Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror

TheBestHomeDesigns - Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art for arranging living spaces and it is based on the same principles as alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture. The point of Feng Shui is to maximize the flow of "qi (energy or life force)" in the environment for your utmost security and productivity. Feng Shui art suggests you about how you can arrange your bedroom is especially important because it is a place where you sleep and go for a peace before going to sleep as well so it is vital to your health and well-being.
Feng Shui Mirror

There are amazing benefits of a great room layout. Many interior designers practice this ancient Chinese art, but most probably unconsciously abide by its principles, at least in part. In common sense, Feng Shui pertains to your home's layout and natural flow. Except this, there is also one place where Feng Shui experts advise not to hang the mirror is behind a sofa or a bed where you can lose the insight of security you get by having that piece of furniture against a wall.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirrors are among the most popular traditional decor items applied as Feng Shui cures. The rare and expensive, mirrors are now easy to buy in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of the times, mirrors are called the "aspirin" of Feng Shui. The Feng Shui mirrors serve us for multiple purposes and can help in fixing many challenging situations. Feng Shui mirrors also help us in balancing a space by correcting irregularities in our bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom mirrors help us to offset negative influences, attract auspicious chi (energy), and penetrate spaces that may be closed or blocked. They are also used to create clarity, reflect and enlarge images, and absorb energy. One should also pay some attention to specific Feng Shui guidelines in order to avoid overusing (or misusing) mirrors.

Feng Shui mirrors provide us a great support of good Feng Shui energy but when these are improperly used, it can also have negative consequences that effect, your sleep, your body image, and even your thought patterns. Feng shui has many deep layers, and all of them affect your goodness. From a practical viewpoint, you might hang a Feng Shui Bedroom mirror to adjust or enhance a space, such as - Expand your small area, Enlarge a narrow hallway, Add depth a room, Provide a view from behind, Reflect a beautiful image.

There are multiple types of Feng Shui Mirrors available so you can choose the best style you use. You mirror should always be clean and clear. Always, avoid foggy mirrors as well as those that are styled to look like windows with many panes. Foggy mirrors provide foggy vision and multiple glasses that usually obstruct the view and do not provide a smooth flow of energy in your bedroom. The Feng Shui mirrors are as described below.

  • A Bagua Mirror
    Bagua mirrors are very powerful. These mirrors protect those who are located behind it. When these mirrors are placed over a front door, it protects the house or building. Bagua mirrors can be plain or be listed with the eight trigrams which have two arrangements such as Pre-Heaven and Late-Heaven. The pre-heaven arrangement is to be placed outside. In this arrangement, the mirror will have three solid lines (Heaven) on top and three broken lines (Earth) on the bottom. Also, always note that placing the pre-heaven arrangement inside can disrupt energy drastically.
    Feng Shui Mirror-Bagua Mirror
  • Convex Mirrors
    Convex Mirrors are round mirrors that can be popped out. These mirrors are used to a broadening area where the vision of what is seen. These mirrors absorb a wide-range of images and have various applications in Feng Shui.
  • Concave Mirrors
    These Mirrors should be used with some cares as these turn images upside down. They are also used to flatten or soften energy. Also, before purchasing these mirrors, it will be best to consult with any Feng Shui practitioner.
  • Sun/Moon Mirrors
    These mirrors are a special purpose mirrors that contain 24 hours of straight moonlight and the same hours of sunlight gathered over a period of 27 days. These contain a great balance of yin and yang energy. The sun side is used to build, strengthen, nourish, and revitalize the energy while the moon side can be used to cool emotions, slow down the things, and bring focus and clarity.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror