Scandinavian Style Kitchen

Scandinavian Style Kitchen

TheBestHomeDesigns - Do you need your kitchen to be stylish and have one of the modern styles that are trending? How comfortable would I be if I have a well-chosen and stylish kitchen? This is one of the major questions most of the homeowners have not put into considerations while inputting their Kitchens. Your Kitchen is as important as your living room and therefore you need to style it up such as it is exciting to you and even your visitors. The Scandinavian Style Kitchen, will in no doubt, make you very comfortable and create a good luxury for you.

In order to get this style in your kitchen, you need to embrace some very key designs associated with the Scandinavian Style Kitchen which includes.

  • Mainly use white color and at some point light colors
    The first and far most thing to note in your aim to get the Scandinavian Style Kitchen, you must first be willing to avoid bold and very bright colors in your Kitchen. For this, therefore, with white color being the most preferable, you can include other colors such as grey and black. Let your Kitchen Cabinetry be painted these colors and your kitchen wall be painted the white color.
    Scandinavian Style Kitchen-Light Color
  • Use of wooden floors
    This is one of the major distinctions brought by the Scandinavian Style Kitchen since it is rare to find a normal kitchen with wooden floors. The use of wooden floor, therefore, will make your kitchen obtain the Scandinavian Style Kitchen easily. Ensure that your wooden floor has an oiled finish such as to brighten the floor and make it have a reflecting property. One can, in addition, consider the use of wooden cabinetry on the natural color of the timber with a transparent finish on it. The wooden floor will make Kitchen look very natural. The above image gives a clear view of the wooden floor and also the use of timber on the cabinets.
  • Use of hanging lights
    This has been seen to suit in many kitchens with one of it being in the Scandinavian Style Kitchen. Hanging lights are now being preferred over the spotlights since they make your kitchen brighter and add a unique design for your kitchen.
    Scandinavian Style Kitchen-Hanging Color
  • Use of some metallic and bright furniture
    The use of metallic features in your kitchen will create a blend in your kitchen’s look making it better. You can put these features in your open cabinets for display so as to blend your other features in the kitchen. In addition to this, you can opt for bright furniture to blend your kitchen look with other features in the kitchen.
  • Art inclusion
    Ensure that your kitchen as some form of arts on your wall, which is a necessity in your Scandinavian Style Kitchen. You can use even simple art just which must not be complex. This will add a great look in your kitchen and a very simple way to get the style in your kitchen since you can also choose to either use large art or a small one in line with your preferences.

To conclude the matter, Scandinavian Style Kitchen is one of the greatest looking kitchens in the current trend that assures you of a beautiful kitchen and a brighter one. This will give you a more comfortable stay in your house enjoying the results from this style.
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Tips to Makeover Your Living Room Layout

Tips to Makeover Your Living Room Layout

TheBestHomeDesigns - Do you feel as your furniture in living room began to besiege you in? The need is to removing your furniture from this room in your home because it is starting to feel a bit claustrophobic? If you do then of course before you start getting rid of whatever it may be worth a closer look at the living room layout. We are offering You tips to makeover living room layout here.
Living Room Layout

In many cases, you may find that it is not the kind of furniture that you have in the living room that caused him to feel smaller than that but the way it has been placed. Below we offer a number of tips that could prove useful in helping you to make a new living room layout that you find much more comfortable and help you to makes the room look large than usual.

For the first thing should do before you actually start deleting or rearranging the living room furniture is to make a plan show the room empty. It also makes the image scale furniture you currently have in the space which you can then put a plan to help you decide where the best position for each piece will be. Remember when you are doing this to allow for plenty of floor space that you can to ensure that people are not only able to move freely to another room but up easily.

When you are looking to rearrange the furniture that you have in living room, so make sure if you have something as a focal point in it. For example if you have a fireplace and then make this a focal point then makes sure that the furniture in the room is pointing in that direction.

Tip 3 - The other thing you can do when you want to improve the living room layout is to place pieces of furniture such as a sofa and cabinets against the wall. This means that the space in the middle of the room becomes empty and help you to creates the illusion if there is more space in the room than there really are.

Of course when it comes to improve the way your living room put do not be afraid to get rid of as much of the clutter from the room as possible. Rather than having a lot of pictures dotted around your room instead chose to have a select view on the show. Then of course you can if you want to change this over to someone else that you like.
Makeover Living Room Layout

Other ways to help make the living room feel bigger is by using more open shelves than just cabinets. This will not only allow you to have your favorite items at the event but as a wall can be seen behind them is helping to create more depth.

Last tip, if it comes to want to improve our living room layout thing about the color of the walls have been painted. If you can opt for a more neutral color in this room so that more natural sunlight enters can bounce them.
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Dining Room Window Treatments

Dining Room Window Treatments

TheBestHomeDesigns - With dining room taking a great importance in each and every home, there is need to have your dining room very decorative and with controlled lighting. Dining room window treatment assists you in creating a controlled lighting in your dining room as well as act as a decorative feature through the way you put up your windows as well as your curtains.

This will be attractive and create a cool stay in your dining room whether used for formal or casual purposes. Getting the best window treatment will require you to be critical in your choice which necessitates for the dining room window treatment ideas which you should use in the selection for the stunning look you will love. The following are some of the dining room window treatment ideas to use while choosing.

  • Use of drapery
    This is a covering in your dining which is loved from its great features. It looks even more stunning where it is used with a wooden blind and using a fabric shade. It will add texture, softness and an exciting color for your dining room which will be used in both the casual and formal meeting.
    Dining Room Window Treatments-Drapery
  • Use of Roman shades
    This is another best way in covering your dining room windows. This will give a softness and a structured feel on your window and on the curtains. With this idea, you need to use a color from your best piece of art on the space which will match with your whole dining room.
  • Use of woven wood shades
    This is one of the best window treatments in your dining room. This style is very attractive and with a bright feeling which can easily match with rustic decor as well as bright decorations. This treatment is made of natural colored fibers and reeds making it look very exciting. This will fit well with other natural dining room sets such as the wicker dining room sets.
    Dining Room Window Treatments-Wood Shades
  • Use of shutters
    These are detailed window trims considered as an architectural element which makes your dining room look very exciting and stylish. Apart from acting as window treatment, shutters will also act as insulators and allow you in control of the light to what you need. They can be tilted easily in which you can control the lighting in the dining room. Their look is very stylish making it one of the best window treatment.
  • Layered
    This is where a combination of different window treatment is done in your dining room. This will create a more stunning look and make your dining room more stylish on its interior. It will add on the dining room’s texture, color and depth making it very exciting. With the use of the above window treatments on the combinations that you see match to each other will be the best deal to have a very stylish dining room.
These dining room window treatment will create an exciting dining room you will enjoy together with your friends or family. It will be a cool and a refreshing place to be majorly enhanced by your stylish dining room window treatment that make it look great.
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Beautiful Bluebird House Plans Ideas for Your Little Bird

Beautiful Bluebird House Plans Ideas for Your Little Bird

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is time to build a home for your bird. If we have a roof on our heads, a bird deserves as much. They need to have a little place to sleep as well. How about building a bluebird house in your backyard or your garden? It seems like a great idea because your bird needs a dwelling to rest. Today, we have listed some of the most beautiful bluebird house plans that you will love.
Bluebird House Plans

Let us go through the tips that you need to follow while designing a bluebird house.

  • The entrance of bird's home should be facing a tree. It could face a shrub as well. The bird will be able to figure out that this is his/her home.
  • In case you are putting more than one box, you need to keep space between the two. The bluebirds are territorial birds. They would not like to share their home with anyone.
  • Once the little birds have left the nest, you need to clean out the home. The bird will use the box again to lay eggs.
  • You do not have to paint the home. If you are coloring the home, use tan or light grey for their home. Skip loud colors!
Let us take a look at the bluebird house plans ideas! You will get inspiration from these designs and you might just get the same home design.

Bluebird House with Blue Roof

Since it is a bluebird, you can color the roof of the home blue. The color of the home is simple and the circular hole has enough space for the bluebird to move inside. It is a beautiful looking bluebird home. Make sure you keep it an elevated space. You need the birds to be far away from the cats and dogs around the neighborhood.
Bluebird House with Blue Roof

Bluebird House with Green Roof

The design is similar but this one has a green roof. The wood used for this is different from the first one. It is a perfect little home for a bluebird. Build the home near flowers and bushes. The birds love to stay close to nature.
Bluebird House with Green Roof

Pretty Blue Home Bluebird

This is a pretty blue home for a blue bird. The bird is camouflaging since the color of the home is the same as the feathers of the bird. The home is built on a pole which will keep the bird safe from the cats and dogs. We love the design and there is a space for the bird to sit as well.
Pretty Blue Home Bluebird

Traditional Bluebird House

Another blue home for the bluebird, it is shaped like a traditional home. It is painted in blue and it is a perfect little home for a bird. You can place this home in your backyard.
Traditional Bluebird House

Which bluebird house plan did you love the most? We love all of them! Building a home for the bird will be an awesome idea. Birds love to be free and keeping them in a cage is not a pleasant thought. You need to let them free and build a home for them. They will learn to trust you and never leave your yard.
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Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror

TheBestHomeDesigns - Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art for arranging living spaces and it is based on the same principles as alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture. The point of Feng Shui is to maximize the flow of "qi (energy or life force)" in the environment for your utmost security and productivity. Feng Shui art suggests you about how you can arrange your bedroom is especially important because it is a place where you sleep and go for a peace before going to sleep as well so it is vital to your health and well-being.
Feng Shui Mirror

There are amazing benefits of a great room layout. Many interior designers practice this ancient Chinese art, but most probably unconsciously abide by its principles, at least in part. In common sense, Feng Shui pertains to your home's layout and natural flow. Except this, there is also one place where Feng Shui experts advise not to hang the mirror is behind a sofa or a bed where you can lose the insight of security you get by having that piece of furniture against a wall.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirrors are among the most popular traditional decor items applied as Feng Shui cures. The rare and expensive, mirrors are now easy to buy in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of the times, mirrors are called the "aspirin" of Feng Shui. The Feng Shui mirrors serve us for multiple purposes and can help in fixing many challenging situations. Feng Shui mirrors also help us in balancing a space by correcting irregularities in our bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom mirrors help us to offset negative influences, attract auspicious chi (energy), and penetrate spaces that may be closed or blocked. They are also used to create clarity, reflect and enlarge images, and absorb energy. One should also pay some attention to specific Feng Shui guidelines in order to avoid overusing (or misusing) mirrors.

Feng Shui mirrors provide us a great support of good Feng Shui energy but when these are improperly used, it can also have negative consequences that effect, your sleep, your body image, and even your thought patterns. Feng shui has many deep layers, and all of them affect your goodness. From a practical viewpoint, you might hang a Feng Shui Bedroom mirror to adjust or enhance a space, such as - Expand your small area, Enlarge a narrow hallway, Add depth a room, Provide a view from behind, Reflect a beautiful image.

There are multiple types of Feng Shui Mirrors available so you can choose the best style you use. You mirror should always be clean and clear. Always, avoid foggy mirrors as well as those that are styled to look like windows with many panes. Foggy mirrors provide foggy vision and multiple glasses that usually obstruct the view and do not provide a smooth flow of energy in your bedroom. The Feng Shui mirrors are as described below.

  • A Bagua Mirror
    Bagua mirrors are very powerful. These mirrors protect those who are located behind it. When these mirrors are placed over a front door, it protects the house or building. Bagua mirrors can be plain or be listed with the eight trigrams which have two arrangements such as Pre-Heaven and Late-Heaven. The pre-heaven arrangement is to be placed outside. In this arrangement, the mirror will have three solid lines (Heaven) on top and three broken lines (Earth) on the bottom. Also, always note that placing the pre-heaven arrangement inside can disrupt energy drastically.
    Feng Shui Mirror-Bagua Mirror
  • Convex Mirrors
    Convex Mirrors are round mirrors that can be popped out. These mirrors are used to a broadening area where the vision of what is seen. These mirrors absorb a wide-range of images and have various applications in Feng Shui.
  • Concave Mirrors
    These Mirrors should be used with some cares as these turn images upside down. They are also used to flatten or soften energy. Also, before purchasing these mirrors, it will be best to consult with any Feng Shui practitioner.
  • Sun/Moon Mirrors
    These mirrors are a special purpose mirrors that contain 24 hours of straight moonlight and the same hours of sunlight gathered over a period of 27 days. These contain a great balance of yin and yang energy. The sun side is used to build, strengthen, nourish, and revitalize the energy while the moon side can be used to cool emotions, slow down the things, and bring focus and clarity.
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