How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets in Few Easy Steps

TheBestHomeDesigns - Today we are going to give you all the information related to repainting your old and boring kitchen. Yes, we just said it because a kitchen cabinet gets old and the colour starts fading away. If you have white kitchen cabinets, you should seriously think of repainting the cabinets to give them a fresh look. When your friends, family and colleagues visit your home, they see the entire home and how you have kept it. The way you design your home, shows your taste and personality. How to repaint kitchen cabinets? It is easy! You do not require professional help to give your cabinets a fresh look!
How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets
If you are on a mission to change the look of your kitchen, we are here to help you out. We have made the process easy by giving you a little step by step instruction. Are you ready? Let’s take a look at the steps. However, before that you need to know why you should repaint it. It will give you some motivation!

Sometimes you are out of budget and you cannot invest in a new kitchen cabinet. At those times, it is wise to repaint them. It will not burn a hole in your pocket and you will get to choose the colour to paint the cabinets. You can go wild with the colours. People paint their cabinets in blue, pink, yellow and green. All you need are the tools for repainting the cabinets. And also best painted kitchen cabinet ideas.
How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets - Wild Color
If you are painting flat wood, you have an easy task on hand. It is not difficult to repaint flat wood. You can also paint metal and laminate wood easily. Plastic will be difficult to paint! You would need special tools for the same. You would need to hire a professional to paint plastic cabinets.

The Steps How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

  1. You need to remove the hardware and cabinet doors. You can write the numbers on these with the location of each cabinet.
  2. Clean the surface of the cabinets. Rinse the cabinets with water. Make sure you do not soak them in water. Allow the cabinets to dry up before you get to the next step.
  3. Use sand for all the surfaces before painting. You would need to vacuum the sand once you are done.
  4. Now you need to apply the primer sealer before you repaint the cabinet. Let it dry and once it is done, apply the paint. Choose any colour that you like! You can use a roller, spray or a brush to paint the surface. We prefer a roller as it evens out the paint. Allow the paint to dry up and then reinstall it. You are done!

Now you know how to repaint kitchen cabinets! Is not it easy? It is important for you to get all the tools ready. You do not want to run to the store all the time. Get all the tools needed for repaint kitchen cabinets. Make sure you do not leave out any tool. We are sure that you will do a great job!

How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets in Few Easy Steps