Fitted Kitchens Waterford

TheBestHomeDesigns - Kitchen is no longer a domain of the housewife or mother. With changing work culture, it is not unusual to find work mothers or work from home daddies. This change is one of the factors responsible for a revolution in kitchen designs whether it is in Waterford or any other city of USA. Another factor that is responsible for this increased demand of modern fitted kitchens Waterford is property prices. With, ever rising property rates people are looking at ways to use optimally whatever space is available in their homes. Hence, a growing trend of constructing fitted kitchens in Waterford and other cities is seen.
Fitted Kitchens Waterford
Fitted Kitchens Waterford
The new kitchen design in Waterford goes way beyond the original kitchen work triangle concept. A typical fitted kitchens Waterford household has a countertop stove and sink with various cabinets fitted underneath. It would also include an oven, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher depending upon the requirements and budget of the householder. With the aim of using available space to the maximum and not compromising upon functionality, fitted kitchens are designed in various types of layouts.

Popular fitted kitchen Waterford designs

One Wall Kitchen
This type of fitted kitchen is popular in Waterford’s small homes or studio apartments. Considered ideal for homes that have space crunch, most appliances and cabinets are fitted on a single wall. The usual setup is to have a sink between the countertop stove and refrigerator.
  • Fulfills the dual requirements of safety and convenient cleaning.
  • Speeds up work if all the appliances are on one side

  • Increases clutter.
  • Less countertop space available for cutting and cooking.

Two Wall Kitchen
Known as Galley kitchen or corridor kitchen, this type of kitchen design is considered one of the most efficient kitchen designs. The kitchen cabinets and appliances are fitted across two opposite walls. Generally, you will find this kitchen design in Waterford’s restaurants. But because it provides maximum functionality, it is finding its way into more homes and households now.
  • Uses available space optimally
  • No cumbersome corner cabinets

  • Can cause traffic congestion

L-shape Kitchen
One of the most popular fitted kitchens Waterford households, this type of kitchen layout maximizes corner space. The appliances and cabinets are distributed across two adjoining walls that form an L shape. The type of kitchen design can also accommodate a dining table for family mealtimes.
  • No traffic congestion.
  • A popular option for all types of kitchen sizes.

  • Since the appliances are spread out a cook might find it a bit time consuming.

U-Shape Kitchen
This is also known as horse shoe kitchen design. In this design three walls of the kitchen are fitted with appliances and cabinets. This type of kitchen is ideal for a single cook. In case there are multiple cooks then it might become congested.
  • Uses floor space to the maximum by keeping all kitchen fixtures fitted to the walls.

  • No room for a dining table.
  • It becomes too cramped to fit sink and dishwasher adjacent to each other.

Island Kitchen
Island kitchen design is becoming popular with Waterford’s working families. With meal times, providing additional time to catch up with family members, working parents like to face their kids while preparing meals. There are many options with this design. The countertop can be fitted separately from the main kitchen for cooking or for meal preparation or as a small dining table.
  • Easy accessibility from all sides
  • Ideal for mingling while cooking

  • Requires a lot of floor space.

Peninsula Kitchen
Another great option for small kitchens is the peninsula or a G shape kitchen design. When a U shape kitchen is modified to add an attached extension that serves as a sitting area then that design is called Peninsula. It is helpful in kitchens that do not have enough space to accommodate an island kitchen design.
  • Uses space efficiently
  • Good option for small kitchens

  • The peninsula size can become a problem. Smaller ones cannot be used as a dining area and larger ones interfere with walking space.

Fitted kitchens Waterford is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. People prefer kitchens that not only supplement their overall home's appeal, but provides functionality and utilize available space optimally.

Fitted Kitchens Waterford