Shipping Container House Plans

TheBestHomeDesigns - Shipping Container House Plans are popular for being the perfect example of Architectural Recycling. A Shipping Container House Plan essentially involves transforming Intermodal Steel Building Units, also known as ISBUs into living or work space. A modern Shipping Container Plan is elegant, and used to create easy and beautiful homes, offices, studios, and what not. The idea behind a shipping container home is minimalistic, modern living, aimed at contributing to the environment and reducing clutter to a great extent. Shipping Container Homes are currently a hot favorite among architects and people looking to have a unique escape of their own. Below are 5 Shipping Container House Plans.
Shipping Container House Plans

1. One Bedroom and One Bathroom
This Shipping Container House Plan requires one 20’ Shipping Container spanning a total square footage area of 160 square feet. It will house one bedroom and one bathroom.
Shipping Container House Plans - Total Square

2. 4 Bedroom Shipping Container House Plans

This plan is an SCH10 two-storey house plan that is deemed to give the Shipping Containers a sleek and sophisticated look. The total area of the house spans 4 x 40 feet. This plan is designed to utilize maximum space and cut down cost to a great extent. It can be used to build a house for a large family. You can also design your holiday house on this plan.

The exterior of the house is sure to blow your mind away for its unique concept. Large Rooms render it fit to be used for a home, commercial block, and even as a holiday house. The plan includes a walk-in closet, one multipurpose room, one spacious room, and the house is accessible with a wheelchair. This plan is best suited to be built on a flat site with the right footings. Overall, it is a great plan that will surely appeal to large families.
Shipping Container House Plans - 4 Bedrooms

3. Shipping Container House Plans Professional

You will need a 20’ repurposed steel shipping container. As is evident from the name, this house plan is a Professional design with a Kitchen, Bathroom, a smart exterior, Storage area, a Living Room, and a Loft that can be used as a Sleeping Area.
Shipping Container House Plans - Professional
4. The Green Home
As the name clearly suggests, the Green Home Shipping Container House Plans will have a green and industrial look on the outside. It will have a surface area of 2000 square feet and will consist of 5 decks. The estimated cost of obtaining the metal containers and building a house with this plan will be around $15000-$20000.
Shipping Container House Plans - Green
5. The de Maria design Redondo Beach House
This is an award-winning Shipping Container House Plans which is a luxury architecture created using eight, prefabricated, recycled steel shipping containers. The Redondo Beach House is the epitome of an affordable, and accessible home design that effectively saves a lot of money and resources. This modern home built with a combination of steel containers and traditional building materials is resistant to fire and corrosion and is spacious enough to house a swimming pool.

Shipping Container House Plans