Minecraft Medieval House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is amazing to look at Medieval House Plans created on Minecraft and everyone wants to learn how to recreate some of the most beautiful ones. Building Medieval Houses, Castles, and Streets on Minecraft is incredibly fun and exciting. You can choose the best of building materials, add your own unique designs to the plan and begin building your House Layer by Layer until you have the perfect Medieval House. Medieval House Plans in Minecraft are popular because they are a combination of the Medieval Building that is transformed to include various styles. With your very own Medieval House, you can now go on the wildest of adventures and explorations on Minecraft. Here are 5 Minecraft Medieval House designs to choose from.

1. Ragnar’s Minecraft Medieval House Plans

This is a spacious design that you can build when you have a skill level of 3. This design has a width of 25, height of 21, and depth of 25. The light brown colours on this design are great. You will need a total of 3924 blocks to build this one. There’s a free room inside and also a workplace.

2. Minecraft Medieval House Plans Secured Village

This Minecraft Medieval House Plans Design is a large sized plan with the medieval theme, of course. It is a secured village plan complete with a market square, a slaughterhouse, a greenhouse, and a railway station.

3. 2-Storey Plan
This 2-storey Medieval Minecraft Plan consists of 2 storage rooms, a garage, kitchen, bedroom, and Garden Beds. The highlight feature of this design is that there is a basketball court as well.

4. DokuCraft Plan
For this Medieval House Plan, you will need 125 wooden logs, 74 counts of white wool, 166 wooden stairs, 84 wooden planks, 22 glass panes, 46 stone bricks, 5 stone brick slabs, 8 stone brick stairs, 1 Netherrack, 1 door, and 5 torches.

5. JohnSmith Legacy Plan
This Plan designed with the JohnSmith Legacy Texture Pack is a medieval plan with a wooden storehouse. It has 3 floors and includes a library, study, and also an enchanting room.

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Minecraft Medieval House Plans