Tips to Decorating an American Home Design

TheBestHomeDesigns - Are you bored with the view of minimalist home design, classical, traditional or Mediterranean? Why not try to decorate your home with American design? American home design is identical with a large house and much pretty. Most homes in America are also using large furniture in the interior of the house. Sure, you could cheat the style of this house as a new inspiration in decorating your home. What kind of overview of this house? Here's the explanation of American home designs.
Tips to Decorating an American Home Design

American Home Design Architectural

American home design has a size large identical. Therefore, do not be surprised, if the furniture used is also large. According to the American people, live in homes that are narrow and small it will only give the discomfort and tightness. Therefore, most of the homes in the United States have a spacious room and a large house.
Interior Decorating an American Home Design

The American home design is also identical with using bright colors. Among these colors are warm colors such as brown, ivory, cream and pastel. However, there is also a love of bold colors, such as red terracotta. Yet there is no harm if you dare to vary the color or with beautiful motifs, for example by decorating your walls with wall art decor or also by adding beautiful paintings.

Identical material used in American home design are materials made from wood and artificial wood. In fact, Americans often use wooden walls covered with wallpaper. And they are also really liked of teak furniture, because it makes their homes looks more luxurious and exotic. If teak furniture feels very expensive for you, you can replace it with pine wood or the like. Using wooden furniture make your American home style unique and classic.

In addition to the large size of the furniture, apparently American furniture design is also identical with heavy furniture, furniture such as sofa thick with beautiful carvings. American people also love to organize their kitchen with built-in furniture. And also they are really love using wood furniture, so you can use wood furniture to your kitchen or dining room.
Furniture American Home Design

For decorative elements, people in America tend to prefer self-made accessories. Use of antique accessories also becomes one of the hallmarks of American home design. As for the lighting, American home design tend to prefer using down lights. The lights are usually placed on the floor, or on the desk lamp. These lights not only serve as a source of artificial lighting, but also as a home interior decoration.

Tips to Decorating an American Home Design