A Quick Peek into the Majestic John Travolta House

TheBestHomeDesigns - How does your dream home look like? You might have a picture of your dream home in your mind! However, if you see John Travolta house, you might get some serious home goals. His house is majestic and it is nothing less than a dream come true. Just so you know, John Travolta is a famous actor. He is also a popular singer, dancer and producer. He is famous for his role in the movie Grease. Yes! He is the most charming actor and he has earned it.
John Travolta House

As you can see, his house is an airport. It is a huge mansion where he parks the plane. The reason for this is that John Travolta is a flight enthusiast. His house has two runways. It sounds insane but it is true. How does it look from inside?

Today we are going to give you a little tour of his home. Yes, he has a fancy home and we are going to show you the visuals of the interiors as well as exteriors. Are you ready? We are sure that the John Travolta fans will be keen to know how it looks from the inside. Take a look!

Runway that leads to the Front Door

Usually one can see cars and motorbikes parked outside the house. You will be able to see planes parked outside the entrance of the house. John Travolta house is insanely beautiful and majestic. One could only dream of such a house!
John Travolta House-Runway Front

John Travolta was merely five years old when he fell in love with the idea of planes. He dream of having planes outside his door. Well, he certainly achieved his dream with his hard work and dedication.

His home is in Florida and it is an actual airport. Did you know that John Travolta is a pilot as well? Yes, he is trained and licensed pilot. He enjoys the profession and he thinks it is in his blood. John Travolta house has an aviation theme. You will see plane models and pictures of planes everywhere. It shows the dedication and love towards planes!

Luxurious Amenities John Travolta House

John Travolta has a beautiful house which has been tastefully decorated. There is a large outdoor pool where one can take a dip. We love the exteriors of the house which is in white colour. There are large blue tinted windows as well. It is a classy home which reminds us of Greece and Spain.
John Travolta House-Outdoor Pool

The house has all the luxurious amenities that a person wishes for in a dream home. John Travolta has everything one needs in their lives. We love the house! It is elegant and the interiors are doing justice to the aviation theme. John Travolta has a lot of wealth and we can see that through his majestic house. The house is worth $12 million. He has private planes and endless car garages. The home is lavish and it surely is a sign of extreme wealth.

A Quick Peek into the Majestic John Travolta House