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The Elegant Craftsman House Plans

The Elegant Craftsman House Plans

Do you wish to build yourself a cozy home? It is time to invest in an elegant craftsman house. Craftsman house plans are interesting and they provide warmth when you look at them. How do you identify a craftsman house plan? They stand out and have special features. You can make out a There are stone and shingle details in this house.  Bungalows which are one and a half story and have low pitched roofs can be considered craftsman houses. The Craftsman house plans are also called Bungalow house plans. The porch of this house is very inviting. How about taking a look at the features of the craftsman style home?
The features of a craftsman house are as following :

  • There are exposed rafters in the house. 
  • The roof is low-pitched.
  • Porch with round or square columns

It is time to look at the designs of the craftsman type homes. You can take inspiration from these designs and build your own home.

Design 1 
This style of home was prevalent in the British Arts and Crafts Movement. The Americans embraced the design and you will be able to see this type of home in United States. It is very popular and as you can see the home is made of stone and wood. It is a beautiful design! We love the usage of hanging flowers and shrubs. It is indeed a lovely home!
American Embraced Craftsman House Plans
American Embraced Craftsman House Plans

Design 2 
The Craftsman Bungalow House plan is convenient for families. It gives a very rustic feeling. The design 2 has a beautiful exterior colour. It is mint in colour! You will not find this colour as an exterior at every place. Mint and white looks really good together. You can go for this colour combination. The porch looks very appealing as well.

Design 3
The third design is artsy and pretty. It has a combination of grey, white and cherry red. The red and white is popping out and it is making the house look wonderful. The craftsman style home is simple yet elegant. You can play with colours as well! Choosing a good colour for the exteriors is a good idea.
Simple Craftsman House Plans
Simple Craftsman House Plans

Design 4 
The fourth design is of a house in which the front porch is elevated. The usage of lighting and the light colours on the exterior is working well for this house. The house is visually appealing and you can choose this design for a lake side home. This is the ideal craftsman style house.

These are the Craftsman house plans that you can consider while building a home. Did you find anything interesting? The point that you need to keep in mind is choose nice colours on the exteriors. The bungalow style home is perfect for a family. It is also called Arts and Crafts House. The British American movement was an initiative to revive the popular handicrafts. The movement gave rise to this beautiful style of home. The craftsman style house is a wise investment for a family home. It is time to build one!
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Bat House Plans

Bat House Plans

Bats are incredibly helpful creatures, especially in regions with swarming scourges of mosquitoes. Bats also play a key role in pollinating plants. Since they eat bugs, they can prove to be very useful if you have a garden and you do not want to subject your precious produce and your family to dangerous pesticides. By building a bat house in your neighborhood, you will not only drive away mosquitoes and other pests, you are also contributing to conserving steadily declining bat population. Building and installing a bat house will ensure that thousands of pestilential bugs will be eaten by bats every night. Here are 5 interesting bat house plans for you to implement.
Bat House Plans
Bat House Plans

  1. Family Bat House Plans
    This Bat House design will have a ¾ inch thick opening for the bats to enter and another opening for circulation of air. The inside walls of this bat house will be painted black and the outside of the house can be any colour of your choosing that will blend in with the surroundings where the bat house will be placed. This bat house is made using exterior grade plywood with dimensions of 2x4 and ½ inches wide.

  2. Rocket Bat House
    This design will go up to 1 metre in height and is built around a post. The tops of buildings make excellent locations for rocket bat houses. A 4x4" post is used for installing the rocket box on top. Inside the rocket bat house, there will be concentric roosting chambers of 20 mm (3/4" each). If you want to increase the capacity of a rocket bat house, you will need to increase the number of concentric roosting chambers to house more bats.

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  3. Garden Bat House Plans
    This bat house plan can be built to accommodate up to 50 bats and can be placed in your garden or backyard. You will need 20x120x2 centimetres of untreated wood to build this bat house. It has a ladder like structure that will make it easier for the bats to crawl inside. The ideal place to keep this bat house would be hedges or wall lines. Ensure that it is placed at least 4 or 5 metres above ground level.

  4. Cedar Bat House Plan
    This bat house needs three 1x6 fence cedar panels. These panels will be used to make the front and back of the bat house. Colours like medium-brown, dark brown, and black are recommended for painting this bat house. The overall dimensions of this bat house are 18"x26"2-3/4". The interior dimensions of this bat house are 16-1/2x22x1-1/2.

  5. Large Bat House Plan
    This plan will contain 6 chambers and can accommodate a large number of bats.
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Fitted Kitchens Waterford

Fitted Kitchens Waterford

Kitchen is no longer a domain of the housewife or mother. With changing work culture, it is not unusual to find work mothers or work from home daddies. This change is one of the factors responsible for a revolution in kitchen designs whether it is in Waterford or any other city of USA. Another factor that is responsible for this increased demand of modern fitted kitchens Waterford is property prices. With, ever rising property rates people are looking at ways to use optimally whatever space is available in their homes. Hence, a growing trend of constructing fitted kitchens in Waterford and other cities is seen.
Fitted Kitchens Waterford
Fitted Kitchens Waterford
The new kitchen design in Waterford goes way beyond the original kitchen work triangle concept. A typical fitted kitchens Waterford household has a countertop stove and sink with various cabinets fitted underneath. It would also include an oven, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher depending upon the requirements and budget of the householder. With the aim of using available space to the maximum and not compromising upon functionality, fitted kitchens are designed in various types of layouts.

Popular fitted kitchen Waterford designs

One Wall Kitchen
This type of fitted kitchen is popular in Waterford’s small homes or studio apartments. Considered ideal for homes that have space crunch, most appliances and cabinets are fitted on a single wall. The usual setup is to have a sink between the countertop stove and refrigerator.
  • Fulfills the dual requirements of safety and convenient cleaning.
  • Speeds up work if all the appliances are on one side
  • Increases clutter.
  • Less countertop space available for cutting and cooking.

Two Wall Kitchen
Known as Galley kitchen or corridor kitchen, this type of kitchen design is considered one of the most efficient kitchen designs. The kitchen cabinets and appliances are fitted across two opposite walls. Generally, you will find this kitchen design in Waterford’s restaurants. But because it provides maximum functionality, it is finding its way into more homes and households now.
  • Uses available space optimally
  • No cumbersome corner cabinets
  • Can cause traffic congestion

L-shape Kitchen
One of the most popular fitted kitchens Waterford households, this type of kitchen layout maximizes corner space. The appliances and cabinets are distributed across two adjoining walls that form an L shape. The type of kitchen design can also accommodate a dining table for family mealtimes.
  • No traffic congestion.
  • A popular option for all types of kitchen sizes.
  • Since the appliances are spread out a cook might find it a bit time consuming.

U-Shape Kitchen
This is also known as horse shoe kitchen design. In this design three walls of the kitchen are fitted with appliances and cabinets. This type of kitchen is ideal for a single cook. In case there are multiple cooks then it might become congested.
  • Uses floor space to the maximum by keeping all kitchen fixtures fitted to the walls.
  • No room for a dining table.
  • It becomes too cramped to fit sink and dishwasher adjacent to each other.

Island Kitchen
Island kitchen design is becoming popular with Waterford’s working families. With meal times, providing additional time to catch up with family members, working parents like to face their kids while preparing meals. There are many options with this design. The countertop can be fitted separately from the main kitchen for cooking or for meal preparation or as a small dining table.
  • Easy accessibility from all sides
  • Ideal for mingling while cooking
  • Requires a lot of floor space.

Peninsula Kitchen
Another great option for small kitchens is the peninsula or a G shape kitchen design. When a U shape kitchen is modified to add an attached extension that serves as a sitting area then that design is called Peninsula. It is helpful in kitchens that do not have enough space to accommodate an island kitchen design.
  • Uses space efficiently
  • Good option for small kitchens
  • The peninsula size can become a problem. Smaller ones cannot be used as a dining area and larger ones interfere with walking space.

Fitted kitchens Waterford is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. People prefer kitchens that not only supplement their overall home's appeal, but provides functionality and utilize available space optimally.
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Duplex House Plans

Duplex House Plans

Duplex House Plans are immensely popular everywhere because they transform your living space to make it seem like you are living in a Bungalow or Villa. Most modern houses incorporate the Duplex House Plan for a stylish and sophisticated look. Duplex House Plans are great for side-by-side living and place utmost importance on privacy for each unit.
Duplex House Plans
Duplex House Plans
Duplex House Plans are best suited for multiple families co-existing together. Duplex Plans minimise the cost of construction and maximise space utilization. Since the units of a Duplex House share a common interior wall, they are relatively easier to build and maintain. Duplex Plans provide great security for both homes inside the plan since they share a single firewall. Here are 5 elegant Duplex House Plans for your next Project.

  1. Multi-Family Duplex House Plans

    This Duplex House Plan spans a total living area of 1536 square feet. More than one family can accommodate this plan. It consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a main living area, and a front porch. Foundation types used in this plan include Crawl Space and Slab.
  2. Log Duplex House Plans

    This Duplex House Plan has a total area of 1280 square feet. It consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 private reading deck, one common front deck, and a side-covered deck. There is also a Family Room and a Loft/Balcony. The foundation type for this House Plan is Crawl Space and the Exterior Wall is made of log.
  3. 3-Bedroom, 2.5 Bathrooms
    This plan features a total area of 2349 square feet, consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Highlights of this plan include stone-based columns and sharp garble roofs. The main floor will have a large and spacious living room. The dining room will house 3 side windows. The plan also incorporates a master suite with a walk-in closet. The lower floor houses 2 secondary bedrooms. There is also a mechanical storage room along with a game and family room.
  4. The Tupelo
    This is a beautiful Duplex Plan with great looking exteriors. The upper unit is slightly smaller than the lower one. The total living area in this house plan is 2288 square feet. From the outside, you can’t tell that this is a Duplex House since it has a single-family look. The lower floor has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and 2 garage bays. The upper floor has 2 bedrooms and 1 full bath. Additional amenities in the plan include a great room and the main floor laundry.
  5. Side-by-side Duplex House Plans
    This plan covers an area of 1800 square feet and combines 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The plan offers lots of space with large rooms, walk-in closets, and a large storage area. The exterior walls are made of wood siding and Asphalt Shingles are used as Roofing Material. Since this plan makes optimised use of available space, it appears, large and spacious on the outside. Both the house units have separate porches. The overall architectural styles incorporated in this house plan are multi-unit, ranch, and traditional building styles.
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Remarkable Small House Plans Ideas

Remarkable Small House Plans Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Every individual dreams of a house that is filled with love and joy! How about you? There are people who dream of a big contemporary house at a posh locality. If your dream is to own a small home, you have landed at the right page. We have some remarkable small house plans ideas that you will love. These homes are small but the designs are the most interesting. Are you ready to see the house plans ideas? You will surely get inspired by the list. A small home can be beautiful! Don’t you believe us? Just take a look at the ideas and you will be convinced.

Small house plans for single or couple person

This house is located at the most beautiful place. However, it is small house and perfect for a single person or a couple. Imagine you waking up to this view! Take a look at the simple and clean design of this house. It is made of wood and it is a one room home. We love the usage of lights in this home. Yellow lights look the best!
Small house plans for single or couple person

Small house plans modern and minimalist

The small modern and minimalist house has a glass door and large glass windows. The black exteriors are perfect. It is a one bedroom house. If you notice it closely, it is a pole barn house which does not cost much. It can be constructed at the shortest time and you will save a lot of money as well.

Small house plans little cottage
Small house plans little cottage
This is a little cottage for a small family. It is made of stones and wood. The path that leads to the main door is beautiful. There are pebbles in the garden. There is a garage in the home. It can have two bedrooms. It is perfect for a family of four people. The simplicity makes this home our personal favourite.

How about building a stone barn? The house would be perfect for Harry Potter. It is charming and mysterious. It is made of stones and it can have two to three bedrooms. The massive entrance and the glass windows look really antique. There is a backyard where one can relax and enjoy a happy Sunday brunch.

This is a modern home which is elevated. Can you see the interesting design of this home? It has a living room space beneath the large structure. It is beautiful! Also, the grey and white exteriors are looking simple yet elegant. We love the design of the house! It is small but it is full of poise.
Small house plans modern
Small house plans modern
This is a charming little home which has a small garden. It is an all-white home with an outdoor space for spending your evenings. It can be a one bedroom or two bedrooms with a beautiful living room. The design is simple but it is appealing to the eyes.

Did you like our list of simple house plans? Most of them are very rustic and attractive. The list includes something for everyone. If you are inspired by any of the designs, you should definitely start planning to build your dream home and fine another inspired design by visiting thebesthomedesigns[dot]com

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