Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain

Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain

TheBestHomeDesigns - After a busy and hardworking day that is stressful and many responsibilities to be done, all a person wants is  to sit back and relax. This gives inner peace and helps in meditation on the day's job and ponder about the next day. Comfi relaxation in the living room while watching television or reading a book is of great help. When the gaming season comes, be it football or baseball, we become couch potatoes as none would want to miss a moment of it.
Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain-8 motor massage

Most of the times people complain of the kind of chairs they have in their living rooms as some of them cause them to be uncomfortable, cause back pains, some you cannot move properly on them, and others we cannot rest our heads properly. It then becomes hard to find the perfect living room chair that will be comfortable and reduce these pains and sickness.

When a person sits in a position that is uncomfortable to them, it causes them to have tress on the shoulders, legs and their arms and thus causes the back to have more pressure, this causes back pains. Prolonged back pains can cause spinal disks to be damaged. But the world is constantly upgrading each and every day. And people also have to upgrade in every sphere of life and technologically too. Furniture should also be upgraded because they are a part of everyday living and important to our daily life.

The best living room chair for back pain is Mac motion Oslo with top grain leather and matching ottoman and walnut frame, this living room chair made by world renowned company that produces different types of furniture for living room, bedroom, dining room and all collections. But their newly launched living room chair is the best chair and has caught the attention of many people. This is among one of the best living room chairs that will take good care of your health issues and keep good physical health.

Flash furniture with contemporary black leather and ottoman wrapped base is also among the best living room chair for back pain. The flash furniture company also offers one of the best living room chairs that are user friendly.  Flash furniture have introduced new brands of furniture that are good for back pain and come with comfortable headset. The chairs swivels well and it also has a recliner and adjusted ottoman. It can be found in brown, black, palomino, cream and burgundy colors.
Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain-Mac motion Oslo

Relaxzen with 8 motor massage and heat (leisure recliner chair) is also among the best living room chairs for back pain. This chair from relax comes with comfortable soft upholstery and 8 vibration massage motors that help to relax the upper back, thighs, mid back and the calves. The chair is short and could be termed as a yoga chair and could be the best living room chair for back pain though it is not so stylish like the others. It has options to choose from 9 pre-programmed random modes and independent massage zones. The colors available are brown, black and camouflage.
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Badcock Living Room Sets

Badcock Living Room Sets

TheBestHomeDesigns - In need of furnishing your living room with sofas? Or do you need the best ideas on sofas to input in your living room? Do you need to know the sets from the Badcock living room sets? Then here is the best place for you. In this article, I shall discuss on the Badcock Living Room Sets. A wise combination of the living room sets will create a stunning look for your living room.
Badcock Living Room Sets

Badcock, based in South Florida, provides the all living room sets you may require and one that will match with your living room. One might prefer using a specific style and this should not worry you at any point as this will be covered to by the Badcock Living Room Sets.Your living room will have a different look instead of just using normal sets. This will be achieved in the use of the Badcock Living Room Sets.

  • Use of chair lounge
    Instead of the patio wastage in the use of stacking chairs, one in creating a unique and stunning living room can prefer to use the chaise lounge chair that usually gives a stunning look to your room. These seats can be added to the courtyard for your guests that will make your outdoor stay to be very comfortable and refreshing. Use chair lounges with waterproof pillows, and aluminum frames so that it can be secure throughout all the seasons of the year.
  • Use of medium Badcock Living Room Sets
    Avoid the use of too large sofas and also avoid installing too small sofas in your living room. There is great need to create enough sitting space in your living room both to the residents and any visitors expected to come into the household. Depending on the size of your living room, choose the best sofas to match it all from the sets provided by Badcock. Ensure that there is adequate walking paths and storage space in the living room rather than sacrificing them for your sofa.
  • Addition of coffee table
    The Badcock living room sets will always go hand in hand with the presence of a coffee table. This will provide enough space to put down your snacks and drinks while taking them. Preferably, use the ottoman table in which one can support their legs while sitting on the sofa. If it is a narrow room, avoid this idea and go for deeper sofas providing adequate area for the lying of the legs.
  • Optimal arrangement
    The Badcock Living Room Sets will require an optimal arrangement of the sofas to be done. This will ensure that the sofas can hold as many people as possible at the same time minimizing the space on which they lie. Ensure that the sitting positions from the sets will not be too far or very near the coffee table to ensure enough reach by any person.
  • Color uniformity
    Your Badcock Living Room sets will always give a great look if they match with on the colors. Use different sizes of the sofas with the same color. You can also match the color with that of the rest of the room such as the floor color or the carpet used to make it more exciting.
    Badcock Living Room Sets-Color Uniformity

The Badcock Living Room Sets provides the best sofa sets in your living room. This will truly give you a more comfortable stay in your living room. With the living room being the center room for the entire household, the choice in best sets will be essential.
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Mediterranean Style Living Room

Mediterranean Style Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - Living room is one's first room on any entry in the house hence acting as the face of the whole building. This is the meeting point of each and every person i.e. residents and strangers. Making it stylish, therefore become an essential thing to each and every person. The Mediterranean Style Living Room is a very easy style to achieve which, in addition, allows you to use a variety of styles in the room.

This style will generally have one story building with high ceilings and a spacious room with the living room area being open to an outside enclosure. The style, in addition, makes great use of wood furniture with fabrics and wood craftsmanship. With the general inclusion in this style, you will need also to include other essential requirements for the style which includes.

  • Colors to be used
    Colors used in the Mediterranean Style Living Room are essential for creating a stunning look for the living room. Use of colors such as gold, olive green, brown, jewel, and charcoal will create the stunning look.
  • Adequate lighting and air circulation
    The style highly incorporates large windows which is the most unique feature in this style apart from the other styles. This will increase the natural lighting in your living room and give a panoramic view of the outside nature.
  • Use of natural materials
    Natural materials are inevitable in this style as they imitate everything of the style and in the decoration of the room. You can use floor tiles made wooden planks, artificial or natural stone. Avoid the use of wallpapers and put more concentration on the inclusion of wooden beams that are uneven and with a natural light brown extract. The wooden color will, therefore, be used in matching your window framing and door openings especially through the use of antique wood.
    Mediterranean Style Living Room - Natural Materials
  • Decoration style for the living room
    The style will require you to use simple curtains at your windows. Use of ceramic vessels, small pots and ornamental plates will be great for the decoration of the living room. You can also hang some taper sticks on your chimney. Decorate the coffee table and the sofa zone with unique elements that will create the stunning look. While decorating, forget about long curtains with its decorative features.
  • Use of simple finishing
    Your walls should be painted by the use of texturized plaster. In addition, this style will highly involve a presence of a fireplace in the living room which will be unavoidable through setting a chimney on your best part in the living room. The chimney can have a bright finishing but be matched with aged wooden beams at the ceiling.
    Mediterranean Style Living Room - Simple Finishing

In conclusion, the use of the Mediterranean Style Living Room will be one of the wisest choice upon each and every home owner. This style will incorporate vintage features which finally produce a stunning look without the realization of the old fashioned materials. It is a simple way and style to implement in your room while still having a great look you love.
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French Style Living Room

French Style Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - The French Style Living Room is one of the most challenging styles to include in your living room as it has several factors that you have to put into consideration to ensure that the style gives the expected impressive look. The French style uses decorative antiques together with simple hewn materials to give its great look. It has some color schemes which majorly involve the gold, red, blue and even the white color.

The French Style Living Room is usually made of a variety of furniture and colors which when used you will be able to achieve and get this style. It is a colorful and cheerful style and to be sure you have to gain a total impression for the final look of your living room. To come up with the French Style Living Room, you will have to consider the following in your living room preparation from its structure, the colors used and even the furniture to install.

  • Original features for your living room. You can include some of your original features instead of finding some specific architectural features such as soaring ceiling or even the wall panels. Use the original features with an impressive look in your living room and you can avoid covering them by opening your curtains to allow enough lighting of your room.
  • The use of White Color. The French Style Living Room will consist of the white color normally not the bold as such but white laying just at the center e.g. the creamy white with a sought of the pink color.
    French Style Living Room White Color
  • Include your old furniture. Where your old furniture is not yet torn out or broke, include in your living room's furniture to give a small bit of the room a traditionally styled look. You can use some of the old furniture through the provision of old-fashioned pieces at a flea market. These old items are then placed next to the new items to dissolve both looks but always avoid the use of too much traditional furniture.
  • Jewelry addition in the living room. You can add some jewelry materials in your living room to get a perfect Parisian living room so as to make your living room more stylish. In the room, you can include jewelry such as a metallic coffee table, antique chandelier, a traditionally gold-plated mirror at the fireplace or a gold-plated skull in your living room. The furniture should include some of the furniture that reflects the light and that is attractive to the sight.
  • High height and long curtain. Let your windows run high in the room to let more light get into your room and also for a better view outside the room. Let the window panes allow visibility to the outside only. The curtains should be left to pool on the floor and they are held from the ceiling. This is likely to give you the impressive look you would desire to have in your living room.
    French Style Living Room High Window
  • Small spaces can be embraced. Instead of having a large room without any furniture, a small room will be preferred for the French Style Living Room. This French style values space minimization so as to avoid wasting your spaces.
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Black Gloss Living Room Furniture

Black Gloss Living Room Furniture

TheBestHomeDesigns - Are you in need of inputting your living room furniture but worried about which type of furniture to install together with its color? Do you need to know what color is needed for your furniture to give you one of the best looks? Then here is your solution. In this article, I will deal with how the Black Gloss Living Room Furniture can decorate your living room giving you a cool and an exciting feeling as well.

Though this furniture may be very uncommon to many people, it is one of the most elegant and stylish furniture to use in your living room. The Black Gloss Living Room Furniture is rich looking, highly compatible with the look and it can be used in decoration for the modern living rooms while giving a very great result thereof. These type of furniture are made of strong MDF making them durable hence cost effective to the owner.

The black gloss living room furniture is one of the best furniture for your modern living room lies at some of the factors that make it more preferable compared to the use of other furniture colors for your living room which includes:

  • It is usually visually compact. Without the inclusion of very much black furniture in your living room, the Black Gloss Living Room Furniture will seem to be very compact. This will look better especially where your living room is a large one though still the small living rooms can also be put the black gloss living room furniture it requires a bit of dilution from other colors such as white so as to give the best look.
  • The Combination with White gives a very impressive look. With black furniture and white furniture in your living room, you are assured of your living room looking very impressive and exciting. This can be done, for example, with the use of the black gloss furniture in your room with white walls. This match can never go out of date as the colors black and white remain to be the main colors in use.
    Black Gloss Living Room Furniture - Black and White
  • The Black Gloss Living Room Furniture can be combined with other colors. The black color, unlike many other colors, can be combined with most of the colors and still look very impressive. Colors such as grey, beige, green, blue and many other colors will match perfectly with the black color. For a very impressive look, one will need to avoid combining very many colors in which two or three colors are preferred to be combined with the black gloss living room furniture.
  • Wonderful fit for modern living rooms. The Black Gloss Living Room Furniture is one of the decorative designs being used in the modern real estate industry. It remains stylish and maintains an impressive look for your living room.
  • Black Gloss Living Room Furniture can be combined with a variety of other furniture. The Black Gloss Living Room Furniture can be combined easily, giving an impressive look, with other furniture materials such as the furniture materials made of the softwoods, glass, other glossy furniture and also the furniture made of steel. This makes it the best of the glossy furniture to use for your living room as it will provide you with a variety of choices on the furniture to input in the living room.
    Black Gloss Living Room Furniture Combination
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Tips Installing Rustic Furniture for Rustic Style Living Room

Tips Installing Rustic Furniture for Rustic Style Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - There are more than hundreds of approaches to enhance your living room. This is one of the most critical rooms in your own home wherein you tend to spend pretty a lot of time along with your family and friends. Some people beings prefer to select a rustic appearance to their home. There are various styles of rustic style living room that may be bought from stores online and offline with a fee that varies. The type of rustic and modern furnishings is on display in lots of shops online and offline lately.
Rustic Style Living Room
Rustic Style Living Room
You need to recognize that rustic style living room seems cozy and there is masses to pick from this kind of furniture. Before you make a decision to install the type of chairs and tables, pick out a selected style. Choose hardwood floors on your living room due to the fact it is far very essential to exude a feeling of rustic and vintage. Buff the ground and re-stain it to get a new appearance. Use the carpet with the floral in the front of the tv, sofa and locations to beautify the general decor of the room.

Change the walls in order that gave upward push to the appearance of the countryside. Select wallpaper or paint with shades and patterns that match. Select the proper sort of furniture. There are many online stores with that function. Select the desk, sofa and chairs that appearance historic. It is essential now not to feature too much fixtures a good way to make the room appearance crowded. Most of this living room furniture may be bought from online shops due to the fact the charge is pretty reasonably-priced. Most of the furniture should include a touch of the wild life in a natural manner.
Rustic Style Living Room with Sofa
Rustic Style Living Room with Sofa
Many varieties of fabrics can be utilized in furniture is like skin. To set up chairs and tables, rustic wooden stay the same to present the furniture a rustic appearance. It also gives a natural appearance proper into your living room. Leg table crafted from horns to get the look. All types of rustic furnishings exude the allure and beauty of the limitless to the rest of the House. Some people beings opt to use these varieties of furniture in honor of the older technology.

Rustic style living room furniture seems elegant and fascinating in each manner feasible. Despite appearances, it is miles considered precious in many countries. Fortunately, this kind of furnishings can be purchased from online stores at low priced prices recently. A stunning rocking chair, table with fashionable antique design replicate with antique frames, drawer, and cupboard with fashionable layout product of vintage timber, vintage design Cabinet and so on can be bought effortlessly from online stores lately with charges this is reasonable.

With rustic style living room, your complete home to appear stylish and cozy it acquired the attraction and elegance of the surprising that could hardly ever be replaced with unique types of contemporary furniture. Different sorts of furniture on show at many online stores well-known by using some of the leading furnishings brand in some country.
Rustic Style Living Room

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Tranquil Living Room

Tranquil Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - As the name suggests Tranquil living rooms are basically designed to make your mood calm and the living room which has free from all the disturbances and evil things far away from you. These days Tranquil living rooms are very common and the designers are giving their best efforts to make a living room that soothes your mood and keeps you relaxed whatever the situation will be. Through this blog we will be discussing the various tranquil living room and their combinations and designs that are generally trending these days.
Tranquil Living Room - Soft and Light Shade
The soft and light shade of this tranquil living room, makes your mood relaxed. Whether it’s in an ornate Parisian salon, a relaxed Hamptons beach house, gray colour fits with any style of architecture and decor in a tranquil living room. This kind of structure of tranquil room is very unique and still remains the top choice of many designers these days.

The design of this tranquil living room is simply bright and airy. It includes within its ambit metallic, skinny legs on the sofa and the idea of including the chairs and the tables in front of it is to let all of that natural light bounce all over that room. Also, the idea of taking a green stone on the fireplace which simply surrounds the trees right into this room. If you had one of these rooms with this kind of view then this kind of setting and design can make your mood tranquil so you can chill out in this kind of ambience.

A majestic Cecily Brown painting and a graceful design by the famous interior designer Damien Hirst simply animate the living room which makes it a tranquil living room and it is still in one of the famous living rooms of New York City apartment, which was renovated by S. R. Gambrel in collaboration with the architecture firm Arcologica. This kind of tranquil living room is very renowned and a master piece of the unique art in the world.

The centrepiece of this tranquil living room has a lively stylized floral rug, that gives an eye-catching glimpse to its visitors. The sofa and two chairs are upholstered in a soothing yellow chenille, while accent pieces in the room pick up the red in the rug giving a tranquil effect in the living room. The striking black piano is set in a large alcove that almost appears to be a stage.

This kind of tranquil living room is designed by the famous designer Russell Groves in the famous residence in Raleigh, North Carolina, including the works by the great artist Robert Longo with a combination of sofa custom made by Donzella and vintage Y-back chairs, a Dedar velvet, the curtains are of a Lee Jofa wool that makes the ambience tranquil in a living room.
Tranquil Living Room - Russell Groves
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Monochromatic Living Room

Monochromatic Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is the home, specifically the rooms we use everyday, particularly indicate our style, colour preferences and aesthetic tastes which ultimately makes ourselves feel comfortable, calm, and safe. This is the reason we call it home in the first place. While deciding about monochromatic living room, and what if your favorite colours are really a different choice? How would you create an interesting and non-monotonous space without any colour? What are monochromatic colours? The monochromatic schemes simply use tints and shades of one colour, staying within the same column on the colour wheel. A monochromatic scheme for yellow might feature a range of tones from soft buttercup to mustard as shown in the picture below.
Monochromatic Living Room - Yellow Scheme
Monochromatic idea of colours is a great way to create a timeless and precious monochromatic living room. One of the great deal is that monochrome does not bore you and the visitors! Black and white are the most fashionable couple we have ever known, and their pairing in monochromatic living room is no at hype these days. Whenever you look to decorate in varying shades of one colour for example black and white themed design, there are many ways to always make this look beautiful and soothing. One of the examples of monochromatic living room in white and grey combinations is given below.
Monochromatic Living Room - White and Grey
Black and white is the best colour combination when it comes to decorating, monochromatic living room with a royal look. It is easy and graceful with room for edge. One can also add third colour as an option for example adding whether it is in the form of a painting or zebra cross line like design (on the wall or floor). Going through a single colour that is monochromatic may seem tough but it actually gives you the ability to experiment with any kind of patterns, textures, and fabrics with a lot of amazing looks.

The monochromatic decorating can be very useful when comes to using it efficiently. When you use bright contrasting colour, the results are very effective without being too loud or boasting. One of the amazing ways is to use natural accents like smaller pieces of furniture, decorative elements like rugs, and paintings on the walls to make your monochromatic living room come alive. One can also use wallpaper - black and white stripes to create a more intriguing decor style which is very unique way of designing the living rooms.
Monochromatic Living Room - Decorations
One can use modern, minimal, monochromatic mood board which looks exactly as a classic black and white decor and apart from stylish looks it has also been practical. Many great artists use white furniture against plain white walls to make the it spacious. Sometimes black and white cushions along with the black and white geometric patterned rug simply adds to a unique look when juxtaposed against the white sofa. It is suggested to use Visitor Chair combined with the Marcel Coffee Table which enhances the look of the monochromatic living room.

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Mid Century Living Room

Mid Century Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - The Mid-century design movement was one of the most important movements in art, design and architecture in the world and continues to be an inspiration for designers and individuals today with mid-century living room as the recent trend these days. This trend has started to grow between 1940s and the 1970s, the furniture in this period was designed with a focus on wooden techniques and crafts.

This kind of living room is for those who enjoy detail and the innovative use of materials and processes over embellishment, the mid-century design style is best suited and soothing for these people. Practical, functional and completely no-fuss, this kind of vintage design is eternal and will continue to maintain its position in design history. Through this blog we would like to tell you some tips on how to design mid century living room and they are.
Mid Century Living Room - Vintage Material

1. Sourcing living room furniture

You can simply buy the Teak living room furniture from renowned manufacturers such as G Plan, Nathan and McIntosh as they are famous brands in the late 90’s. Basically Sideboards can be bought online, from £50 from sites which are famous for vintage materials.

To match mid century living room one can adjust books, vinyl and even your TV according to the modular storage system, such as Ladderax, which was designed in 1964 and was a practical yet stylish unit that stood against walls and make a vintage look of your living room.

No mid century living room is complete without a beautiful stand-alone chair to relax in after a hard day’s work. For this one can purchase a Denmark’s Arne egg chair which is designed in 1958 and can be suitable for the mid-century living room.

2. Soft furnishing is the best technique when comes to mid-century living room designing

One can easily give a smarter finish to your Mid century living room, by simply choosing a real wood floor such as parquet. Wool rugs in autumnal muted tones will be an added feature texture that gives softness to your room, some people even hung them on the wall as a piece of art in order to give your room a vintage look.

3. Mid-century lighting
Lighting during the 1960s was heavily influenced by all things cosmic and consider auspicious during that period. The rocket lamp made from spun resin had become renowned in 1960. One can choose the orange rocket which can be tall and eye catching and lit up sends a warm glow around the room. Expect to pay some around £150+ for that kind of lightning.

4. On the walls
One of the famous British clock maker Metamec led the way in the 1960s with their starburst and can be used on the walls to make your mid-century living room looks amazing. One can choose from a classic teak, to a glossy gold metal, whether your home was modern or traditional one. But you have to beware as many High Street retailers sell modern versions, such as this one from M&S but there is nothing better than an original. So, you should purchase the original one for the mid century living room.
Mid Century Living Room - On the Wall
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Living Room Hike Ideas

Living Room Hike Ideas

TheBestHomeDesigns - These days hiking to the living room is a pretty common and popular. The living room hike is not just a relaxing space that welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as a home’s center point of attraction. People do spend a lot of time in it by doing their casual activities. As we all know living room is usually the first room that your guests see, it should be a space that reflects your style and making a living room hike is becoming trending these days. One of the unique decorating styles people do prefer these days are customary, traditional and vintage. Many people do prefer a modern, contemporary look of the hike living room. Through this blog we would be discussing different types of living room hike that are trending these days.
Living Room Hike Ideas - Traditional
Traditional hike living room should have a one big sofa that should have an L-shape sofa would make your living room feel cramped, but because it is a single piece of furniture that makes a great option for hike living rooms. This kind of living room will keep all your seating confined to one area and makes a plenty of space for your family and friends.
Living Room Hike Ideas - Hill House
In the hill house living room hike we can see flexible furniture arrangements and a concertina window wall lead to the outdoor living deck, providing an indoor-outdoor connection to make it pleasant for the visitors. The theme of this living room hike is that it encourages incredibly eco-friendly habits and an awareness of the environment around it so one can feel fresh air in the ambience.
Living Room Hike Ideas - Modern
You can see inside in the modern living room hike a wonderful piece of combination of colours provided with the blue and white color scheme for the living rooms. What makes this living room more exiting is the water nearby, so that was inspiration for the blue as well. A famous designer Disston says, "And since this is living room hike house, blue and white perfectly fits in it." For the modern living room hike, you can use modern living room sets for the inspiration of decor.

We have to understand that why the designers have added earthy, touchable elements and nature-based colors to the pure white spaces to make it more elegant. This kind of living room hike is designed by the world renowned interior designer and because they simply want to bring in more natural elements, to make the spaces warmer and more approachable. If we look at this living room we will be able to find an amazing thing that it has - a metal sunburst hangs over a furniture which has watery shades of blue and a nubby Moroccan rug giving the living room hike a unique look. It does have a rustic kind of colours such as the colour of the coffee table and pottery accessories that are placed on the shelves that turn up the warmth to several degrees. As these kinds of living room are most difficult to design, the architects have made their best efforts to give this living room hike a wonderful ambience.
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Double Height Living Room

Double Height Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - When someone has a double-height living room, one can use it in an imperative way by making it more innovative and beautiful. From apartments to villas, we will look into famous double height living rooms that are currently trending these days and how they are structured. Through this blog we would like to look into the trending double height living room that makes the limelight.
Double Height Living Room - Connect Outdoors
This double height living room is spacious living room connects to the outdoors with a full-size wall entrance. It has automated translucent blinds and unique walls which adds to the yet different vertical space. Also, the height living room with the tall volume is layered with unique sized rectangular which makes the area spacious. It has a stairway, which adds eye catching look to the living room. The warm wooden ceiling, juxtaposed having concrete wall, finds a warmth-evoking atmosphere with a well reputed sandstone floor. This kind of double height living room is very elegant and one of the renowned structures in the world.

One of the unique feature of this type of living room is that it has family room and dining room combined which has been designed as a double-height space having a contemporary tone. This allows the air to let in with east-facing sitting area counters and surrounded with a darker-hued spinal corridor running beside it. It has a staircase that leads to an upper floor where its landing looks out to the views outside from windows so one can enjoy the beauty of the nature. One of the most interesting fact of this double height living room is the shadows created by the light coming out of the windows.
Double Height Living Room - Shadow Created
Double height living room looks up into a wonderful balcony that simply connects to the mezzanine floor above. It has also full-length windows. A staircase which adds a royal look to the double height living room. Here the materials are made up of wood, metal and concrete. With the concrete surrounds the room’s volume together from two opposing sides. The magnificent colours and textures adding a soothing look to the structure.
Double Height Living Room - Wonderful Balcony
The structure has a small double height living room and despite this fact, Architecture BRIO has put many efforts to make this structure unique so the people did not have to compromise on a rich villa experience and tempting views. One can experience in this villa a unique kind of beauty with all windows having soft mouldings and fitted sofas, and plush full-length curtains making this structure worth for money.
Double Height Living Room - Fadd Studios
This penthouse is basically designed by the Fadd studios, here the volumes of the structure is very spacious which reminds us the formal Japanese-style dining table that simply adjoins the living area. This lofty space, which is very enlarged and has a low-height wood-paneled entrance, giving the guests very dramatic view of this double height living room. The towering space is designed by a famous interior designer making it very spacious. It has also a cascading chandelier which fills the gap of the double-height space above.
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Astounding Purple Color Living Room Designs

Astounding Purple Color Living Room Designs

TheBestHomeDesigns - How about adding life to your boring living room? Say NO to white walls. When your guests come to your home, they should feel enthusiastic and impressed by your choice. How about having a purple color living room? It is full of life and gorgeous looking. We have seen such impressive living rooms which have purple walls. We have listed some of the purple color living room ideas that YOU will love!

For Contemporary Homes
If you have a contemporary theme home, you should go for an L-shaped sofa in purple color. The walls can be purple in color as well. Use spotlights to highlight the walls. The main door can be white in color. White and purple goes famously! You can have an LED chandelier for your contemporary living room. The floor can have white marble tiles. It will look perfect! The white and purple theme is a great idea for your contemporary home.
Purple Color Living Room - Contemporary Homes

For Traditional Homes
If you have a traditional home and your living room is small, you can have a white sofa with purple cushions. You can have one chair or couch in purple and white. Keep it minimalistic. The purple will pop out and look stunning. You can have purple colored lamps or a purple colored painting in the living room. Traditional homes should keep it simple and not too jarring. The walls can be beige or white in color. Avoid the purple color for tradition living rooms.
Purple Color Living Room - Traditional Homes

For a Royal Living Room
If you fancy a royal living room, you should add a huge purple sofa. You need not colors all the walls in purple color. There can be one wall which is texture painted. It can have a golden painting or showpiece. We have seen many purple color living rooms with large golden wall clocks. It looks so precious! You can also have purple lamps. Make sure you add a beige carpet to the living room, for a royal look. Many people love the royal look and purple is surely a rich color.
Purple Color Living Room - Royal Living Room
Hope the above mentioned ideas helped you! These designs have always inspired us. Purple is truly, a much loved color. It is time to say goodbye to the same old, boring colors which make your living room look lifeless. A purple color living room is full of life and it looks really classy as well.
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Modern Living Room Sets

Modern Living Room Sets

TheBestHomeDesigns - Give some classic look into your living room rather than the formal look, you can opt for modern living room sets. It includes various functional units like Bean bags, TV unit, Ottoman, Corner storage tables, love seats, etc. Is your TV wall-mounted or free-standing? How big is it? And how high is your modern living room sets seating? These are questions you need to answer before exploring TV unit designs. You can put a wide range of TV stands that personify style and substance. Each of the TV unit is distinctively crafted and multifunctional, with plenty of storage and display room. So you can choose the best suit you as per your requirement.
Modern-Living-Room-Sets-TV Wall
Modern Living Room Sets - TV Wall
Love seats are so much in trend nowadays. Those who lived in small apartments especially in metros will prefer to purchase Love seats in place of heavy five or seven seater sofa sets. The love seats not only saves the space but also provides you to spend some good time with your loved ones. It is available in a variety of design, pattern and color. So you can opt this beautiful modern living room sets to your sweet home. You can also use ottomans or stools with these love seats. The ottomans will provide some of the storage space too.
Modern Living Room Sets - Seats
The corner side table is also one of the modern living room sets which can be used for study as well as provide some sort of storage space. It has been used as a filler for corners. The corner tables are available in plenty of sizes and design. You need not have to put heavy or bulky corner tables. People prefer to put corner tables with wheels so they can be easily shifted from one place to another place as per the requirement. You can decorate the corner table by putting some vases or table lamp or even some show pieces which gives so much classic and ultra-modern looks.
Modern-Living-Room-Sets-Corner Side
Modern Living Room Sets - Corner Side
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Formal Living Room Furniture

Formal Living Room Furniture

TheBestHomeDesigns - Living room is one of the place in our home where you share the story with others that who you are. So the living room furniture will help you to describe your personality, choices and preferences. It directly symbolizes your nature and taste. You spend your maximum time in your living room so there are a lot of ways to show off the things you have done and the place you have been. You can put plenty of comfortable seating in your living room because sharing it all with your personal favorite people is the best part.
Formal Living Room Furniture - Sofa
Just taking some time to sit back and relax, it is one of the simple life pleasure which cannot be elaborated in words. To give an elegant look to your living room you put either three, five or even seven seater sofas based on the available space in your living room. It has an elegant design which enhances the interior decor from formal living room furniture. You can also choose best modern sofa.

The sofa set is designed in such a way so that it provide comfort to sit. You have to take care that the sofas is not for only enhancing the looks of your living room rather than being comfortable too. So you can put soft and cozy sofas or may put some cushions as well.

Nowadays the various types of sofa sets have been available in the market which includes fabric sofa set, sofa cum bed, leatherette sofa set, wooden sofa set, leather sofa set, etc.

Formal Living Room Furniture - Recliner
Recliner is not just a formal living room furniture, it is basically redefined the definition of comfort seating. It’s your own relaxation zone. The moment you take a seat on it, it will fill your senses with ultimate tranquility and contentment while you are relaxing your body with utmost relief. From above and beyond the warmth it provides. It is beautiful and stunning design will make your room ideal for everyone. As it is so much economical so it will suit your budget too.
Formal-Living-Room-Furniture-Book Shelf
Formal Living Room Furniture - Book Shelf
Those who love to read books always maintain a book shelf in their living room along with study table. To place a nice and trendy study table will enhances the look of your living room by multiple times. You not only put books in its shelf but also place some of the beautiful show pieces or some antique items.

The study table comes in various design and pattern. You can choose the best available design based on the available space or you can customize it as per your requirement. The study table can be used in multiple purposes.
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Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

ThebestHomeDesigns - Outdoor living spaces are popular with homeowners. They provide as an extension of indoor living spaces. It was once an after-thought to obtain outside living areas of the house. A simple stoop or concrete surface with a picnic table and lightweight grill was the standard attire. Nowadays, these areas are treated as extended living rooms with elaborate designs and decoration. Homeowners show no restrictions on their ideas for outdoor living spaces.

These kinds of backyard living spaces differ in style, design, and location. They can be open areas or protected retreats which you can use for many months of the entire year. In addition, these spaces can be incorporated into the style of the primary house, or be completely separate from the home altogether. Generally there are several options to build your personal backyard living room. Here are some examples for outdoor living spaces ideas.

1. Gazebos

A gazebo is a separate structure that is somewhat enclosed. They are usually octagonal or round, but square and rectangular designs are not uncommon. Gazebos can be an romantic space for a tiny group or a huge|a sizable scale framework, able to hold tons of people. Add outdoor chairs, sofas, and dining tables to create a second family room in your backyard. In addition to the furnishings, it can be equipped with a fireplace to enjoy on those cool fall night time.
Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas - Gazebo

2. Pergola

Define an outdoor living area with a free-standing Pergola or you can attach the structure to the home. It provides a natural backdrop in a yard filled with beautiful landscaping. They are typically design large enough to include a full set of out door furniture for complete comfort. When covered with climbing plants such as jasmine, wisteria, and climbing roses, these structures provide some shade that makes for an evening of cool breezes and relaxation. Pergolas are also known as arbors. What makes it different from a gazebos is that it has not a roof to provide shelter from the weather. So it is not support if the weather light rainy or so hot.
Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas - Pergola

3. Porches, Decks, and Patios

Porches are usually cover areas and generally are associated with the front of the home. In a family friendly neighborhood, where neighbors actively mingle, porches are great. Homeowners can equip their porch with chairs and a small table for snacks, or it may have a swing. Decks are the most common backyard outdoor living spaces associated with a home. They are for the most part uncovered areas; however, decks can and often do incorporate a roof. You can outfit your decks with a outdoor table and chairs, a barbecue grill for cooking, and other outdoor furniture items. This all depends on the size of the deck. Patios are much in the same as decks except that decks are built-up platforms and patios are ground level concrete surfaces. However, you can enclose porches, decks, and patios to create screened rooms if the need arises.
Small Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas - Porch
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Best Modern Sofa

Best Modern Sofa

TheBestHomeDesigns - Modern sofa is the most crucial part in a living room, no matter how big or small the space is. It is the place where you can relax with a cup of tea, watch a good movie, get some work, relax with friends or family. A additional is a functional substitute to a best modern sofa because it offers extra seats and lounge space. Even though you have a little living room does not mean you can not have a additional. Actually a flawlessly sized do it yourself sectional may be the best option. What otherwise would you do with that corner, anyway? May possibly as well make it extra seating or you can find another inspirative small living room ideas.

When most likely looking for the best modern sofa for your living room, choose the one that has simple, low key arms. Overstuffed, rounded forearms can take up extra foot of space. One other tip is to go with a shallower interesting depth. Tight-back sofas and sectionals do not have extra cushions and can be as shallow as 32 inch while still feeling as generous as a standard 40-inch-deep sofa. Going for a sectional 32 to 36 inches deep will help you open up more valuable total area.

LexMod Empress Sofa

Best Modern Sofa

Dimensions: 99.5″ W x 60.5″ D x 34″H
Smartly tailored featuring tufted buttons and a nod to mid-century modern design, the Empress sectional ($1,252) is known as a chaise-lounge sectional. That’s because the return piece is a chaise instead of a sofa — perfect for kicking your feet up and relaxing.

Cost Plus World Market Abbott Sofa

Best Modern Sofa

Dimensions: 86.5″ W x 60″ D x 35″ HThe small-scale and simple sectional ($700) by Cost Plus World Market is both affordable and an ideal choice for smaller spaces. It is upholstered in durable, stain-resistant fabrics, and features arms that are narrow enough to allow for more seating area and less wasted space.

PBTeen Swell Sectional Set

Best Modern Sofa

Dimensions: 71″ W x 71″ D x 31.5″ H
This seating is not just for teenagers. The Swell Sectional Set ($1,597) is contemporary, minimalist in styling and perfect for a small space. The set consists of an armless chair, a corner chair and an ottoman, add any combination of modular units to make it as big as you need.

Take a look at your living room and measure your space to see how much room you have for a small modern sectional. With so many options available, you are bound to find one that works perfectly for your best home designs.
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Small Living Room With Fireplace

Small Living Room With Fireplace

TheBestHomeDesigns - Small living room with fireplace is very usefull for the cold country especially on the freezing on winter seasons. Every necessity for survival, a fireplace is now a decorative aspect that can add major style and extra heat on living room. Cool evenings make fires is a must, even in summer season. A fireplace frequently gives a space symmetry, as well as more space for displaying art and choices. As livingrooms there is a fireplace to suit any decor, from ones with rustic natural stone surrounds to the people with elaborate mantels.

Here we give some sample that can inspired of fireplace design on the living room.

Natural Appeal

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Natural Appeal

Small Living Room With Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace on the roof desc is a big attraction. The fireplace will support any great parties there.
Small Living Room With Fireplace - Luxe Rooftop

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Open Air and Rustic

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Open Air and Rustic

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Surprising Textures

Antique meets modern in the living room. It is use black and white palette, softened with neutrals and natural textures.
Small Living Room With Fireplace - Surprising Textures

Small Living Room With Fireplace - Cold Weather Remedy
Massive stone fireplace is a big draw on a cold winter night.
Small Living Room With Fireplace - Cold Weather Remedy
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Living Room Sets

Living Room Sets

TheBestHomeDesigns - If you stay in a house or an apartment, the couch plays an important role in interior home design especially living room sets. They are available in numerous combinations, shapes, colors and designs. The research for a seats matching to your living room sets design can be more difficult than you thought. Some modern sectional sofas may be a little bit modern, others might not exactly fit the size of your room. You should choose the one which blends with the other furniture within the room. Here some idea that can help you to find the best and proper living room sets.
Living Room Sets - The Rendezvous Collection
Living Room Sets - The Rendezvous Collection
Meeting Place. Gather with friends and family in a graciously inviting space with the Rendezvous collection. Its casually sophisticated look will liven up your home, with flared frames, oversize roll arms, loose pillow backs and matching welting. The microfiber upholstery is rugged and easily maintained, yet soft to the touch. The luscious chocolate color will add depth to your decorating scheme, and a cheerful, graphic accent fabric on the toss pillows tops off the fashionable look and best choice of living room sets.
Living Room Sets - The Adrian Sectional Collection
Living Room Sets - The Adrian Sectional Collection
Easy Living Room Sets. Seeking cozy comfort that leaves a nice cushion in your budget? Look no further than the Adrian Red collection! The full look offers a semi-attached cushion design, which contours to the body while retaining its shape, while flared pillowtop arms keep form and function in mind. Boasting a vibrant red color, the inviting fabric combines soft as suede® touchability with the smart performance of microfiber.

Living Room Sets - The Big Softie Collection

Living Room Sets - The Big Softie Collection
Sweet Surrender. Lose yourself in soft luxury as you stretch out on the sumptuous Big Softie sectional collection. Dressed up in one of today's hottest neutrals and cloaked in ultra-soft microfiber fabric, this collection sacrifices nothing when it comes to comfort and convenience. Deep, well-padded seats and pillowtop arms envelop you in comfort while the console keeps plenty of modern conveniences close at hand: two built-in reading lights, cupholders and both traditional and USB outlets. With all of these features together in one place, the Big Softie truly is an unsurpassed selection for any home.

Do not worry if your living room is not big enough, you still can decorate it with the modern feels by reading this information.
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