Bat House Plans

Bats are incredibly helpful creatures, especially in regions with swarming scourges of mosquitoes. Bats also play a key role in pollinating plants. Since they eat bugs, they can prove to be very useful if you have a garden and you do not want to subject your precious produce and your family to dangerous pesticides. By building a bat house in your neighborhood, you will not only drive away mosquitoes and other pests, you are also contributing to conserving steadily declining bat population. Building and installing a bat house will ensure that thousands of pestilential bugs will be eaten by bats every night. Here are 5 interesting bat house plans for you to implement.
Bat House Plans
Bat House Plans

  1. Family Bat House Plans
    This Bat House design will have a ¾ inch thick opening for the bats to enter and another opening for circulation of air. The inside walls of this bat house will be painted black and the outside of the house can be any colour of your choosing that will blend in with the surroundings where the bat house will be placed. This bat house is made using exterior grade plywood with dimensions of 2x4 and ½ inches wide.

  2. Rocket Bat House
    This design will go up to 1 metre in height and is built around a post. The tops of buildings make excellent locations for rocket bat houses. A 4x4" post is used for installing the rocket box on top. Inside the rocket bat house, there will be concentric roosting chambers of 20 mm (3/4" each). If you want to increase the capacity of a rocket bat house, you will need to increase the number of concentric roosting chambers to house more bats.

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  3. Garden Bat House Plans
    This bat house plan can be built to accommodate up to 50 bats and can be placed in your garden or backyard. You will need 20x120x2 centimetres of untreated wood to build this bat house. It has a ladder like structure that will make it easier for the bats to crawl inside. The ideal place to keep this bat house would be hedges or wall lines. Ensure that it is placed at least 4 or 5 metres above ground level.

  4. Cedar Bat House Plan
    This bat house needs three 1x6 fence cedar panels. These panels will be used to make the front and back of the bat house. Colours like medium-brown, dark brown, and black are recommended for painting this bat house. The overall dimensions of this bat house are 18"x26"2-3/4". The interior dimensions of this bat house are 16-1/2x22x1-1/2.

  5. Large Bat House Plan
    This plan will contain 6 chambers and can accommodate a large number of bats.
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Bat House Plans