Mid Century Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - The Mid-century design movement was one of the most important movements in art, design and architecture in the world and continues to be an inspiration for designers and individuals today with mid-century living room as the recent trend these days. This trend has started to grow between 1940s and the 1970s, the furniture in this period was designed with a focus on wooden techniques and crafts.

This kind of living room is for those who enjoy detail and the innovative use of materials and processes over embellishment, the mid-century design style is best suited and soothing for these people. Practical, functional and completely no-fuss, this kind of vintage design is eternal and will continue to maintain its position in design history. Through this blog we would like to tell you some tips on how to design mid century living room and they are.
Mid Century Living Room - Vintage Material

1. Sourcing living room furniture

You can simply buy the Teak living room furniture from renowned manufacturers such as G Plan, Nathan and McIntosh as they are famous brands in the late 90’s. Basically Sideboards can be bought online, from £50 from sites which are famous for vintage materials.

To match mid century living room one can adjust books, vinyl and even your TV according to the modular storage system, such as Ladderax, which was designed in 1964 and was a practical yet stylish unit that stood against walls and make a vintage look of your living room.

No mid century living room is complete without a beautiful stand-alone chair to relax in after a hard day’s work. For this one can purchase a Denmark’s Arne egg chair which is designed in 1958 and can be suitable for the mid-century living room.

2. Soft furnishing is the best technique when comes to mid-century living room designing

One can easily give a smarter finish to your Mid century living room, by simply choosing a real wood floor such as parquet. Wool rugs in autumnal muted tones will be an added feature texture that gives softness to your room, some people even hung them on the wall as a piece of art in order to give your room a vintage look.

3. Mid-century lighting
Lighting during the 1960s was heavily influenced by all things cosmic and consider auspicious during that period. The rocket lamp made from spun resin had become renowned in 1960. One can choose the orange rocket which can be tall and eye catching and lit up sends a warm glow around the room. Expect to pay some around £150+ for that kind of lightning.

4. On the walls
One of the famous British clock maker Metamec led the way in the 1960s with their starburst and can be used on the walls to make your mid-century living room looks amazing. One can choose from a classic teak, to a glossy gold metal, whether your home was modern or traditional one. But you have to beware as many High Street retailers sell modern versions, such as this one from M&S but there is nothing better than an original. So, you should purchase the original one for the mid century living room.
Mid Century Living Room - On the Wall

Mid Century Living Room