The Elegant Craftsman House Plans

Do you wish to build yourself a cozy home? It is time to invest in an elegant craftsman house. Craftsman house plans are interesting and they provide warmth when you look at them. How do you identify a craftsman house plan? They stand out and have special features. You can make out a There are stone and shingle details in this house.  Bungalows which are one and a half story and have low pitched roofs can be considered craftsman houses. The Craftsman house plans are also called Bungalow house plans. The porch of this house is very inviting. How about taking a look at the features of the craftsman style home?
The features of a craftsman house are as following :

  • There are exposed rafters in the house. 
  • The roof is low-pitched.
  • Porch with round or square columns

It is time to look at the designs of the craftsman type homes. You can take inspiration from these designs and build your own home.

Design 1 
This style of home was prevalent in the British Arts and Crafts Movement. The Americans embraced the design and you will be able to see this type of home in United States. It is very popular and as you can see the home is made of stone and wood. It is a beautiful design! We love the usage of hanging flowers and shrubs. It is indeed a lovely home!
American Embraced Craftsman House Plans
American Embraced Craftsman House Plans

Design 2 
The Craftsman Bungalow House plan is convenient for families. It gives a very rustic feeling. The design 2 has a beautiful exterior colour. It is mint in colour! You will not find this colour as an exterior at every place. Mint and white looks really good together. You can go for this colour combination. The porch looks very appealing as well.

Design 3
The third design is artsy and pretty. It has a combination of grey, white and cherry red. The red and white is popping out and it is making the house look wonderful. The craftsman style home is simple yet elegant. You can play with colours as well! Choosing a good colour for the exteriors is a good idea.
Simple Craftsman House Plans
Simple Craftsman House Plans

Design 4 
The fourth design is of a house in which the front porch is elevated. The usage of lighting and the light colours on the exterior is working well for this house. The house is visually appealing and you can choose this design for a lake side home. This is the ideal craftsman style house.

These are the Craftsman house plans that you can consider while building a home. Did you find anything interesting? The point that you need to keep in mind is choose nice colours on the exteriors. The bungalow style home is perfect for a family. It is also called Arts and Crafts House. The British American movement was an initiative to revive the popular handicrafts. The movement gave rise to this beautiful style of home. The craftsman style house is a wise investment for a family home. It is time to build one!
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The Elegant Craftsman House Plans