Bathroom Vanities Clearance

Bathroom Vanities Clearance

TheBestHomeDesigns - Do you need some clearance on your cabinets? Would you love to remodel your bathroom? Or are you wondering what bathroom sinks to use in your bathroom vanities? Then here is your perfect place you will find your immediate solution. In this article, I will deal with the bathroom vanities clearance which is composed of the bathroom sinks in your bathroom vanities.

Bathroom vanities very essential and key as they will be used in a variety of purposes which includes provide brushing area, use in drainage and also it can be used as a washing area with other variety of functions according to the owner's preferences. Bathroom sinks come in different styles hence selecting the best that will be suitable for your bathroom becomes a dilemma. Some considerations will have to be made so as to realize which best bathroom vanities clearance will be suitable for your bathroom.

To have the best bathroom vanities clearance, consider the following

  • Size of your bathroom
    Different vanity sinks will give different clearance for your bathroom depending on the size of your bathroom, whether large or small. Large bathrooms can be considered to even use a double bathroom vanities clearance with two separate sinks.
    Bathroom Vanities Clearance
  • The type of sink
    There are different types of sinks that includes
    - Complete sink system. This is composed of a spout, an integrated faucet and handle
    - Sinks featuring a three-hole setup. Includes sinks that fit on different hardware types allowing you to select a sink fixture you love without having a fixed method.
After the selection of your best bathroom vanities clearance with all considerations put in place, you will then require to install and mount your bathroom vanities clearance in your bathroom. There are different methods of the installation of the bathroom sinks which include

  • The drop-in method
    This will involve, particularly, where the owner wants to change the existing bathroom vanities clearance. This is done through the placing of the bathroom sink on the countertop opening in which the size of the opening will determine the sink selected.
  • Wall mounted
    In this type of bathroom vanity clearance, most of its lower parts are left exposed with attachment done on the sides of the sink which hold it tight on the wall. This type will be preferred if you have a small bathroom and there is no room to put up countertops.
    Bathroom Vanities Clearance - Wall Mounted
  • The pedestal
    This style is usually available in one or two-piece design. It is mounted on the wall though it contains its own support that runs down to the floor offering much support. With this, it can, therefore, hold larger weights compared to the wall mounted. This is suitable for small bathrooms and for people who need more stylish clearances.
  • Under-mount
    This involves installation beneath the countertop unlike the drop-in method. The sink begins below the countertop. The taps for this sink are usually mounted on the wall hence cleaning is done through flushing. This is very important as it increases the countertop space.

The use of bathroom vanities clearances will assist in keeping your bathroom as clean as possible and, in addition, it acts as a decor for your bathroom. Consider your bathroom features and then select the best bathroom vanities that will give a perfect match i.e. from the bathroom size to your own preferences.
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Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

TheBestHomeDesigns - Having the best and an exciting bathroom is one of each and every person's aspirations. With this, it is a necessity to come up with the best of everything in the bathroom including the minor compositions that one might view as if they are not important. One of the essential decoration determinants in your bathroom will be your bathroom mirror. Appropriate mirror in your bathroom will make it very colorful and an exciting bathroom you will always love.

This led me to get what, which and how we should come up with the best mirror with lights for our bathroom so as to make it more exciting apart from the decoration from your paintings. This article provides the best ideas on the bathroom mirrors with lights.

  • Using double mirrors
    With the use of double bathroom vanity clearance, there will be a great final look in your bathroom. The mirrors will be position above the double sinks in the bathroom or you can also use a multiple of mirrors of one bathroom sink instead of using one large mirror. This will surely create an exciting look to the bathroom.
    Bathroom Double Mirrors with Lights
  • Large mirrors
    To create a more stunning look, prefer using large mirrors for your bathroom. Large mirrors will assist in the increase of the lighting of your bathroom as well as they look very impressive to each and every person. Where there is large space in your bathroom, you can also frame your mirror but if space is small let it not be framed there will be small changes in the look.
  • Use of fluorescent lighting
    The bathroom mirror with lights will be more stunning if a soft lighting is put in place especially if your bathroom with low natural light. Avoid using bulbs due to their harsh and very bright lighting that can create poor reflections compared to the fluorescent lighting. The lighting used can be inbuilt while purchasing the mirror which seems best since it is matched with the type of the mirror or you can add the lighting as well.
  • Hanged mirrors
    Despite many mirrors in the bathroom being fixed on the wall, hanging mirrors have been seen to give a more stunning look in which the mirror is hanged with a visible wire or rope in line with the wall. Select the best hanging material according to your preferences to get the amazing look.
  • Mix and match your mirrors
    To create a more stunning look in your bathroom, use different styles of the mirror which match such as using a similar shape mirror together but different sizes and at different positions in the bathroom. This will be very attractive and draw the attention of any person.
  • Be unique
    Avoid using the renowned mirrors and the majorly used ones. Be unique and get some of the rarely used styles of bathroom mirrors. You can consider using the traditional ways which give interesting styles and shapes of the mirror compared to the modern way. To gain the uniqueness, avoid the commonly used shapes of the mirrors such as the rectangular or square mirrors.
    Bathroom Unique Mirrors with Lights

Bathroom mirrors with lights come in different forms, some have inbuilt lighting or you can add the lighting by yourself around your mirror. They become beneficial to the user of the bathroom in a variety of ways such as providing illumination to bathrooms without or with low natural lighting as well as creating a design in your bathroom giving it a more exciting look. This, therefore, makes bathroom mirrors with lights one of the essential requirements in the modern bathroom with which you are assured to enjoy the results given out.
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Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - One of the features you cannot avoid in your new house is a stylish bathroom. This is not a place you shall use just for one month then leave, but it will be there forever similar to the whole building. This will therefore necessitate you to put concentration on it similar way you concentrates on your living room. You might be in need of adding a bathroom in your building with small spacing but with the bathroom basement ideas, you are expected to have your need met since this will save your space. In addition, use of bathroom basement ideas will save you time on areas you are to keep moving in your room.

Some of the best basement bathroom ideas are indicated below:

  • Creation of the falling waters
    Your bathroom will consist of many wastewater and, therefore, it will be very much expedient to input a sloping basement in the bathroom to ensure that any wastewater either from the sink, taps, shower and the toilet keep on draining to avoid any form of flooding in your bathroom basement. The drainage should then be directed to the sewer system in which you can use pipes for this matter.
  • Basement toilets installation
    The installation of basement toilet in your bathroom will save your space and assist in avoid more movements such that many features can be in the same bathroom. In this, the water using features should be located against the outside wall so as to save on the distance in which the pipes taking wastewater to the sewer covers and also for the reduction of drainage cost. This will make your basement bathroom a multi-purpose basement bathroom.
    Basement Bathroom Ideas
  • Proper and enough lighting
    Give enough lighting for your basement bathroom will be of great importance to avoid minor accidents in the bathroom. The bathroom lights should be waterproof as they are sure to be splashed with water.
  • Use of water resistant materials
    Due to the increased exposure of water in your bathroom, you will be required to use water resistant features to avoid cases of damage. Use the stone tiles for both your bathroom wall and the floor since these tiles are water resistant, durable and they maintain cleanliness in your bathroom.
  • Use of glass blocks
    On your basement bathroom, use glass blocks for your privacy. The glass blocks will allow light to get inside the bathroom but one cannot see inside the bathroom while outside. The glass blocks will also be useful in the addition of lighting in your room from the natural source hence being very much significant.
    Basement Bathroom Ideas Glass Blocks
  • Shower and tub installation
    Do not opt for one form of the shower but include both the shower and the tub so as to give options to the person having a bath whether to use the shower or tub without being limited.
  • An accessible bathroom
    Create an accessible bathroom to any user such that it can be used by a variety of people which may include different guests you may expect in your home. It can contain different features such as one with warm fluorescent tubes, and with others allowing the entry of wheel chairs into the bathroom.
The great choice on what features to include in your basement bathroom will be as a result of proper choice in the basement bathroom ideas which will therefore lead to a very efficient and effective bathroom both to the user and also to the owner i.e. in terms of cost and the productivity of the bathroom. This, therefore, makes basement bathroom ideas very ideal in the type of bathroom to put up.
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How to Paint a Bathroom Vanity

How to Paint a Bathroom Vanity

TheBestHomeDesigns - Do you have new bathroom vanities that require painting? Has your bathroom cabinet faded out hence requiring the paint renewal? Or are you bored by your Bathroom Vanity’s color and need to give them a new look through painting them afresh? This is the right place for you in which I will give you the best ways in which you should use to paint your Bathroom vanities. Your bathroom cabinets might give you a hard time and seem very boring at points where they do not have good coloring but with this article, you are sure your problem has come to an end and you will enjoy your stay with your Vanities.

In painting your bathroom vanities, it will be a necessity for you to follow some very key steps which when followed will give your bathroom vanities the best look you will ever admire. Some of these steps are covered here extensively and they include

  • Light sanding
    In the preparation for your bathroom cabinet to having it painted, it will require you to do some light sanding on the cabinet. This will be very beneficial when the painting is done since it will assist in the better sticking of the paint. This will, in addition, assist in removing any splatters in the vanity.
  • Doors removal
    To make painting easier for your vanity, you will have to get the vanity doors removed such that painting will be done uniformly without some points being left out. You will require opening the knobs and hinges holding the door on the vanity such that they separate. After the opening is done, ensure you store your hardware in a safe place to avoid losing some very important items you will require to return after you are done with painting such as the screws which can easily get lost. You can use zip-close bags to store the hardware for the time.
    Paint a Bathroom Vanity - Doors Removal
  • Gap filling
    Check on your vanity for any holes, hollows or any scratches that may be available and use the wood filler to fill these holes. Press the filler and allow it to dry with now no hollow being seen in the vanity.
  • Smoothening repaired areas through sanding
    By use of a sandpaper, smooth the repaired areas where hollows were noted and ensure that these areas align themselves with the rest of the vanity to avoid bumps in your cabinet. After sanding is done, clean the sanding dust by wiping your cabinet with any wiping material you have. Now you are ready for the painting of your vanity.
    Paint a Bathroom Vanity Smoothening
  • Paint your bathroom vanity
    This is the most important step on how to paint a bathroom vanity since it will require you to be very keen. In painting, you can consider using latex, oil-based or chalk-finish paint with the oil-based paint being the most preferred paint for your bathroom cabinets due to its hard finish that resists any chipping of the paint. The Latex paint also can work perfectly has it has been modified to be durable like the oil-based paint and easier to clean than the oil-based paint. Where the latex or oil-based paints have been used, you will require to first apply prime in your vanity while the chalk finish does not require any prime.

    Allow your paint to dry after painting and then add another layer of the paint. After the paint has dried, then apply the furniture wax in a circular motion using a wax brush then rub lightly after one minute by use of a dry rag to remove any excess wax. Note that this process is done to all your bathroom furniture including the doors that were removed.
  • Door Fixing
    After the painting is over and given time to dry, fix back the doors using the hinges and knobs stored and fix it appropriately to their right positions. Now you are assured of the great look of your furniture.
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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

TheBestHomeDesigns - The farmhouse decor should have relaxing atmosphere. Farm house is famous for its hybrid style with wooden timber frame,  innovative color schemes, shapes and material with rustic warmth untreated wood. Comfy, cozy and classic farm house style is popular than ever in mid-19 century. The farm house style should be classic, elegant and comfortable. It is the perfect mixture of old and new, vintage and modern to give a warm and personal tone.
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

The modern bathroom stylistic layout is enjoyable, warm and inviting. Present day stylistic layout can be cool, clinical, and negligible. Be that as it may, consider the possibility that you consolidate them. You may incline toward the effortlessness and cleanness of a cutting edge panache need to include provincial touches for inviting warmth.

"Current farmhouse" is known for its classic panache, joining present day shading plans, shapes and materials with the provincial warmth of untreated wood, hand-pounded metal, or mud pots. It can be translated in an interminable number of routes, with various levels of reconciliation between present day coolness and wistfulness.

Here is an assortment of present day farmhouse cases to demonstrate how adaptable and lovely this surprising mix can be. On the insignificant side of this style, you have spotless white and dark restroom transforms into a spa-like safe household with the single expansion of a harsh slashed, characteristic wood farmstead seat.

This God rich Insides lavatory additionally includes a solitary farmstead component: the sink. Whatever is left of the space is all white and marble, an exceptionally contemporary style. The curiously large sink attempts to convey some volume and visual enthusiasm to a general downplayed lavatory stylistic layout.

This minor lavatory has more space in the farmstead than present day meets the meaning of current farmhouse. The little space is made to look greater, on account of an intelligent tile in a nonpartisan shade, and a substantial frame less mirror. The larger than usual farmhouse sink, uncovered lights and stone skimming vanity give the restroom a retro, relatively contemporary feel. The blend of red, blue and impartial shades gives it life and euphoria, as well.


Modern  Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities with smooth lines and clean plan supplement a contemporary-panache washroom. Perceive how to join these imaginative thoughts for a cutting edge restroom  into your space.
Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

  • A Perfect Fit
    Make a without flaw lavatory by using a whole sink anteroom. This cutting edge cabinet with two incomplete drawers fits cozily into a little space; a lower rack leaves a lot of space for towels. A solid ledge and stainless-steel back splash give contemporary complexity to the provincial wood.
  • Table Administration
    An open restroom cabinet like this table-roused configuration is a shrewd decision for the moderate whose additional shower supplies are reserved in a close-by cloth storage room. A base rack takes into consideration a curated show while a smooth chrome complete reflects light to light up the lavatory.
  • Dark Inflections
    Pick entryway boards with glass additions to shield a wood cabinet from looking too overwhelming. There are numerous glass styles to browse, including ribbed, leaded, clear, reflected, or pebbled. An unbalanced plan raises the cutting edge look of these obscure glass vanity entryways.
  • Peaceful
    A trough-style storage makes a spa-like of convergence in this advanced washroom. A clean-lined upper bureau adds simply enough storage room to cover up away shower fundamentals. Two fixtures give twofold capacity in the streamlined sink.
  • Surprising Edges
    This cosmetics cabinet uses every last bit of region in this cutting edge shower. The bureau, cabinet, and shallow pantry include fluctuated profundities and lengths for cool cubist motivation. When washroom space is restricted, look for a custom arrangement that will enable you to coordinate your way of life needs particularly to your room's format.
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Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinets

TheBestHomeDesigns - Are you in need of improving the look and the standard of your bathroom? This will be so essential for the outlook of your bathroom as some features when input add the value and the outward look of the bathroom. In addition, in improving your bathroom you will enjoy some benefits such as storage space that can be created by inputting the bathroom cabinets. In this article, I will provide the best ways to choose your floor standing bathroom cabinets and also provide some of the best-renowned bathroom cabinets that are likely to bring the best looks.
Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Best Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinets Choice

Choosing which type of bathroom cabinet to use is an issue to many people but when the choice is done wisely the best outcome is then likely to be achieved.

  • Prefer the use of veneer surface cabinets which in most cases renew the outdated bathrooms and the maintenance of this is cheaper compared to that of raised cabinets such as the wall cabinets.
  • In the choice of the cabinet to use, one should find the taller cabinets which increase the storage space in your bathroom as bathroom space is always limited.
  • Bathroom cabinets with shelves that can be opened are most preferred as they can be tucked in various spaces.

Importance of Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Though being of the traditional style, they are very beneficial in a great deal as follow

  • They offer the largest storage space as compared to the wall hung cabinets. These cabinets can have long sizes as compared to the wall as they stand on the floor.
  • Easier to use and to install since they do not require any attaching on the wall and can be removed easily.
  • Mainly focus on the functionality as compared to wall cabinets that focus on the style. This, therefore, makes your bathroom be very efficient and effective.

Best Installation for your Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinet

Here are some of the best-preferred ways to install the floor standing bathroom cabinets likely to bring a great look for your bathroom.

  • Well-organized Cabinet
    One will require to be properly organizing his/her cabinet such that it is not in a mess. The cabinet chosen to be input to the bathroom should be the appropriate according to one’s bathroom after which one should ensure that the content of the cabinet is well organized.

    This will be achieved by first setting an appropriate cabinet space in which you should consider the dimensions of the cabinet. In addition, ensure that you place things to be used frequently in the most convenient place in the cabinet.
  • Open Cabinet addition
    For greater efficiency in the usage of the cabinet, one might add an open cabinet which is very efficient as compared to a closed cabinet. This will be well achieved at points where there is more space in the bathroom to contain the new open cabinet. The open cabinet will be favorable to storage of things that are frequently used.
    Floor Standing Bathroom Open Cabinets
  • Uniform Arrangement
    Ensure that the cabinet is well arranged with similar things being at the same point such as bathing towels to be at the same point. Also ensure color used can either be used uniformly by one color or several but in a specific pattern.

The right choice in your bathroom cabinet will determine how dull or bright your bathroom will be. The right choice will enhance, in addition, the space used through maximizing it and ensuring that the bathroom attains the best look one would admire despite the age of the bathroom.
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Tips to Choosing Good Granite Bathroom Countertops

Tips to Choosing Good Granite Bathroom Countertops

TheBestHomeDesigns - There are so many modern bathroom ideas on the internet right now. Some of them using countertops to refresh the designs. New countertops have the ability to change the existing space of bathroom, because there are many options that you can choose according to your style. In addition, these countertops come in different colors, prices and finishes so you can be sure to find something that fits within your budget. Before starting to find the kind of countertops material you need for your bathroom space, you need to know what you want to achieve. If you are unsure about where to begin your search for good bathroom countertops for home renovation projects, here are some tips that will make easy choosing bathroom countertops.
Traditional Granite Bathroom Countertops
Traditional Granite Bathroom Countertops

Budget Modern Bathroom Designs

Knowing the budget will help you determine what type of good bathroom countertops that you can buy for your bathroom. There are different countertops materials on the market today that you can choose from. They range from laminate to granite with each having different prices. Therefore, you can choose a countertops that falls within the budget so you can give your bathroom a face lift without spending more than you can afford.

Bathroom Countertops Designs

While some countertops materials need to be regularly maintained, others require no maintenance other than ordinary cleaners. Thus, you need to determine whether you want to do maintenance or not. Generally, bathroom countertops that are virtually maintenance free are preferred. When choosing your bathroom countertops design you should not ignore your existing bathroom. That is, making sure that your countertops fuses well thus increasing your space effectively creating the 'WOW' factor.
Granite Bathroom Countertops White Color
Granite Bathroom Countertops White Color

Granite Bathroom Countertops

Countertops ingredients that you choose each having their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, be sure to take both into account before settling on one. For example, granite bathroom countertops is popular because it is durable and durable in addition to the ability to offer a very elegant finish that will give your bathroom a total transformation. This is a very important function when choosing your bathroom countertops because it plays an important role in designing space. It is a work space that can be accessed with the right size while offering comfort when using the space you want.

Although it is often overlooked, appearance is another important element of bathroom countertops that you need to consider. Whether you want to create a luxurious theme or a spa inspired theme, make sure that you choose the material that will make this perfect wish that you are looking to achieve.

Read another inspiring article or some tips Best Home Designs

Overall, it is important that you take the time to research and visualize the type of design you would like to reach for your bathroom before setting out to choose bathroom countertops. This will ensure that you make the right choice that will not only complement your bathroom style but also offer you
service and value for your money.
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Small Bathroom Apartment Ideas

Small Bathroom Apartment Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Small bathrooms have their very own challenges with regards to decorating. The design layout for a small bath room is the first challenge. Very little bath room design requires small furnishings, and few of them. Small baths demand decorating hints that differ from those for bigger rooms. Decorating ideas for a small bathroom room need be limited to miniaturized versions of these for big tub room, though. Consider the following small bath room decorating tips. If you are remodeling a small bathroom, these small bathroom apartment ideas decorating tips will assist you make probably the majority of your space. Layout and decorating ideas are significant and simple plans are required to make them work well.
Small Bathroom Apartment Ideas
White or very light beige or grey floor provides a little tub room the illusion of distance. They need be beige or white, but dark colours in a little bathroom room will create the walls Close in on you. Sinks: Search for small, wall mounted sinks with no dressing table. More visible floor space makes a little bath room look bigger. Cabinets: Choose cabinets that may be set into the wall. Smooth, unbroken wall surfaces create a little bath room look wider and longer. Any cupboard doors must be painted to match the wall colour. Mirrors reflect distance, and make a little bath room look almost double the size.

Read also modern bathroom ideas here.

Or select a little, additional deep Japanese style tub. Accessories: RV providers sell good accessories for small bathrooms apartment ideas. On the door towel bars hold numerous towels in a little space. Make a check-list of what's utilized In the little bathrooms of RV's. Pictures and Plants: probably the most crucial small bath room decorating tips is to utilize pictures and plants.

Pictures or prints mounted in Floating clear frames may establish a decorating motif for a little toilet. These guidelines for organizing bathroom cabinets will assist keep your small bathroom looking wonderful. Little bottles take less space, and are simpler to deal with. Fill with lotions and shampoos, and arrange in little bath room cabinets. This frees the small bath room cabinet of several items. Store cotton swabs and cotton balls in little stackable containers with lids.
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Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - For many, the daily usage of a small bathroom, especially in a house using children, is a practice in futility. There are advantages to having a small bathroom, especially when the time comes to remodel. Basically, a small bathroom is the ideal place to understand your layout dreams for a high end, resort experience on your own home. Here we will explain about small bathroom renovation ideas.
Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas
The following guide was designed to get you started on one's own small bath room remodel project by walking you throughout the process and giving helpful hints on the way. Remodeling a little bathroom to reflect your distinctive design style, while meeting your needs for storage and function, may be challenging.

The most typical layout for a bathroom, whether small or large, is the single plumbed wall. The materials you choose for your bathroom remodel will determine the successful completion of the project. In a little bathroom the rule of thumb is to install bigger tiles since they provide the illusion of floor space.

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Vinyl tile can be a great alternative for bathroom floors and using advances in technology there are an array of available choices the mimic the look of natural rock. Fortunately, there are a number of materials available which are ideal for a bathroom environment.

If you are remodeling a small bathroom, you might be capable to indulge in these surfaces because you will likely need less of them. A gorgeous back splash or emphasized tile wall acts as the jewel of the tub room and offers a focus to your space. A little bathroom is a superb spot to experience with a vibrant tile back splash or accent.

A little bathroom does not have to be covered floor to ceiling using marble tile to feel luxurious. Your little toilet room may be the perfect place to experience with a brand-new style of tile or toilet room technologies. Consider installing 1 or 2 of the following items inside your bathroom! Steam shower. Small bathroom frequently suffer from a lack of sufficient lighting.
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The Best Modern Bathtubs for a Contemporary Bathroom

The Best Modern Bathtubs for a Contemporary Bathroom

TheBestHomeDesigns - A bathtub has become a necessity. It is very relaxing, to be able to spend hours in the bathtub and soak in the view of your beautiful bathroom. If you want to revamp your old bathroom into a swanky and modern looking one, you should go for the best bathtubs. There are many modern bathtubs designs to choose from! We have listed some of the most innovative bathtub designs that you will love. Take a quick look!
Modern Bathtubs - New Age Bathub
Gone are those days, when one used to install the rectangle and square bathtubs. The modern bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes. If your bathroom has the space, you can go for a round shaped bathtub. It looks very swanky! Imagine yourself, sitting in the bathtub and sipping the perfect merlot wine. It will be an exquisite feeling! You can talk to an interior design company for better ideas. They will be able to make a design for your bathroom. Or you can choose for modern bathroom ideas here.

Modern bathtubs are unique in so many ways! The chaise lounge bathtubs are the newest invention. You will not find these bathtubs in many homes. If you wish to invest in a good bathtub, you might as well choose the Chaise Lounge Bathtub.
Modern Bathtubs - Chaise Lounge
The Chaise Lounge Bathtub looks fancy and your friends will envy your bathroom, because it will be stunning. You can find these bathtubs in most of the stores near you. There are many interior designers, who would love to design your bathroom and install a chaise lounge bathtub.
Modern Bathtubs - Royally
The whirlpool bathtub is not new in the market. It has been around for many years. However, the feeling of bathing royally in a whirlpool tub will make you forget about the modern bathtubs. It is of good size and you can peek outside the window and see the world. It is perfect for a couple, to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon together.

You will find modern bathtubs with LED lighting as well. It just takes the bathing experience to a whole new level. If you want your bathroom to be chic and contemporary, you must choose the finest bathtub. An appealing bathroom can change the way people look at you. Your home should be perfect! Of course, everybody looks at the living room and kitchen BUT the bathroom is as important. Make sure you have the best bathtub installed in your bathroom!
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Exquisite Grey and White Bathroom Ideas for a Classy Home

Exquisite Grey and White Bathroom Ideas for a Classy Home

TheBestHomeDesigns - Are you looking for grey and white bathroom ideas for your home? The colour combination is certainly very classy. We have seen many bathrooms with loud colours. It is time to say NO to the same old colours and go for the grey and white combination. We have some exquisite Grey and White Bathroom Ideas for a Classy Home. Read on to get inspired!
Grey and White Bathroom Ideas - Floor
When you are going for the grey and white combination for your bathroom, you can use grey and white for the floor. The bathtub and mirror can be white in colour. You can also use grey for the walls in the bathroom. If you have a large bathroom, you can add white flowers in a grey vase as well. This will give you a classy looking bathroom, which your guests will envy!
Grey and White Bathroom Ideas - White Bathub Grey Walls
There are many grey and white bathroom ideas which are great looking. You can have a white bathtub and the walls can be tiled with grey marble. It looks clean and beautiful. The grey and white combination gives a sophisticated look to the bathroom.

Another great grey and white bathroom idea is adding a round white bathtub or Jacuzzi in your washroom. Make sure the lighting is perfect. You can use spotlights in your bathroom. Your bathroom does not have to be large enough to accommodate the tub. You can separate the bath area and toilet area using a glass wall. It can be done easily.
Grey and White Bathroom Ideas - Square Grey Tiles
Square grey tiles can be used for the bathroom walls and the floor. The oversize square grey tiles look great! Although, there are very few people who put paintings and flower vase in their bathroom, you can use that idea as well.

There is so much that you can do with grey and white! Grey and white is a classic combination and you should definitely use it for your modern bathroom ideas. You can have grey bathroom cabinets, for storing your essentials.

The bathroom should be the cleanest and nicest place in your home. You should be able to relax in your bathtub and get the feel, like you are in a resort. Use the grey and white bathroom ideas mentioned above and your guests will surely love your choice. Also, you will find many interior designing companies, who will be happy to transform your bathroom into a grey and white heaven. Make sure you choose the best!
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Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design

Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design

TheBestHomeDesigns - Neutral shades are the most popular choosen for bathrooms, but that is not mean about adding color is totally off limits. In a tiny space, color might seem to be risky but it is merely the reverse. On a tiny scale it is not hard to go strong without going overboard. Here are easy ways to add color into your bathroom design, while still leaving the space feeling clean and put together.
  • Paint First
    Practically, paint is the simplest and most affordable way to add a large punch of color to a space. We recommend selecting the shade that you want first and then building the rest of the rooms color scheme around it. If you still confuse of paint method, try read bathroom paint ideas. It will help you find the right ideas.
  • Play With Colorful Tile
    Where tile is concerned, the phrase “less is more” rings true. Gone are the days of covering the entire room in saturated tile. Rather modern bathrooms use colorful tiles to draw attention to a focal point. Use it in a spa-like rainforest shower or as an eye-catching backsplash behind your vanity.
    Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design - Play With Colorful Tile
  • Make Your Vanity Pop
    When it comes to adding color to a vanity, you have two options: add color to the top or the base. Consider picking one and keeping the other surface neutral for balance. Colorful bases can often be a DIY project and work best on large vanities with cabinet space or shelving. For the countertops, your best bet is to select a colored marble or granite.
  • Hang Vibrant Wall Art
    A well-placed piece of wall art is an easy way to add a pop of color. Keep in mind when finding wall art for the bathroom, it is important to take moisture into consideration. Be sure to either choose a water resistant material or add a frame for protection.
    Easy Ways to Add Color Into Your Bathroom Design- Hang Vibrant Wall Art
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Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Nowadays only natural for future house owners to look for different bathroom design ideas since they would only want the best home designs for their house. After all, they have already invested a lot of design time on the architectural house plans and thus want to get the best interior design for each room. Bathrooms are part of people's everyday lives. Everyone uses it to relieve themselves and for hygienic purposes. Some also see bathrooms as a place to relax and that is why they would like their bathrooms to release this calming aura from its overall appearance. Everyone has their own unique taste so choosing from a single set of ideas is usually not enough. Fortunately, there has been an explosion of bathroom design ideas on the internet and below are a couple of popular ideas.

1. Modern bathroom design ideas are one of the most sought after designs also. This design is usually used by young homeowners due to its almost futuristic look and eye catching. People are also after the elegance and class that this design has to offer. Modern bathroom designs are recognized by their simplicity. They are accompanied with a stylish look. Straight lines enhance the modern look. Expect to have straight counter-tops, rectangular bath tubs and square toilets with this style. As for the design’s color, designers usually go for a monochromatic design or a black and white theme. With the simplicity of this design, people can also apply it to small or medium size bathrooms.
2. Nature-integrated bathroom design ideas are becoming more popular these days. The overall main theme for this bathroom is anything nature related. The usual decors for this design are plants, leaves and even stones or pebbles. You should expose the bathroom to the sun's natural light to complete the overall nature-like feeling. This design is best used for a large bathroom to incorporate all the features needed. Use a big window in this bathroom to enjoy the naturally green environments surrounding the house. These further enhances the nature-themed concept of the bathroom.
There are many bathroom design ideas beside that two above. However, you should not feel limited by the examples found here. To get another the best home design or decor style that surpasses your wildest dream, you must have an open mind full of creativity and imagination.
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Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Outdoor Shower Enclosure

TheBestHomeDesigns - Outdoor shower enclosure providing an possibility to cool-down on hot summer days or after work in the garden or maybe have a quick shower after being at the beach so that the sand or other beach think does not get into the home. Summer is the time of vacations, of backyard leisure activities, of travelling to your vacation home or maybe just calming by the garden pool. Many people dream for a vacation on the warm island, right? Even though you are not able to go to an amazing destination you can relax in your backyard in addition to the hot summer days a refreshing swim and a shower outdoors can help you survive the heat.
Outdoor+Shower+Enclosure-Stainless Steel
Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Stainless Steel
Currently there are so many outdoor shower enclosure ideas, that you may get lost in the variety of designs and styles options. We all acknowledge that outdoor showers are incredibly convenient and very useful. Currently people are trying to live an improved life, to preserve nature, resources, and the green lifestyle idea is very popular. Various people spend the weekends and holidays in vacation homes and revel in the convenience of having a shower in the garden. When you want to set up an outdoor shower enclosure there are several considerations that you need to know, of course some planning is needed, possibly some construction, but that variables are depending on your idea of outdoor shower enclosure.

If you pass your spare time in your own garden, at the beach, on the shore of a mountain - an outdoor shower enclosure remains an excellent, economical and comfortable solution to clean away the sand and dust before entering your home. In terms of quick refreshment during hot summer days in your garden, everyone thinks of a pool. An outdoor shower, however, is a great choice besides the pool. It needs much less maintenance, space and can be easily installed. In comparison to the swimming pool, an outdoor shower would not require thousands liters of water and does not need regular water filter. Water is usually provided by a hose or linked to water pipe.
Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Stone Gravel Flooring
Outdoor shower enclosure come in a many variety of styles and designs. There are many different models on the market – mobile, fixed, solar powered outdoor showers made of sturdy wood or metal. They are perfect for a quick cooling in the garden and look very stylish – functional and beautifully decorated an outdoor shower enclosure will add value to your property and will attract everyone's attention as one of the coolest features of your exterior design
Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Stone Wall Original

Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Wall Mounted Shower


Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Wooden Deck


Outdoor Shower Enclosure - Contemporary Patio Wood

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Bathroom Paint Ideas

Bathroom Paint Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - Some people prefer painting the walls of their bathroom instead of using tiles. The choice of modern bathroom ideas is so vast, that you can have any shade especially when we talk about bathroom paint ideas.
Bathroom Paint Ideas - Blue and White
Whether you opt for tiles in different shades or for wall paint, we will show you how colors can create a different atmosphere. Check the gallery below and choose your color as you will see harmonious color combinations, contrast combinations ideas how to combine wall paint with tiles, and each bathroom has a special charm and character. When choosing the color for the bathroom, you need to follow some simple rules which will make sure that the final result will meet your criteria and reflect your good taste.
Bathroom Paint Ideas - Red Designs
The color should match (or contrast) to the color of the bathroom furniture and sanitary ware. You can enhance the color or the contrast with different accessories – shelves, soap dishes, towel rails, laundry baskets – but the colors should be in harmony. Unusual color combinations and contrasting design of the walls are more suitable for large bathrooms, while pastel colors – blue, soft green, white, pink, are better choice for small bathrooms.
Bathroom Paint Ideas - Grey Wall
Despite the fact that very often black and gray are used and recommended as bathroom paint ideas, they should be used with care. It is best to select black and dark gray shades only for an accent wall, or in combination with a bright color. Dark colors look much more attractive when contrast combinations with white, beige, red or neutral tones.

Red color radiates passion, especially if you chose a warm nuance. However, it can be really bold and strong and if you want to make a statement – red is your color! It is eye catching, with strong individuality and can look really dramatic.

Find more inspiration the best home designs here

Bathroom Paint Ideas - Orange


Bathroom Paint Ideas - Yellow

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Mirror in Bathroom Ideas

Mirror in Bathroom Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - You will discover thousand ways to design your favorite bathroom, from creating a structure to selecting colors, fixtures, shower and of course mirrors. In terms of decor, mirrors are the important things in the bathroom. Whether most likely looking to redecorate the entire bathroom or perhaps want to update your style with an eye-catching part, bellow some mirror in bathroom ideas that can give you inspired.

1. Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Double It

Produce a look that's twice as stunning by duplicating the style two times (or even more). This is most commonly done over double sinks, but multiple mirrors could be used on the long single-sink mirror instead of one large reflect.
Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Double It

2. Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Mix and Match

Gather different sizes and styles of mirrors and hang them in a wall. Be sure to vary the mirrors so that they match rather than compete against one another. Keep them all on one wall, or you are going to risk a funhouse effect.
Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Mix and Match
Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Mix and Match

3. Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Illuminate

A simple mirror can get a glamorous revise with the addition of backlighting. You can purchase mirrors with built-in lighting, or add them to the mirror of your choosing. Illuminated showcases are well suited for applying cosmetic and seeing your face in a detailed way. They are perfect for bathrooms with low light. Just make certain that your lighting is soft, not harsh or neon.
Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Illuminate

Read about modern bathroom ideas

4. Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Unique

One of our favorite bathroom mirror ideas is choosing an unconventional shape is a fairly easy and effective way to make a statement in just about any size or style bathroom. Many vintage styles offer interesting shapes and complex designs. It is the perfect way to add a statement piece to your bathroom without adding unneeded accessories that clutter the space.
Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Unique

Mirror in Bathrooom Ideas - Unique
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Granite Bathroom Countertops

Granite Bathroom Countertops

TheBestHomeDesigns - Countertops made of natural stone are a key component in the design of any modern bathroom. Granite bathroom countertops have become extremely popular among domestic consumers and also for international consumers. When it comes to granite bathroom countertops, an important criterion is the price, the natural properties and quality of the granite, the unprecedented strength, high decorative value and the extremely easy maintenance.
Granite Bathroom Countertops - Gold Granite White Vanity Cabinets
Granite Bathroom Countertops - Gold Granite White Vanity Cabinets
Granite bathroom countertops are undoubtedly a great choice and show the exquisite taste and style of the owner. They are a highly decorative and practical element of the bathroom design, especially for modern bathroom ideas. Granite countertops look especially elegant the bathroom and bring originality to the interior due to the diverse textures and colors.

The design options are unlimited and you can create a unique design using the natural beauty of the stone, its fine quality and elegant appearance. In addition to the natural beauty, granite has an excellent performance, it is environmentally friendly, hygienic and comes at an acceptable price.
Granite Bathroom Countertops - Black Pearl Modern Design
Granite Bathroom Countertops - Black Pearl Modern Design
Granite is easily fit in minimalist, traditional, contemporary or high-tech interiors. It gracefully decorates the bathroom and harmoniously complements the interior. The unique and natural color emphasizes the individuality of the room.
Granite Bathroom Countertops - Elegant Design
Granite Bathroom Countertops - Elegant Design
Granite bathroom countertops take advantage of the natural stone qualities and offer practically unlimited service life. Granite countertops are not afraid of moisture, they are resistant to temperature changes, do not fade and do not change their color.
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Modern Bathroom Ideas

Modern Bathroom Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - One of the easiest ways to create a modern look in your bathroom is by largely sticking to a. This classic combo looks sleek and sophisticated, and never goes out of style. You do not have to incorporate every shade of the monochromatic rainbow. It is possible to focus on creating an ultra-clean white space or to experiment with various hues of gray. Just mix up the space with a few different prints and patterns to keep the room from seeming too one-note.
Modern Bathroom Ideas
Modern Bathroom Ideas
If a monochromatic look seems a little too intense for your home, there is an easy way to brighten up the space while adding more visual interest. Just add natural materials such as wood, stone or metal. Choose one or incorporate a variety.

While these three may be the most common, other natural elements can also help round out your modern bathroom design ideas. Try to let as much natural light into the room as possible, if you have control over the home’s layout, consider making the bathroom a room with a view. On a smaller scale, try incorporating greenery into the space.
Modern Bathroom Ideas - Natural Materials
Modern Bathroom Ideas - Natural Materials
Modern interior design came about as a reaction to the ornate and almost baroque styles that came before it. As such, the main focus of this school of design is to act as the antithesis of of those other looks. Rather than having lots of details and embellishments, modern furniture relies on clean lines and stark contrasts.

Traditionally, choosing furniture for a modern space meant staying within the Art Deco, Shaker or Mission styles. More recently, Scandinavian-inspired products have also been included in this category. Whichever design your bathroom furnishings are, try to ensure that they are as simplistic as possible and have a clearly defined shape.

Less is truly more when it comes to modern spaces. In this school of design, rather than thinking of negative space as something empty that needs to be filled, it is seen as an active detail in creating a minimalist aesthetic. The key to pulling off this look is making every design element count.

When designing a modern space, the first step is to get rid of (or at least hide) any unneeded clutter. Once the room is cleared, add a few multifunctional pieces. Be sure that every element you bring in has a clearly defined purpose in addition to driving home your modern aesthetic. Carefully distribute items throughout the room so that it feels balanced.
Modern Bathroom Ideas - Negative Space
Modern Bathroom Ideas - Negative Space
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