Barn House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - The Barn Style House Plan is very spacious from the inside. It preserves the traditional barn style of architecture while incorporating additions to the design. The barn style renders this house plan cozy and inviting while the abundance of space makes it ideal for including modern amenities. Barn style houses can be either post or beam house plans. Overall, Barn House Plans are a stunning blend of the classical and modern architectural design. Barn House Plans can be of many varieties like Homestead Plans, Farmhouse Plans, Colonial, Cape, and Chalet Plans, Studio, Sugar House, and Cabin Plans, etc.
Barn House Plans
Following are 5 attractive Barn House Plans to choose from.

1. Hideaway Barn House Plans

Hideaway Barn House Plans is a combination of posts and beams and is a small yet very efficient house plan that you can follow. They make perfect weekend getaways and are also best suited for ageing couples for their simplicity. This plan is designed to be very energy efficient, in that structural insulated wall panels are used that can be easily installed. Total living space spans 504 square feet and this plan comes with a master bedroom and one full bathroom.

2. The Grantham Barn House Plan

Grantham Barn House Plan has simple and elegant exteriors. The interiors are a combination of post and beam frames. There are 2 floors in this plan and 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. The total living area spans 2408 square feet. Overall this plan facilitates easy living and offers stunning views.

3. Timber Barn House Plans

The Timber Barn House Plan has timber framing used in a Barn House Plan and is generally characterized by Gambrel Roofs, Cupolas/Clerestory Windows, Wide Interiors, wrap-around porches, and Interior Sliding typical of the Barn Style House. This plan looks like a barn converted into a house. Living space in this plan spans 2870 square feet. Total Garage space is 672 square feet and 730 square feet is reserved for decks and patios. The floating loft in this design makes the structure look like it was once an actual barn.

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4. Farmhouse Barn Plan
Farmhouse Barn Plan has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and spans 2720 square feet. On completion, the structure will look very much like a dairy barn but will be very contemporary in appeal. Unique features of this Barn House Plans are a board and batten siding, a recessed, sheltered entry, and a wide-open veranda. The Farmhouse Plan makes for easy indoor and outdoor living, and is both attractive as well as utilitarian. There is no garage bay included in the plan but there are two floors.
5. The Barn Owl
There are 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths in the Barn Owl House Plan. The Great Room in this plan has a half-vaulted ceiling and exposed timber trusses. Total area covered in this plan is 2630 square feet. There is no basement but you can get a detached garage along with the plan. The exteriors combine timber, log, and shingle detailing. The upper floors span 1559 square feet and 1071 square feet.

Barn House Plans