2018 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

TheBestHomeDesigns - Planning to remodel kitchen anytime soon? Each and every bit of your kitchen should be restructured to get the modern sophisticated look. Here is the guide on current kitchen cabinet trends 2018. Granite countertops are a thing of past. The quartz-surfacing countertops are easy to clean and maintain. The surface is less bright and does not overcome the other surfaces and tops. You will enjoy the Quartz Countertops.

In olden days kitchens use to be in one corner of the house and mostly closed. These days the concept of open kitchen is trending. It gives at home feel and casual cooking with informal dining. Open kitchen allows you to be more in contact with your family and open kitchen near your living room will also give you the option of watching TV along with the family. Open layout is the key style of kitchen cabinet trends 2018.
Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Induction stoves conduct low heat and hence the kitchens are comparatively cooler. The surface is safe to touch without the fear of getting burnt. The induction stoves do not require any hoods as the heat produced is less. As there is no hood, you have more space and option to design your kitchen. These islands add more space to the kitchen, giving a table for preparing. They allow good light to enter the space. Counter-height islands give more personal touch to the kitchen.

People often overlook the overhead area, ceilings, they are equally important to add to kitchen cabinet. Adding molds in the top of island or work space gives shape. Add more light to your kitchen with the help of LED lighting. You can place LED lights on the island, to brighten the space or in cabinetry to increase the visibility. Led lights are efficient and long lasting than the traditional bulbs. Your home appliances can become part of your interior décor. They can be established as style pieces. The appliances can be integrated in the cabinetry. Make a note of the mentioned features to match with kitchen cabinet trends 2018!
Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018

White kitchen cabinets will never go out of style. You can also go for some pastel shades if you do not want to go for bold colors. The flooring can be of wood, which adds to the kitchen looks. Hardwood flooring keeps the kitchen warm. The appliances made of stainless steel can be integrated into your kitchen it acts as a neutral color for any kitchen style.

Drawers should be deeper to allow good storage. You can add pegboard, drawer organizers etc. to the cabinetry. You can have separate space for keeping cutlery, tumbles, and other materials. Having more cabinets in the upper part may give an unpleasant look.  Upper cabinets may even block the open and airy windows. Horizontal cabinet pulls are a thing of today.

You can opt for polished chrome or nickel into hardware, faucets, shelf brackets etc to get the elegant look. Large sinks to accommodate pots and pans and other household utensils to be kept and also to be washed.

2018 Kitchen Cabinet Trends