions in the plan include a width of 27 feet, and depth of 48 feet. The foundation type in this plan is crawlspace and 2x4 wall studs are used to build the exterior wall structure.

2. Mountain A Frame House Plans

This plan is great for mountain life since it is best suited for a sloping lot. With 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living area of 2402 square feet, the mountain house plan is a stone and stucco plan. Vaulted ceilings, window-walls, a columned front entry, and a fireplace are included in the plan (read also the article small living room with fireplace). The basement level is left unfinished for you to expand and have your way with it. A wraparound porch included in the plan is massive and quite dramatic.

3. Weekend Cabin House Plan

As the name suggests, this plan can be used to make a weekend getaway in a suitable spot. Since it has a wide and covered veranda, it makes for a modern vacation cabin. The plan includes two bedrooms and one bath, covering a living area of 888 square feet. The bedrooms share the bath. There is also a Great Room along with the Front Porch included in the plan. The foundation type is an unfinished basement for you to customize. The living room has a corner fireplace, closely connected to a U-shaped kitchen.

4. Modern A Frame House Plans
The Modern A Frame House Plans can be implemented in a sloping lot where the backside has stunning views since there is a wall of windows at the rear portion. This is a one-store plan with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 garage bays. There is a spacious family room, good lighting, and a beautiful master suite included in the plan.

5. Dazzling Deck A Frame House Plans
This plan has full-height windows in the living room that allow for amazing views. It spans 1495 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The Dazzling Deck A-Frame House features a deck, a fireplace, a Living Room, a Front Porch, Private Outdoors, and Walk-in Closets.

A Frame House Plans