How to Remove Stains From Leather Couches

TheBestHomeDesigns - Remove stains from leather couches is imperative for the longevity and the aesthetic appeal of the seats. However, it is regrettable to note that most of the leather seats usually get damaged in process of stain removal simply because people do not know how to remove stains from the couches the right way.
remove stains from leather couches
Remove Stains From Leather Couches
Presented here are the various methods you can use to clean the leather couches without affecting the material or ruining their visual appeal.

Mold and Dew Stains

To remove mold and dew from the leather couches, use equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water to clean all the affected areas. Rub gently until the mold and stains are removed. Do not scrub.

Permanent Marker Stains

If you happen to have permanent marker stain on your leather couches, this is what you should do. Spray an aerosol hairspray on the affected areas then rub gently with a soft piece of cloth. In the absence of aerosol hairspray, you can use eucalyptus oil or alcohol as alternatives. Simply dip a cotton swab into the alcohol or eucalyptus oil then rub gently on the stains. Do not scrub.
remove permanen market stains from leather couches

Dark Colored Stains
To remove dark colored stains from your leather couches, use a mixture of one part cream of tartar and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the affected areas then allow it to soak for ten minutes. Using a dump sponge, wipe off the paste from the affected areas while scrubbing very gently.
remove dark colored stains from leather couches

Grease Stains
To remove grease stains from your leather couches, all you have to do is sprinkle some baking soda on the affected areas and then wait for a few hours before dusting them off. The banking soda works by absorbing the oils or grease and leave your leather couches as clean as before.

With all these methods however, be careful with the rubbing and avoid all the temptation to scrub even if you think the stain is not coming out. Just rub gently.

How to Remove Stains From Leather Couches