Grey and Yellow Bedroom

TheBestHomeDesigns - There is always that sparkle in your eyes, followed by an amazing feeling deep down when you enter a beautiful bedroom. The warm feeling brought about by the combination of colors and the serenity it brings simply brightens your moods. Let's take a look at why a grey and yellow bedroom could be exactly what you are looking for.
Grey and Yellow Bedroom

The bedroom is the ultimate crowning of the house. It is a resting heaven when tired and a playground when having fun with partner. There is a great array of colors that can combine to bring a warm homely feeling to the bedroom. Top among the most attractive combos are grey and yellow bedrooms.

The Yellow Color Bedroom

As a secondary color, yellow is associated with gentleness, warmth and humor.  Even though the feeling may vary from one individual to another. The spontaneity of energy brought about by the color yellow has gained traction among savvy interior designers.

Much as yellow is known as a vibrant and happy color it cannot be used on its own. Alone, yellow tends to reflect a lack of imagination. This is why interior designers combine the joyful exuberance brought about by the magic of yellow and the quiet integrity of grey. This combination exudes a soothing and calming effect.

The Grey Color Bedroom

Grey is unanimous with integrity. It is considered strong and dependable and at the same time elegant and timeless. On its own, grey can be dull and lifeless. It can also be boring and gloomy. That is why grey always needs a playful, flashy color or two to get it out of its funk. In this case, yellow is a great choice to instill life and vibrancy into grey.

Grey adapts to any design or aura of a given space. The darker the grey the more quietly powerful the look. If you are going for a sophisticated aura then the darker the better. On the other hand, a smoky grey or light grey is considered a tad cheerful and can even pass for funky.

A Grey and Yellow Bedroom

Ultimately, you want a warm and relaxing environment in your bedroom. Just as important is elegance and class with a touch of sultry. A grey and yellow bedroom is the perfect balance of quiet dignity and a splash of summer.
Ultimate Grey and Yellow Bedroom

If you are a conservative person, consider grey walls with a few yellow accent pieces like the drapes, throw pillows, and a comforter. Having a yellow dresser can also provide the splash of color you need to break the grey.

If you are feeling positively bubbly, consider light yellow walls with grey drapes to tone down the yellow. Pick up some yellow throw pillows and perhaps matching bedside lamps. Finish off with light grey furniture and if you can, a grey and yellow comforter.

There is no limit to the different ways you can rock a grey and yellow bedroom. A cozy grey and yellow bedroom is more of a retreat. It is a nice hub to let all your worries fade in the charming effects of these colors. You will get carried away in the moment and forget all that exists on the outside.

Grey and Yellow Bedroom