Beach Theme Bedroom

TheBestHomeDesigns - It is quite fascinating to have a beach theme bedroom which will give you serene and relaxed feel. You can design your bedroom with beach theme by using color shades of coast and also beach themed motifs. You can choose turquoise, blue, color of sand or white. The motifs of sea shells, starfish and urchins as pictures or show pieces are common. One can add vintage suitcases and boats to give more sea theme to your bedroom.

Here are some fascinating and easy ways to have a beach theme bedroom

  • Distressed Wood Finish Furniture
    This type of furniture will give the look as if the wood was in water for longtime. The wood will not be shiny and will also not have a perfect finish, giving you a vintage look of furniture drowned in sea waves. You can also opt for dark colored wood furniture to look out if your walls are in pastel shades.
    Beach Theme Bedroom with Net Design
  • Motif's
    They are the main components of your beach theme bedroom. A number of sea theme motifs are available in the market such as fish, sea shells, urchins, sea horses to add to your themed bedroom, or you can also go for wider options such as Octopus or shark motifs. One can also use finishing nets as decorative item; you can add some star fishes and sea shells to complete the sea look.
  • Seashells
    Sea shells can be a part of show piece on the table, a chain of sea shells can be used to hold your curtains or around your mirror as decorative item, giving you the beach feel.
  • Furnishings
    They also have significant impact on the bedroom design. You have various options to choose furnishings; maybe you can choose shades of blue, green or even sand. To add brightness you can also get the touch of corals by using red colors and coral pattern. Even you can select pillows with wave pattern.
  • Walls
    You can play with coast color schemes. When we think of Beach Theme Bedroom, we immediately start imagining shades of blue, we can also opt for colors of sand and grey, a proper mix and match will give a good look to your bed room. Walls papers of sea animals can also be a good option.
    Beach Theme Bedroom

It is quite romantic to have your favorite beach memories in the form of beach sand in the bedroom with tag detailing the occasion and the year. Adding a sea gallery in your bedroom is also another interesting thing to your Beach Theme Bedroom. Maybe you can add your own photographs of beach swimming, deep sea fishing, big sea gaming etc. or you can simply but pictures of various aquatic animals.

Even children would love to have a beach theme bedroom. You can decorate their bedrooms with brighter colors such as shades of blue, having sea animal as soft toys, wall papers etc. Teenagers would love to have want furious sea animal prints in the bed walls and also in the curtains.

Beach Theme Bedroom