Tranquil Living Room

TheBestHomeDesigns - As the name suggests Tranquil living rooms are basically designed to make your mood calm and the living room which has free from all the disturbances and evil things far away from you. These days Tranquil living rooms are very common and the designers are giving their best efforts to make a living room that soothes your mood and keeps you relaxed whatever the situation will be. Through this blog we will be discussing the various tranquil living room and their combinations and designs that are generally trending these days.
Tranquil Living Room - Soft and Light Shade
The soft and light shade of this tranquil living room, makes your mood relaxed. Whether it’s in an ornate Parisian salon, a relaxed Hamptons beach house, gray colour fits with any style of architecture and decor in a tranquil living room. This kind of structure of tranquil room is very unique and still remains the top choice of many designers these days.

The design of this tranquil living room is simply bright and airy. It includes within its ambit metallic, skinny legs on the sofa and the idea of including the chairs and the tables in front of it is to let all of that natural light bounce all over that room. Also, the idea of taking a green stone on the fireplace which simply surrounds the trees right into this room. If you had one of these rooms with this kind of view then this kind of setting and design can make your mood tranquil so you can chill out in this kind of ambience.

A majestic Cecily Brown painting and a graceful design by the famous interior designer Damien Hirst simply animate the living room which makes it a tranquil living room and it is still in one of the famous living rooms of New York City apartment, which was renovated by S. R. Gambrel in collaboration with the architecture firm Arcologica. This kind of tranquil living room is very renowned and a master piece of the unique art in the world.

The centrepiece of this tranquil living room has a lively stylized floral rug, that gives an eye-catching glimpse to its visitors. The sofa and two chairs are upholstered in a soothing yellow chenille, while accent pieces in the room pick up the red in the rug giving a tranquil effect in the living room. The striking black piano is set in a large alcove that almost appears to be a stage.

This kind of tranquil living room is designed by the famous designer Russell Groves in the famous residence in Raleigh, North Carolina, including the works by the great artist Robert Longo with a combination of sofa custom made by Donzella and vintage Y-back chairs, a Dedar velvet, the curtains are of a Lee Jofa wool that makes the ambience tranquil in a living room.
Tranquil Living Room - Russell Groves

Tranquil Living Room