Sommerford Dining Room Table

TheBestHomeDesigns - Are you in a dilemma on what type of a dining table to use in your dining room? In this article, I will give you a solution towards your need. The Sommerford Dining Room Table is a very stylish dining table you will love to use in your dining table. It will create a stunning dining table in which your friends and the family will enjoy using this table.
Sommerford Dining Room Table

Having an exciting dining room is every homeowner desire and hence a need to choose proper dining furniture. The sommerford dining room table is one of the best furniture you will enjoy having in your dining room. This dining table has a variety of features that are discussed in this article that make it very essential.

Some features of the sommerford dining room table are state below.

  • Naturally distressed finish
    This dining table is made of a natural finish on the wood blocks made on it. This makes the sommerford dining room table a decorative feature from this natural feature. The finish indicates clearly the natural wood tone and the nails holes on it.
  • Use of the butcher blocks style
    This table is made of some of the reclaimed solid from the pines whose pattern is in the form of the butcher blocks making it very stylish for your dining room. This pattern is polished with a greyish brown texture on its finish making it have the natural finish highlighting the natural wood.
  • Made of retrieved pine wood
    This dining table is made of the reclaimed pine wood which seem to be of the old fashion. With the natural finish, the look of the pine wood looks natural and hence making this very stylish.
  • 8 seats provision
    This style provides up to 8 seats round the dining table. This allows you to use all your with ample leg space under the dining table. With the ample spacing, you are likely to enjoy enough area to accommodate your entire family household and any guests who might visit your home.
    8 Seat Sommerford Dining Room Table
  • Made of all wood benches
    The dining table is made of all wood making it look more natural and stylish to the room. This will increase the look of the dining room making it more stunning and attractive.
  • Floating drawer boxes
    The sommerford dining room table contain some of the storage drawers to increase the storage for your dining room. The floating drawer boxes contain sliding ball bearing glides which allow opening and closing of the drawer.
  • Large table top
    A horizontal planking that contain corner moulding which enable the table to contain a large table top for ample spacing at your table.

To conclude, in the above we have seen the different features on the sommerford dining room table. These varieties of features make it very beneficial in the use in your dining room. With this dining table you will improve your dining room as well as making it stylish and more stunning. Get this dining table for your great and exciting look.

Sommerford Dining Room Table